The Summary of Lockdrop FAQ

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Lockdrop is the fairest way to distribute tokens. We are conducting the 2nd lockdrop now. And the 3rd lockdrop is planned during the Polkadot Parachain auction. (TBA)

I will summarize the FAQs here.


Q. What is the total supply?
A. The total supply will be decided through lockdrops.

Q. DOT lockdrop?
A. We will have a DOT lockdrop during the Parahchain Auction. By locking DOT, you can get PLM tokens. Web3 Foundation will announce the detail of the auction, after that, we will decide the specific mechanism.

Q. How to claim PLM?
A. You have 2 choices. 1: making another Plasm address and replace the default address. The default address is automatically created by your Ethereum private key. 2: Claim PLM with your default address. Please visit and make a Plasm account by using your Ethereum account. You can find more info here.

Q. When will we finish the 2nd lockdrop?
A. Finished

Q. When is the 3rd lockdrop?
A. We will have the 3rd lockdrop during the Polkadot parachain auction. (TBA)

When 3rd lockdrop started?
A. It depends on Polkadot. We will have the 3rd lockdrop during Polkadot Parachain Auction.

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Q. How can I buy PLM token?
A. PLM token is not listed yet. This means you can’t buy PLM both on DEX and CEX.


When do we receive our PLM tokens? I participated in the 2nd lockdrop. It shows my 4 transactions in the section “Unlock Tokens” but it says no introducer. Do I receive my PLM tokens now or do I have to wait until the lock periods end?

Please claim your PLM by October 5th. And you can get PLM token now.

For the 3rd Lockdrop will there be sharing incentives with our Ethereum addresses being “Introducers” to receive a 1% Bonus for The DOT Locks if we participated in the 2nd Lockdrop?

yes, it is. We incentivize the existing lockdrop participants to join the 3rd lockdrop as well


Sorry if this has been asked but when is lockdrop 3? Sorry I’m just new.

Keep you eye on our channels. We will announce the date when we know a date from Polkadot :slight_smile:


Looking forward to 3rd lockdrop for sure and earning introducer incentives for participating in 2nd lockdrop :slight_smile: