Becarefully before send balance from metamask to polkadot js

i just send SDN metamask to polkadot js…
i use polkatools convert

i convert my polkadot js address and i send SDN to this address result convert but i check transactions,
very sadness :sob: its different address
my SDN Gone,

it is always necessary to send a penny so as not to lose a million

Metamask to Polkadot.js is a 2-step process. Please complete both.

i am use it… but not with evm call, i just convert ss58 to H160… and i send from metamask… why different address with convert addres? i am lose fuck this :sob:

After sending from metamask to the converted ss58 address, make the evm call.

Follow the steps, and you will get your SDN on polkadot.js

Unless what you did was sending to an exchange wallet.

I’ve got the same problem. Is there a way to get some SDN dust to perform the withdrawal within the polkadotjs wallet?

You can buy SDN from exchanges and send it to Polkadot.js wallet.

Use Kucoin, low withdrawal fee. 0.2 SDN or something.