Unstoppable Grant Evaluation and Continuation Proposal - Skylab Corp

Hello everyone,

This is almost the end of the third month of our Astar journey so far and we are very proud and excited about our development so far.
With the help of your community and your acceptance of us as one of you, we have worked and continue to work tirelessly. Every day we face new challenges and overcome existing ones.

We now have around 35 million tokens staked by around 92 supporters!
This makes us extremely proud and gives us the motivation to keep going!

We are asking for continued support from the Unstoppable Community grant,
Please read our original proposal and our progress so far in this forum post

If you have any questions, I am always happy to answer them on all social media and here.


Hello @knacker65
Maybe could we continue in the previous post?
This way, it will be easier to track the messages and your progress.
Based on your last report, your progress is good and I will be in favor to continue the program.

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Hello @knacker65,

I agree with Guigou that we should continue the discussion on the original topic.

Also, you still have one month left in the program to continue your work, we will start the evaluation phase when we receive your final report, expected around November 28.

Keep up the hard work :muscle:


I am super excited with Skylab Corp. Thanks for the great work the team is doing. Let’s go.


Keep up the good work, really excited about the game!

I think the work you’ve been doing is excellent, keep it up! On another note, I agree with what Guigou and Gaius is saying, you should continue the conversation in the original thread.

Yes iam very sorry about the confusion, any mod i would like request closing this thread

And thank you everyone for this great support !

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