Solving the complexity of moving SDN from and to Metamask

As we are having issues about marketing and about our product (SDN) understanding (otherwise market should be already aware about its value), we need to make it easy for a “normal” user to transfer token Substrate <> Metamask; just to make more attractive SDN use case.

We need to create a interface (WebPage) connected with both (Polkadot.js and Metamask extensions) in order to make it possibile automatically to transfer SDN from SS58 to H160 and viceversa.
Now it needs to use a web page for converting addresses and doing all manually.
Yesterday I tried H160 > SS58 transfer and it’s too complicated for a normal user.
Our developers can create for sure an user interface in which all this procedures can be done by a sigle click (authorization on polkadot.js or metamask)

Improving usability and user friendly interface in order to enhance the users’ usage , so the volumes, so the entire protocol value; overall now that apps are starting to run (like Standard Protocol)

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There is already a proposal similar to this. I like this and support your proposal.

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A discussion already started here. Can you move the topic there instead?

This is a quick win…
No way to lose time anymore…
Who might not agree with ?

So it’s only a matter of developers working on it.
Technically it’s something possibile to develop .

Let’s continue the discussion in this thread: