Unstoppable Community Grants Proposal : DMTP

Team Name:


Project Overview:

DMTP is the Web3 communication and marketing protocol . You can send and receive messages based on your wallet address. The messages are E2EE (End-to-End Encryption) and en / decrypted with your public/private keys so that no others, including DMTP, can see them. In Web3, all identities are transferred to the wallet address. In such a situation, there still needs to be an easy-to-use method of communication with the wallet address. We would like to solve this and build a world complete with Web3 identities.

Team and socials:

Aru Sasaki Co-founder CEO (https://twitter.com/Aru_Web3en?s=20)
Kosuke Araki Co-founder COO (https://twitter.com/kosuke_araki?s=20)
Takumi Hosokawa CTO(https://twitter.com/0x_yuzu?s=20)

Team Code Repos:

Prior work and team experience:

Aru : Co-founder, CEO Interned at a crypto VC while studying in New York. While conducting due diligence, investment ratios, and research for portfolio projects, he also supported managing a blog dedicated to blockchain. After returning to Japan, he interned at Hokusai, an NFT infrastructure development company, as a member of the board of directors and in public relations, and launched DMTP. Kosuke : Co-founder Started four companies, including BigData, Adtech, and D2C. 2007 Consulting for “SecondLife” of Metaverse for major companies at Meltingdots. 2015 Co-founded a project with Mr. CZ (now Binance Founder) to launch a cryptocurrency exchange in Japan. 2017 Invested in several ICO projects. 2019 Developed a cloud-based automated trading system for cryptocurrencies. 2021 Launched "DiscoverFeed”; an NFT marketplace for selling one of the component processes of the world’s top DJ. Yuzu : CTO Worked at a blockchain consulting firm in Japan. Implementing blockchain technology for major companies and developing NFT issuance tools and NFT cross-chain bridges. Personally participated in the ETH Global hackathon and won multiple prizes. In November of 2022, he became the CTO of DMTP.

Project Goals and Differentiating Factors:

The goal of the DMTP is to bring Web3 to every person. We believe in the potential of Web3 and are convinced that it will make a significant difference in the world’s environment.

However, Web3 is a hurdle for new users, and this is a major problem for mass adoption of Web3.

To overcome this hurdle, each project must create an environment that is user onboarding and user responsive.Of course, communication among users is also essential for mass adoption.

Therefore, DMTP contributes to mass adoption by building an infrastructure for Web3 communication.

We feel the same way about Web3 for billions.

DMTP has a large CRM component. For example, game-related projects can send targeted onboarding messages to users who are leaving the project, send simultaneous messages to people who have acquired tokens through GameFi in the past, send DeFi collateral liquidation notifications in advance, analyze users in a similar way to LINE@, etc. It can also be used for user analysis, etc. in the form of LINE@.

It is possible to support all chains, so that a person using an ETH chain can send a message to a person using a Solana chain.
There are projects for the analysis function and projects for the message function, respectively, but user onboarding is not possible unless everything from analysis to sending messages can be done in one place. Only DMTP can do this on a high level now.

Development Roadmap and Project Sustainability:

In 2023, we will provide the following features:

  • Mobile App Provision
  • Analytics Functionality Provision
    • User Counting
    • Transaction Analysis
  • CRM Functionality Provision
  • Official Account Functionality Provision

At the beginning of 2024, we will provide the following features:

  • Push Notification Rewards
  • Detailed Analysis Functionality for Each Message
    • Time Series Analysis with Graphs and Charts
  • Inflow Path Analysis

Furthermore, we are planning a $DMTP launch, IDO/IEO in mid-2024, and users will be able to earn Rewards in full-scale.

In 2023, the CRM functionality will be provided on a closed basis to partner projects. Based on the feedback received from each project, we will create a longer-term roadmap and decide on it at the beginning of 2024.

DMTP will release Tokens over a span of 5 years.

We will strive to increase users to create a network effect within these 5 years, and at the stage when all the Tokens are released, we will be able to provide continuous incentives to users from the sales portion without releasing from DMTP.

The reward for Tokens is based on users opening messages and receiving notifications, motivating projects to send messages.

Moreover, not only regarding Tokens but also as DMTP, we will eventually establish a system that continuously runs the community by increasing contributors, not just the core team.

- Milestone 1: Mobile app (Estimated Duration: 60 days)
Users will be able to utilize wallet address-based chat in the mobile app. Additionally, there are plans to implement a Token Rewards feature in this app in the future, which will lead to an increase in message open rates through rewards for opening messages, and an increase in real-time notification recipients by granting tokens for turning on notifications. This is an essential factor for DMTP-utilizing projects to ensure they reach users. It achieves a level of intimate communication with users that cannot be realized in current platforms like Discord.

- Milestone 2: First CRM function (Estimated Duration: 60 days)
The development of the mobile app and the CRM features will be carried out concurrently. With the implementation of the CRM functionality, Web3 projects using DMTP can easily analyze the users they are handling and send messages suitable for each user based on that analysis. Currently, Web3 presents many high barriers for new users. However, by effectively utilizing the features of DMTP, it is possible to automatically onboard each user individually, such as with guidance on how to play games or purchase tokens, ensuring that no one is left behind. Specifically, there are features such as step messaging functionality that automatically sends messages in stages based on set timings, and targeting messages that only send messages to users who own specific NFTs or have performed certain actions.

- Milestone 3: First SDK Development (Estimated Duration: 30 days)
With the development of the SDK, it becomes possible to perform analysis that combines both off-chain and on-chain data, and to send messages to all users who are using one’s project. Until the SDK is developed, Web3 projects can send messages by having users add the official account created by the project as a friend. However, by introducing the SDK, it recognizes all users participating in the project as friends, allowing messages to be sent to them.

Furthermore, by adding code to measure specific event counts when introducing the SDK, that action will be reflected in the Analytics screen. This enables off-chain analysis as well, allowing for more suitable onboarding and communication with users. For example, it would be possible to send messages for the next step only to those who have cleared a game’s tutorial.

Bootstrapping Request:
We want to request 2M.

We will contribute to increasing the number of active users not only as 1dApps, but also as a protocol to provide this functionality to the entire ecosystem.

We need a great deal of resources to provide a good UX to our users/projects in a speedy manner and with a good UX.

This amount will certainly improve our development, the user experience, and will activate Astar as a whole.

Ecosystem Engagement and Alignment:
We believe that DMTP is highly compatible with Astar.

For example, dAppstaking v3 will burn the token if the claim is not made within a certain period of time. It might be not beneficial for staking users to have the token burned before they are aware of it. DMTP can be used to send a message to the user to prompt a claim, counting down from the time when the token will be burned.

Also, by sending a message to $ASTR holders to vote on governance, we can significantly increase the number of votes.

Astar also has the excellent technical advantage of supporting EVM and WASM, which, on the other hand, can be a hurdle for less knowledgeable users.

With DMTP, it is possible to automatically send messages tailored to each user’s situation, and the proper onboarding of all users is not just a dream.

Of course, similar functions are available to dApp developers as well as protocols, resulting in more users who continue to use the service. This will lead to an increase in the number of users and the overall activation of Astar!

Contact Info:

Email: info@highphen.co
Telegram: @AruSasaki

How we heard about the Unstoppable Grants Program:
I was introduced to this program by Tatsu, Ramz, and Cody from the Astar team.

Additional Information:
We have been selected for Chainlink’s BUILD program, and future collaboration has been determined. Additionally, we have obtained a Grant from Unstoppable Domains and announced a partnership with NTT Digital, laying the groundwork to expand our project. Together, let’s expand Web3 to the world and aim for mass adoption!!!

DMTP team.


What a wonderful project!

I think this idea would make dApp Staking v3 even better.
I support you.


Thank you for your proposal.

I have some questions.

1, Do you have any plan to work togerther successfully with other SNS such as LINE, WeChat, Facebook, Messenger, Telegram in the future?
Because, generally, a lot of users already used some SNS tool or an e-mail, they may want to recieve the messege on them.

It is possible to support all chains, so that a person using an ETH chain can send a message to a person using a Solana chain.

This is good idea. I think DMTP is “protocol”, so
2, Does it also function like a wallet in youre mobile app?

Related to previous question,
3 for example, can we built in DMPT on other wallet ?
If it’s possible, I guess that it is very useful for any marketing activities.


Nice, I have created the group on DMTP, and want to get some DMTP tokens, that means I would like to support this proposal


Hi @tksarah

Thank you for your questions!

  1. Yes, we have developed the ability to receive notifications via Telegram and Discord. Currently, the notifications only show the sender’s identity, but soon all text will be readable on Telegram as well. We do plan to expand this functionality to other SNS and email platforms, but the development priority is a bit lower since the implementation hurdle for platforms other than these two is higher. Therefore, the development of them will be after finishing mobile application development.

  2. As you mentioned, DMTP is a protocol, and our main direction is implemented in apps like wallets. DMTP will provide its own mobile app to demonstrate a first mobile chat app use case. Initially, the app will not include a wallet function, users will log in through Wallet Connect. However, for users new to Web3, we plan to implement a feature that allows them to create a wallet address via DMTP app, even if they don’t own other wallets. We will work towards a user interface that enables people to start using the wallet without recognizing it as such, possibly utilizing technologies like “AA”.

  3. Yes, DMTP will provide a software development kit (SDK) called ClientSDK. By installing this SDK, message functionality can be added to not only wallets but also blockchain explorers and other Dapps. For example, we have already partnered with a Korean project called IntellaX for the wallet and plan to introduce it as soon as development is completed. Not only for wallets, but there is also talk of introducing it to blockchain explorers and other applications.

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As I stated on discord, where Aru prefectly answer all my questions! Welcome to Astar and keep up the good work!


Thank you so much!
I understood that.
I support your proposal, and look forward to it.

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I believe that this tool could become an essential asset for our ecosystem, expanding the possibilities for engagement and interaction with the network users. It has the potential to evolve into a common-good dApp for the entire ecosystem.

For instance, within Astar Degens DAO, we always require active and direct communication with our holders, and DMTP is stepping in to aid us in this endeavor. We;ll have an AMA scheduled with the application on August 27th at 12 PM UTC in the Astar Degens Discord, and everyone is welcome to join and participate.


Thank you for the proposal.

I have a question, are you referring to PUSH messages or emails?

Now my opinion,

I think it is a simple project that delivers a real solution and it is really a use case that can be successful.

We all use web2 messaging today, because some web3 messaging services are still not working well, so the opportunity is huge.

Users need a web3 messaging system where our data is protected by design and not just by law.
In essence that’s what web3 gives us, but we don’t have this type of service working on a massive scale.

The second idea that seems relevant to me is the opportunity for growth and integration with other services, it can be a winning effect for other Astar projects.

If in the future we manage to incorporate automatic messaging in the DEFI tools, for example, when you make a transaction, or when your risk factor is close to position liquidation, a margin call, a new service, a new liquidity pool, etc…

For me this can really make a difference in favor of the DEFI tools in Astar.

Also if integrated with other services, such as ASTAR domains, it can give real usability.

For my part I think it is a strategic initiative for the development of Astar and will bring value to the users and the network.


It seems to me a necessary project for Astar, it is aimed at the massification of users as I commented on Discord I am delighted that they come to Astar. Count on my support


More I read about DMTP more I like it :grin: I find this proposal really usefull for Astar Eco. As mentioned on discord i have some questions:

  • Will users have a sort of dekstop app for an easier use ?

  • If so , will users have cross synchronized account management ? (I really like to use Whatsapp Web and Telegram Web services )

  • Will any type of wallet be integrated into the dApp ?

-Will You use QR codes for a better and faster User Experience? (like adding a new friend through TG/WA using the QR code or the web login methos mentioned before)

  • Will it be possible to track whales or active smart contracts through mobile app ?

Thank You so much for your application and wish You all the best :grin:


Hi @MacZam !
Thank you for your questions and opinion!

DMTP is a protocol, so it can be used to create both PUSH messages dApp and emails dApp with DMTP. The mobile app we plan to offer as one use case is a chat app.

Integration into DeFi is possible. You can receive collateral liquidation notices in advance or be guided to claim staking rewards. There are various ways to use it.
We are also advancing domain integration. Currently, we are collaborating with platforms like Unstoppable domains, so it’s possible to send and receive messages with domains like .crypto and .nft. We plan to support various domains, allowing users to handle everything with just the domain without worrying about their wallet address.

Indeed, the environment you’re imagining is being built through DMTP!!

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Hi @VasaKing !

Yes, users can also use it on desktop.
Users can cross synchronize their wallet addresses with each other, but existing chat apps currently do not support mutual account synchronization.
What kind of features are you hoping for?
If you can provide feedback, we will consider adding it to our future development plans!

Wallet integration is planned for the future.

We also plan to introduce a feature for adding friends via QR codes!

Individual users do not have the functionality to track large holders (whales) or active smart contracts. Such analytical features are available to projects, companies, or communities that create official accounts with DMTP.
Do you think individual users would also have a need for these features?
We want to keep the app as simple as possible to lower the barrier for users.
If there’s a demand, we’ll consider opening up that functionality to all users!

Thank you for your valuable feedback!

Join Unstoppable Grant
  • Yes
  • No
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Hi @Aru , I’m the one on Discord who give inputs for branding. I fully support this proposal. Would like to see the result in the next 3 months!

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Great collaboration. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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I currently voted no.
For me, it isn’t easy to see the value it can bring to Astar Growth.

Because it’s not committed to only Astar, I would like to see DMTP joining our dApp Staking after the integration. I see the UCG more for those building on Astar with a strong Astar commitment and a clear plan of how it will bring more growth to the Astar ecosystem.

Can you tell me your launch strategy and BizDev pipeline?


I am aligned with @Maarten concerns.
Currently, voted no as well.


I am supporting @pitcoin777 and Marteen

My vote also turned out to be negative.
This project doesn’t convince me in terms of what kind of contributions it can make to Astar Growth.

Since it’s not exclusively tied to Astar, I would request that DMTP join our dApp Staking after integration. I believe UCG should be more for projects with a strong commitment to Astar and a clear demonstration of how they can bring more growth to the Astar ecosystem.


I seriously see no benefit to the Astar or DOT ecosystem. I currently voted no.