Shiden Ecosystem Concern

It’s been more than a year since Shiden network was launched and there seem to be 0 progress in ecosystem Dapps expansion. While the team did a great job with Astar, having over 21 native Dapps. Shiden on the other hand have 0 (according to defillama) and it was launched way before Astar. Also the TVL on Shiden is only $389,060 while on Astar $56 m. The differences between both chains are very drastic and everybody can clearly sees it. I think it is quite disrespectful to just focus on Astar when shiden holders took huge amount of risk to support your team from the start. We understand that the team dont have any direct power to get the dapps to deploy on shiden but at least can you clarify and be transparant of what the team could do or are you saying the team will just keep building and hope developers join shiden ecosystem?

There are over 551,782 shiden holders and 378,658 Astars holders according to subscan. The number of Shiden holders are not small. We just want to know what is going on so we can keep supporting but right now it feels like the team has completely abandon Shiden and just focus on Astar.

2 Likes are only deployed on shiden atm…
But most devs deploy on shibuya before launching on astar…
Feel free to deploy something yourself :grin:

Its a great concern and we are working on a strategy that we will share hopefully next week. We are now in the final phase of shipping Shiden 2.0!

We will shine a lot of light on Shiden! We will make it Swanky!!!