Shiden PLO staking while vesting

I would like to get clarification on whether those that take part in the Shinden PLO will be able to stake the coins they receive through the PLO while they are waiting for them to vest. I am considering participating in the PLO but I am hesitant due to the 10 month vesting period as those in the previous two rounds don’t have this restriction. It would be great If when staking is active the vesting(currently locked) coins could at least be staked. This way at least you are not completely frozen out of earning and selling SDN tokens for 10 months.


This is a great idea. What % of staking reward do you think would be reasonable?

I was thinking the normal amount whatever that is decided to be. I’m not sure what the staking rewards are or when they will be available. But at least people would not feel totally excluded while vesting.

According to @public_sate , it is possible to stake your PLM/SDN during the vesting period.


Looks good @sota
With this, I’m sure people will have more courage to lock their DOT, earn PLM/SDN staking rewards while being vested.

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Cool, thanks for the reply. :smiley: This is good news.

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