SDN transaction is missing in blockchain

I used astar Dapp for getting my SDN from lockdrop with trezor. Then I sent them to the MEX exchange, directly. This transaction never get to MEX. When I send them from dapp aplication to metamast and then to the MEX, everything is fine. Now the transaction doesnt have any hash. What I can do?

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Where did you send the SDN from to MEXC in the first place?
Second, what time do you send?
Third, what do you mention to Metamask wallet?

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For the first time I send them from dApps

to MEX. It was 2021-10-27 18:01:42

I mentioned Metamask because when this direct transaction didnt work I sent my SDN to my Metamask wallet.

You cannot send an SDN from Metamask to an exchange that is not possible.

Sorry, off course I meant polkadot.js
So what do you think I can do with this 100 SDN transaction.


Is this your Shiden wallet on Polkadot.js?

Yes, exactly. That is the address on polkadot.js

With your address received 100 SDN and has been transferred along with 4999.5 SDN is 5,101.4198371218769203 SDN at block 581198

Please check the total balance .

One more time, I am talking about this tx :slight_smile:
Never get them, hash is not available. It was send from web dApp

Did you get the SDN yet?

Not that 100SDN. And it seems like issue with dApp not MEX.
Any advice?