Shiden Growth Initiative

Addition for #Build2Earn program form Ambassador Community and PromoTeam

Promotion of Shiden ecosystem projects, who will join Build2Earn on Shiden.

Shiden is one of the most important projects of the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystems. It provides EVM,WASM and other tools for various projects. PromoTeam has the resources to help the projects which decide to choose the Shiden as its main chain.

Those projects which will be supported by the #Build2Earn program also will be supported by PromoTeam for free. These costs will be covered by the Shiden treasury. So we are suggesting to include the PromoTeam support to #Build2Earn program on Shiden. If you want to know more about PromoTeam read our fresh report -

This program will bring more value for Shiden. We can position Shiden like a dapp incubator for new and prospective projects and teams, with tech support and promotion. And Astar will be positioned for mature and professional teams who don’t need external help.

What we are going to do:

1.Create Special resources for Shiden #Build2Earn Ecosystem

  • web catalog of the projects
  • telegram group
  • sections on Astar/Shiden discord
  • medium
  • subsocial
  • twitter

2.Informational support from PromoTeam resources

Our marketing channels

  1. Twitter (2 accounts) - 50,500 subscribers - 1.57 million impressions the last 91 days, 3.7% engagement rate

  2. Telegram Parachain News - 4,900 subscribers - 90% are active real subs

  3. Telegram Russian Polkadot chats - 2,900 subscribers - 90% are active real subs

  4. YouTube- 3,500 subscribers - over 1,500 hours of watch time the last 90 days

3.YouTube channel and Video

  • Monthly review of Shiden ecosystem / #build2earn projects / news and updates

4.Educational content about Shiden #build2earn projects (2-3 per month)

  • Tutorials and guides
  • Explainers

Participants involved:

Coordinator of the program - to coordinate connection to the projects and delivering info - 80 hours per month

Content Creation

  • 2 Writers - 40 Hours per month x 2 = 80 Hours
  • Designer - 20 Hours per month

Community support and Development

  • 2 project managers - 200 Hours per month

Video Creation

  • Writer - 20 hours per month
  • Operator - 10 hours per month
  • Editor - 30 hours per month
  • Speaker - 5 hours per month
  • Promoter - 80 Hours per month

Totally - 525 hours

  • Using the PromoTeam informational resources

What results can the community expect from this activity in a 6 month period?

  • Increasing usage of Buld2Earn slogan and more participants for Shiden and Astar Builders Program.
  • People will understand the difference between Astar and Shiden and get the opportunities from the Shiden buld2earn program.
  • Increasing the of brand awareness for Shiden, Astar and projects which choose it as a platform for the smart contracts
  • Increasing the value of SDN as a token, people understand that the core team and ambassadors are extremely serious about the Shiden , and it has real purpose and importance for all ecosystem.


20k$ per month in SDN tokens , counted on a monthly basis x 6 month (minimum period of Shiden Growth Initiative ).

-$500 in SDN tokens for every new project that we attract to the Shiden Builders Program after it goes live

Explanations why we need concentrate on Shiden

We need to explain the differences between Astar and Shiden and find ways to add more value to both projects and ecosystems. So the idea is that we can suggest to participants who decide what project to choose - you can grow up on Shiden and then can easily transfer tokens from SDN to ASTR and migrate to Astar when your project grows enough. We can show Shiden like a dapp incubator for new and prospective projects and teams, with tech support and promotion. And Astar will be positioned for grown and professional teams who don’t need external help. We also need to think about increasing more connectivity between SDN and ASTR. The problem is that people perceive AStar and Shiden as 2 separate projects, and sell one for the other. It is extremely necessary to explain that this is one Astar ecosystem, and Shiden is an important and valuable part of it. Here is the concept of how this can be done:

No build2earn for new and not experienced projects in Astar, but welcomed in Shiden and then supported migration to Astar.

This way we can explain the meaning of Shiden and increase the interest for Shiden and Astar both. It can support SDN token from falling and bring additional value to the whole ecosystem.


This is the detailed plan how we can make Shiden shine more than ever :slightly_smiling_face:. Pls support!


I can see that you are going to put a lot of hours in this initiative.

  1. 100 hours per month for articles? How many articles do you plan to write with 100 hours?

  2. Same goes with the video. 145 hours.

This is really a lot of hours and based on the price tag, you are charging $38/hour.

But in any case, what matters is not the amount of hours we work, but the result.

I can write 10 articles in a month, but how effective are those articles in creating awareness?

Do you have any indicators of what you want to achieve?

For example:

  1. The size of community in 6 months?
  2. The number of projects that you will attract in 6 months.
  3. The amount of TVL/transactions that these projects will generate in Shiden in 6 months

This is a good initiative, but need kpi/indicators to back your idea and also set the milestones, just like how the Builders Program have their milestones.

You can do something like:

Milestone 1 (2 months)

  1. Achieve 5,000 new community members.
  2. Increase on-chain holders by 10%.
  3. 5 new dapps on Shiden.
  4. The 5 new dapps to generate 1 million tx.

Writing articles, making videos, community management are just parts and parcels of the initiative and should not be used as indicators to measure the achievement.

Because, no matter how many hours you spend to write the articles but if the amount of holders and tvl/transactions are not increasing, the articles are meaningless.


Hi guys my opinion from the perspective of our community is the following:

I agree with the plan proposed by Vladylimes is necessary is simple and direct. I think it is time that some company or person with marketing experience takes control or the initiative to create a global strategy and that involves all the ambassadors of the all communities at some point since we all must manage the same information accurately and timely. Also I think that the metrics that Toga speaks are important to measure how effective these different activities of the central strategy have been.

Three thing in this moment important are: 1- listen to the community 2- that the integration of new projects should be linked to known projects. The retail user the Shiden need to retain and avoid the dump wants to see projects that are in the minds of all like DEX Defi NFT GAME. 3- That representative people from Polkadot talk about ASTAR or SHIDEN in interviews, shows and others like Gavin Wood did a few months ago in Lisbon in an interview with a famous content creator of America ChicoCrypto, Gavin talked about Moonbean before the Parachain and those opinions generate impact. Watch video ( When Polkadot Parachains!? Gavin Wood “TELLS ALL” & Drops the Bomb!! - YouTube) minute 1:05

If your proposal Vladylimes can include these things because give more strength and confidence to the people and DEV’s who hear these words from the CEO of the most promising ecosystem today.



Hello, everyone!
We understand your concerns with KPI. But the idea is that we can dedicate a lot of our resources to increase awareness about Shiden Builders Program, as currently all efforts of the core team are directed towards Astar.

Sadly, we’re not fortune-tellers, we’re marketing specialists. And if we learned anything in marketing, that’s the understanding of the idea that if anybody promises to increase the size of the community, or the increase in TVL, this person just wants your money and nothing more. I don’t think that even the core team knows how many users Shiden will have the next month, or what TVL of the network will be. Thus, with all respect, we’re honestly don’t know and we don’t want to promise any clear numbers.
We can measure the metrics of growth between periods, but all of it also depends on market conditions.

Of course, we want to help the growth of the network, and that’s why we came up with such an initiative. You’ll get our team working on your side, and let’s not forget that you’ll be able to refuse to continue anytime if we don’t meet your expectations. We’re fully committed to the project, and we think we proved our marketing experience. We totally agree with ercab24, and that’s the thing that we have in mind. We want to attract more devs to the network and give confidence to the retail users that the network is active and growing all the time. That’s our goal.



Not asking you to be fortune tellers.

In any business, we need to be able to forecast and set a budget.

If you spend $1 on something, you must be able to set a target on what you would get for spending that $1.

This is a $20k expenses a month. So, what would the revenue be for spending the $20k?

As a marketing expert like what you said, you must be able to analyze the market.

  1. What is your target market and audience?
  2. What is the size of this audience?
  3. Out of that, how many % can you attract?

Based on your experience, if you put X amount of effort, what would the result be?

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Great proposal. You have clearly stated what you’re going to do. However, I think there’s need for criteria or metrics to measure your input overtime. Please, tell us, within the first three (3) months for instance, what are you going to achieve for the project and the entire community, Where are we going to see Shiden Network in the next three months in terms of growth? we need projections.

Thank you.

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We are already started active and productive contributions to Shiden Ecosystem. All metrics will be revealed soon in our first report for February. Report will be posted publicly.

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seem, Shiden doesn’t active enough.