Unlocking Rewards with Fearless Wallet dApp Staking

Hello, Leo! I appreciate your vote, even if it’s not in favor of our proposal. Regarding metrics, they are publicly available, and you can review all the relevant data to see how many people are using our wallet :upside_down_face:

P.S. It might be beneficial if you could examine the data before casting your vote. I believe that knowledge of our current metrics could potentially change your perspective :wink:

P.P.S. I hope you have a fantastic Wednesday! After all, Wednesday is like a mini Friday!

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I think there are already many wallets and this inclusion will not bring anything new to Astar.

That is if they have good narrative, it shows. but I vote no.

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Thanks a lot for taking the time to respond to my comment. Everyone who votes makes their own decision and hopes they don’t just follow others. My vote should be equally weighted as others.

You mean projects building on Astar or deployed in our dApp Staking page?

I would never block the Japanese community in any initiatives but don’t see how this related to this proposal?

There haven’t been any invitations sent out. It was more on your initiatives. I joined a lot of Polkadot AMAs and other podcasts but never saw Fearless in any of those panels.

I can’t send out invitations. Those are done by Parity.

Why can’t you share the metrics of the use of Fearless Wallet? In this case, I will wait to the final day to change my mind when those are provided.

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The concept looks interesting. Could you please answer the following questions?

  1. We understand that there are many wallets for users on the market. What are the pros and cons of your project?

  2. Who are the direct and indirect competitors of your project?

  3. Based on your answer to question 2, what are your strategies for attracting customers from other wallets?


Hey there, Vangardem! Thanks a bunch for your vote. I totally get that you’re not too keen on having more wallets in the ecosystem, and I respect your perspective. But is this in line with the DeFi mindset? Restricting the number of projects that can join the Astar Ecosystem? I thought Astar was all about embracing the Web3 vision rather than limiting it :thinking:

P.S. How can you folks be sure that we won’t bring something valuable to the ecosystem if we aren’t given a chance to try? Nonetheless, I appreciate your perspective and wish you a fantastic day :upside_down_face:

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Hello, BoomBLB! Thank you for your thoughtful questions, and I’m delighted by the positivity in your message. Let me highlight some points :blush:

  1. When it comes to the positives, here’s what we’re excited about: a strong emphasis on privacy, a warm welcome for the Asian community, complete with native language support, cross-chain compatibility to foster community activities across various networks, and our unwavering commitment to our incredible community. Our supporters mean the world to us. As for the ‘cons,’ they’re not necessarily drawbacks but more reflections of the current market state. The bear market has its challenges for every project. Additionally, the abundance of wallets isn’t a downside; it’s a testament to the flourishing DeFi ecosystem. Standing out in a crowded space can be tricky, especially when users have seen so much. Nevertheless, we’re dedicated to staying creative and responsive to the ever-changing landscape :slightly_smiling_face:

  2. Your question is incredibly insightful. When it comes to direct competitors, we’re aware of Subwallet, Polkawallet, and Talisman, among others. However, we’re firm believers in coexistence and providing users with choices. Rather than viewing it as competition, we see it as a way to offer users a delightful variety of options. Competitive rivalry can sometimes be counterproductive in the overall ecosystem. As for indirect competitors, they might include exchanges with built-in wallets (but I think it’s more about CEX) and hardware wallets :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

  3. We’re not in the business of ‘kidnapping’ users away from our ‘competitors,’ as you think. Our goal is to offer new opportunities and choices. Nevertheless, I can share some steps we’re taking. Firstly, we’re wholeheartedly committed to enhancing the user experience to make Fearless Wallet more accessible, particularly to those new to the crypto world. We understand that perfection may be an elusive goal, but continuous improvement is our journey. We embrace the beautiful concept of ‘Wabi-Sabi,’ finding beauty in imperfection and acknowledging the impermanence of life. Additionally, we’re actively seeking partnerships with DeFi projects and blockchain platforms to expand our user base and offer seamless integrations. Lastly, community engagement holds a special place in our hearts, as we’re building this for the people :blush:

I hope this makes better our conversation, though we could chat about this endlessly. Thank you for your kind attention, and I wish you a splendid day :wink:

P.S. Competition is often seen as a marketing race, attempting to influence users to change their preferences. We’re not inclined toward such practices. It’s not a healthy approach; in fact, it’s quite detrimental to the spirit of cooperation and humanity :face_holding_back_tears:

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Good morning, Maarten! Thank you for taking the time to respond. Let me address a few points you’ve raised:

  1. We genuinely appreciate your vote just as we do with all others. There’s no doubt about that.

  2. What I meant is that when any project joins Astar, they don’t come alone. Nowadays, everyone has a vast network, and those networks are diverse. It’s our job to bring people together and foster productive cooperation, not just between two parties but involving third, fourth, and more parties. To put it differently, imagine if you discover a fantastic book – you’d probably want to share it with all your friends, right? You’d want them to experience the same happiness as you did after reading it. In Web3, we believe in a similar philosophy. For instance, community initiatives won’t be limited to Astar X Fearless Wallet but could extend to Astar X Fearless Wallet X XXX.

  3. Concerning the relevance of the Japanese community to this proposal, this is just a friendly step towards the Astar Ecosystem, aiming for a fresh start. We’re not seeking financial support; all we want is to get closer to the Astar community and collaborate on exciting ventures, generating new ideas to bring joy to everyone. I mentioned the Japanese community because I’ve interacted with many Astar community members here and have seen their eagerness to cooperate. However, not all of them have the privilege to vote.

  4. As for AMAs, we participate whenever and wherever possible. If you’re well aware of what’s happening, why not extend an invitation to us? Again, you have our Telegram contact. We’d never turn down an opportunity to engage with you.

  5. It’s a pity that you can’t send out invites. But you know, in such cases, we revert to point 2: in Web3, there are no exclusive 1/1 partnerships. We always ask our friends to invite their other friends. It’s a simple rule here: the boomerang of kindness – do something good, and it comes back to you twofold. You should give it a try.

  6. Regarding metrics, everything is publicly available. However, I’d be happy to offer a brief example, without overloading you with screenshots.

Hope it will be helpful. Have a great day!

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I see a lot of wallets are already getting grants from Parity and W3F and also joined Astar dApp staking… so let the builders build. If we accept one, we should accept all wallets that bring value to our community.

I was eager to support the proposal, but I see a lot of concerns raised by @Maarten. So I will vote no.

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It’s disheartening to see that the Astar ecosystem has chosen not to list Fearless Wallet on dApp Staking despite the positive metrics and unique advantages it offers. The reluctance to welcome other projects into the ecosystem, even when they bring value and innovation, reflects a closed-minded approach that could hinder the growth and diversity of the ecosystem.

Fearless Wallet has shown a strong commitment to interoperability, multilingual support, and community engagement, which are all essential elements in the ever-evolving blockchain space. The decision not to support Fearless Wallet could potentially limit the choices available to Astar users and stifle healthy competition, which is essential for the growth of Web3.

It’s crucial to remember that supporting multiple projects and fostering a spirit of collaboration is what will ultimately drive the success of the Astar ecosystem and the broader blockchain community.

But we appreciate your choice, even it is not Agile and against Web3 mindset :slightly_smiling_face: