The week event 2

Dear Dotsama community,

We are delighted to present the second edition of TheWeek Event! Read below for everything you need to know about TheWeek! :arrow_heading_down:

The Week is a Digital Dotsama & Astar event and a point of connection between teams, leaders in the space, and the community, that offers a vision into the future of Dotsama & Astar.

  • :small_blue_diamond: The Week conference is created for the community and will not request any treasury funding.
  • :small_blue_diamond: Streamed live on Youtube and free for all!
  • :small_blue_diamond: The event is scheduled for July Summer of 2023 and will be announced soon with exact dates.
  • :small_blue_diamond: The website is available: The Week Event | Dotsama digital conference
  • :small_blue_diamond: Telegram chat is available, for alpha, networking, and giveaways during the event!
  • :small_blue_diamond: All projects are invited to participate in the event, giving a unique space for each of them. To participate just contact Adrian via DM.
  • :small_blue_diamond:Projects interested to sponsor the event, can do so for dedicated benefits such as their project logo in the banner throughout the event, dedicated telegram posts, and a Dedicated article about the project on coinreference website and Coin Reference medium channel. All proceeds will go to cover the costs of hosting the event + community rewards. If you are interested in joining or supporting TheWeek, don’t hesitate to contact Adrian for additional info! :rocket:
  • :small_blue_diamond:We will have a day dedicated to the Spanish-speaking community of Polkadot, Kusama and ASTAR! Thus providing a bilingual event for all English and Spanish audiences!

Join official Channels! :rocket:

Greetings and see you at the event,

Adrián Sancho ⎮ Coin Reference


Thanks for this CoinReference! Being this a online event I think its pretty suitable for a lot more people to join and partake.

As for me, I can volunteer to talk on behalf of Astar Network in English and in Spanish. I have previously joined the TG channels so will keep up to date there.

A few questions:

  • What are the estimated dates of the event?
  • How many speakers are confirmed?
  • Is there a sign up link (website front page link leads to TG) to start estimating how many potential attendees may join?

IMO I think having a ways to capture numbers and then presenting those numbers/sources to projects could be a good way to raise more awareness and encourage more participation and possibly support.


Great initiative CoinReference!

I would like to see more data and figures about the first event. Could you possibly provide a summary of it in the responses?

How many speakers were there? How many people attended? Are there any photos or videos?


Hello Ramz!! How are you?

Starting from the launch date… TheWeek event will be broadcast live on Youtube by July 15! We still can’t give an exact date as we are waiting for some strategic speakers at TheWeek event, but… keep this date marked as we will have TheWeek Event 2!!

Currently, all the projects participating in TheWeek event can be found on the TheWeek event website (The Week Event | Dotsama digital conference), but these are not all… we still have some more exciting speakers to come!

Finally, thanks for the advice on creating a way to estimate the number of listeners, I’ll discuss it with the team. Although we already plan to create a dedicated link3 for TheWeek event, but it’s still too early for this, that’s why we’re resending it…

Finally, thank you for the questions and for your participation in The Week event 2! If you have any further questions, just ask!

Juan Manuel Sancho Pitarch


Hello disruptor! How are you?

The first edition came as an idea of connection between several Dotsama projects and it worked really well, both on twitter and on youtube.

We send you a youtube playlist where you can see the different projects that took part in the event and those of us who are very grateful for their participation in an event that was totally free in terms of participation and media used.

Undoubtedly the first event was a test event and in this second we come with a better team, more projects and more fun for our listeners.

In addition, TheWeek Event 2 will be broadcast live and direct! Unlike the first edition, which was only a pre-recorded interview broadcast live, we have decided to give more power to the closeness between listeners and speakers with a live broadcast on YouTube.

In this second edition we have put more enthusiasm in the project and a large number of participants since we have made various tweeter spaces with various projects that have been very satisfactory and with an interesting number of listeners.

We have gone from 9 projects in the first The Week event to 20 in the second (waiting for a few more speakers).

We hope we have answered your questions! Thank you very much for the questions and for the interest in the event! If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask us.

Juan Manuel Sancho Pitarch