Star Role Bot ~ Discord bot that determines NFT ownership

SUSHITOP team has made Star Role Bot (SRB).
It is a kind of Astar equivalent of .
You can make discord-based exclusive community by NFT ownership.

↓details of Usage.

Star Role Bot (SRB) is a Discord bot that determines NFT ownership and grants roles by connecting a Wallet.

By using SRB, not only Astar’s representative NFTs such as “AstarDegens” but also NFTs such as participation certificate NFTs, NFT business cards, and NFT gachas distributed by SUSHI TOP can be used to create communities by granting roles.

The SRB is a free contribution from SUSHITOP to the ASTAR community.


Awesome. Thank you for creating the application, I can see Astar Degens community can use this feature to make something fun for holders. However, I would like to ask…

  1. How secure is Star Role Bot?
  2. Is it open-source?

How safe is it?
Because many Discord hacks are happening these days due to bots. So unless we know it’s authentic source code. It’s hard to say yes. But we can try it.


Thank you for the comments!

  1. We only use blockscoutAPI to get the list of NFTs in the wallet, so the bot will not manipulate the wallet without your permission.

2.We plan to release it as open source in the future.
If there are any security issues, it would be great if the community can update it.

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Thanks a lot!

Since SRB will be open source in the future, we would like to securely update it with the community.