Summary Data Information for dApp Staking Projects

We are currently halfway through the “Voting Subperiod” of Period 2. Given the situation in the previous Period 1, I believe there is still room to gain votes from stakers.

While information on dApp Staking can be obtained from the Astar Portal, it tends to be presented in a stylish manner for stakers. Therefore, I would like to provide two pieces of information that could be useful for projects, especially in terms of organized data. I hope this will serve as a reference for your project approach.

You may already know this, but a dashboard has been created.

My custom page

Although you can check from the Astar Portal, I have created some page where you can check more efficiently.

Regarding “2”, we are operating while verifying the accuracy of the data. If there are any points that are clearly incorrect, we would appreciate your comments. I would like to make adjustments within the range that I can handle.
Of course, you are free to use this data. However, the use of this data is free, but I cannot assume any responsibility for any problems or damages that may arise in connection with the results of its use.


Thank you for sharing this information.
It’s very helpful for us. I really appreciate your great work!!

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As I had mentioned to you in the group, @tksarah, great project you are doing and as you said in the main post, this will help the projects in their approach.

Congratulations, mate!

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Hi @tksarah , the Dune page is already shared from several Korean community members, which is great! Thanks for your exclusive contribution to the network with great analytic tools!

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Hello @pithecus,
Thank you for your comment.

I knew that Dune was being shared. However, my intention was to make these known during the current Voting Subperiod.

Hello @tksarah , thanks for clarification! The details shared in dApp Staking / dApp list , which I often thought such info is valuable, would be greatly helpful for both of the current and potential stakers to decide where to stake.

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I agree as well, and I would be happy if everyone else feels the same.

There are three reasons that led to the creation of these. The first is my desire to immediately see the status. The second is the demand from community members. The third is the demand from developers, which incorporated feedback after creation.

As a result, I believe it has become a useful source of information for both stakers and the project side.

Hi @tksarah , glad to see you have an ability to convert needs into visualization! One suggestion (if I can propose and it is not too much work) would be an archive feature on Staker/dApp Amount so that the details at the previous staking cycle are traceable, which can be used as a measure of growth in a various manner, because it would then be a time series data.

This is a fantastic tool and initiative! Thank you for creating it. Your dashboards and custom pages make it easy to track voting rankings and staker data. The regular updates and accuracy checks are much appreciated. This will be a valuable resource for projects during the Voting Subperiod. Thanks again for your hard work!

Hi @pithecus,
Thank you for your additional suggestions!
I’m very happy to receive them along with your feedback. Actually, I have various things in mind too. However, I also have multiple tasks and need to prioritize them. In that regard, receiving opinions like yours is very valuable. (I don’t consider contributing to Astar as “work”!)

I also have knowledge in statistics. Normally, when considering data analytics and business insights, I use ‘R/RStudio’. Personally, I would like to do a PoC with ‘R’ and then make it displayable on the web.

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Hi @Matt,
Thank you for your comment :smile:
It’s very motivating. Although some of the information is not real-time but snapshots, I believe it can still provide a bit of reference information that can generate insights and enable actions for Stakers and projects.

By the way, I have just added C14 Finance, so you can check it out Staker list / dApps :memo:

I have created several pages to represent the organization of some data. Since these were separate, I have integrated them into one site. Please refer to this.


As you know, participation in dApp staking season 2 was lower compared to the previous season. While there are various reasons for this, such as market conditions, the most important aspect during this process was:

Creating significant activity within the community and encouraging people to get involved.

During this process, I closely followed it both as an Astar Network agent and as the founder of a project. From the feedback I received from my community, I realized that during dApp staking season 2, you were the best-performing ambassador.

I’m sure many users staked Astr thanks to you. It would be great if you could receive an extra reward this month.

As someone whose main field is management information systems, I must say that INFORMATION is everything. We need a data set, which is the first foundation for us to move us to the level of knowledge.

Although Astar Portal offers many possibilities, such tools are very useful and useful for us.

Thank you for your efforts. A site I will definitely use.

Hello Leo,
Thank you for your comment. It’s very encouraging.

I assumed that many of the project members probably don’t have the luxury to regularly track the information on the dApp Staking side. Initially, it was for my own confirmation, but as it turned out to be simple yet beneficial, I decided to make it public for everyone.

In my posts about X, I’ve been careful not to favor any particular project, paying the utmost attention to stay up-to-date and impartial while conveying the facts and data.

As a result, it would have been great if both dApp developers and stakers gained more insights for staking.

Hello Emre,
Thank you for your comment from a managerial perspective.
I agree with you on that point. As an IT engineer, I have spoken with many executives. Especially when I was working in a job that dealt with big data, data science skills were essential. I learned at that time and acquired the knowledge and ability to analyze. I am pleased that this experience can be utilized in such a way for the Astar Network community.

It may not look very cool, but please feel free to use it.

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