Proposal to represent Astar

Dear Community,
I want to use this opportunity to commend the astar team and the community for the recent improvement and integration within the Astar Blockchain.
The Bitcoin Pizza Day meetup will be happening in some major cities in Africa and beyond on the 22 of May , 2023. It will gather lot’s of web3 enthusiasts , I will love to represent Astar and speak about Astar as the Smart contracts hub. This will be a great avenue to spread Astar among the web3 enthusiasts and developers .

My target for this event is to create a sustainable web3 Developers circle who will eventually build sustainable African products .

I propose a funding in Astar token to cover some of the needed materials like T-shirts , venue rent , projector, foods and drinks.
50 pcs of t-shirts- @ $13/1 - $650
50 pcs of jotter- @ $1/1 - $50
50 pcs of pen- @ $0.1/1- $5
50 pcs of stickers @$0.1/1 -$5
venue rent @ $300
foods and drinks @ $400
projector and mic @ $150

Total cost $1560

Astar Address


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Excellent initiative. I’m curious to know a little more.

In which of these capitals would it be held?

Do you have any idea how many people this event would attract?

As I understand it would be for 50 attended. I took this by the number of swags.

If so, I think it’s a good cost per person ($30).

Although this increases this budget, I think it’s important to add the recording and editing of a video.

Because I think it’s important for the ecosystem to have important voices in other countries, especially in Africa, which has been greatly strengthened within Polkadot in the last year.

And this would be an excellent opportunity to place Astar in the spotlight in this initiative of presence in different territories.

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This is a ridiculous amount of spending for a 1 day event. I do not agree with this.

Why does it have to come with all the merchandise? Are you guys merch hunters?

venue rent @ $300 - ridiculous
foods and drinks @ $400 - ridiculous
projector and mic @ $150 - ridiculous

This proposal doesn’t make sense. This is more like a cash grab!

If you want to do it, go ahead to do it with your own money. And come back with a report on what you have achieved. Based on that, we can consider how to incentivize you for organizing the meetup.

Please treat the Community Fund and Treasury like your own money. If you won’t spend your own money unnecessarily, don’t spend the treasury unnecessarily.


Hi Toga,

I had the opposite impression. And I consider the value of US$ 30 per person something well within the reality that I see in many countries where I have already produced similar actions.

However, I think the proposal lacks details, including:

  1. Historical summary of the production team involved (who they are, what they do and what they have done individually).

  2. How many events has this team produced together (especially in this market) and what were the results obtained (all of this supported by documentation, photos, videos, etc).

  3. What is the desired target audience of participants (investors, students, developers, decision makers and C Levels guys)?

  4. What is the strategy for attracting this audience?

  5. What will be the event’s script? As I see it, they are thinking of something that mixes an educational trail with a relational one (like a happy hour), which in my view is a very good model. But this really needs to be detailed in script form, including how many hours in total and also how long each talk is.

  6. Photos of the place and maximum capacity where it will be held. If they do it in a place with capacity for many more people, it will be an event that will seem like a failure, for example.

  7. Menu of food and drinks (with photos, if possible, which can be provided by the contracted buffets).

  8. Examples (photos) and description of merchandising materials. For example, I perceive $13 as an excellent quality shirt. And that’s what I expect from a cost like that. Without a breakdown of this item this is not clear.

In resume, these costs seem very attractive to me, but they generate doubts and questions due to the lack of more details.

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Would you use your own money on those stuff to organize the meetup?

To use the treasury money is easy. It is not your risk regardless the outcome.

In a venture 100% mine? Yes of course. But not just with the initial information given.

I am very attentive to details and I think that the success or failure of an action depends on it.

Anyway, I found this question you asked thought provoking. And it leads me to another one…

“Can we as a group come up with some kind of mechanics or incentive that makes this kind of initiative a 100% proponent venture?”

The first thing that comes to mind is something like dAPP Staking, But focused on community growth.

The risk in this case would be to lose the benefit to more competent others. Or never have it unless you take risks. Like dApp developers. A process of healthy competition for resources. As already discussed here in other threads.

Maybe it could be a stupid idea but, anyway, thanks to provoke it.

I was wondering, since it’s the Bitcoin Pizza Day meetup:

  • Which city are you planning to join the event in? (As you mentioned some cities.)
  • How many speakers will there be?
  • Will it be a public stage? If it’s private, where will it be?
  • Since it’s a celebration of BTC, I believe there will be only BTC holders and those interested in BTC technology. How do you plan to attract this audience with Astar content?

Thank you for the proposal, and I’m looking forward to your reply.


Thanks a lot .
I just love the level of transparency we have in the Astar ecosystem, it’s a sure way to decentralization.
The event will be held in Nigeria and I will be attending the one of Aba .
The Aba event will gather more than 150 people, the swags are just for 50 attendees.

The event is a sure way to bring Astar to the spotlight especially among developers.

The event will be recorded and after the event I will make a report .

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Are all the merchandise even necessary? If you do not provide the merchandise, will people still come?

Since you are saying, the event is a SURE way to bring Astar into spotlight. So my question would be, after the event, how many developers will SURELY build on Astar?


There is already a Community Rewards pool on dApp staking. The issue is how are these funds being used wisely.


I think this proposal definitely lacks sufficient details to support the allocation of funds from Astar’s treasury for an unknown event with an unknown outcome.


I am writing to clear some of the doubt that might have been created . The event is organized by cryptobootcamp community, you can verify on the authenticity.

On Telegram
Telegram: Contact @thecryptobootcamp or on Twitter
On Twitter

Concerning track record of their productivity with event you can check out this drive , it has pictures of Bitcoin pizza day held last year
Google drive

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If this event is being organized by the Cryptobootcamp community, which is not affiliated with Astar, why are you asking for money from Astar’s treasury for the venue rental, food, and projector? You could simply take the stage and promote Astar free of charge, couldn’t you?


Hello fouad , I am not charging Astar for anything . The funds I requested was to cover for some materials including Astar T-shirt.
Don’t create the impression that I am trying to do anything for profit .
It’s such a bad experience trying to make me look as if I am trying to run some sort of thing that won’t benefit Astar.

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I apologize if I gave you the wrong impression. I wasn’t trying to insinuate that you were seeking any profit from Astar. I understand that you were simply requesting funds to cover the cost of materials, including Astar T-shirts. However, as I mentioned earlier, I would like to know more about the event before making any decisions regarding the allocation of funds.


You are right. The impression I got from this proposal is that it looks like a giveaway event.

No details are being mentioned about how the event is going to be done, the activities during the event, the ultimate objective of the event, the follow up after the event.

When money is spent, there must be an achievement.

I am a bag holder and if this money is being put into circulation, there will be a sell pressure. But if the event does not create a buy pressure, this is hurting my bag.

We have seen the failure of Kusama treasury. We do not want this to happen to Astar.

This is a very concerning issue that must not be taken lightly.


The event will be held at Eldorado event center No 1 Diobu Avenue Aba, Nigeria . There will be four speakers at the event including me . I will be speaking about Astar and Astar technology making use of this slide Copy of The Future of Smart Contract for Multichain - Google Slides.

However, in as much as we all are poised with protecting the Astar treasury funds , we should also consider and leverage on this opportunity to bring Astar to the limelight in Africa.

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Thank you @moonme - now I remembered it. Is there some documentation about how these funds are applied, and the rites of governance to decide it? Only the community funds, about the others is clear for me.

No specific documentation.

For now, the main utility is for Ambassadors reward which is distributed monthly for the contribution such as community support, content creation etc. And also to incentivize Spacelabs members for onboarding projects to Astar.

You can find it here.


In as much as great projects and products are building on Astar blockchain, there is a paramount need to bring this built projects to the end users . Representing and talking about a project in an event is a great way to let the larger Blockchain and crypto industry get to know about what that specific project is all about. Recently , Astar has seen a huge surge in awareness in Japan , unlike here in Nigeria where nobody knows if Astar exist or not …
Considering the fact that Astar is the best smart contract platform that supports EVM on polkadot , there is an urgent need to bring it to the spotlight …
Web3 brands Leveraging on opportunity is as crucial as building , because when you build a product and don’t create awareness , it’s as bad as hell.

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