SDN is distributed! How the Vesting Works?

Shiden Network token (SDN) was distributed to crowdloan participants on July 28th. And the distributed token is not transferable as you can see below.

As we announced, there were a 1-month lock and 10-month vesting. We became a Kusama parachain on July 6th (Announcement). Therefore, the SDN token will be unlocked around August 6th.

The reason why I wrote “around” above is that technically it is not possible to specify the date to unlock. Instead, we can specify the unlocking block number. Currently, Shiden is producing a block every 12 seconds on average. At the time of writing, the block number of Shiden is 101,815. The block number on August 6th is 201,600. So, the SDN token will be unlocked linearly starting from block number 200,000. In summary, please check the graph below.


Hi - I’m probably not doing something correct. I have received the SDN tokens but they still say 0.00 transferrable inside the Polkadot_JS app. Should I be doing something to get the vesting started? Thanks!
The address is: Zk2DUPbnKCova29WSAbiqQngXRsPwtmKTXikLfBLkfKTfb5

I think you should check this Shiden roadmap update - PoS - YouTube

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Thanks for the update! This is what I get after clicking on the 3 dots just. SDN|690x395