Unstoppable Grants Proposal: Skylab Corp

Hello everyone,
I am Salih co-founder of Skylab Corporation, we had posted our proposal for the Unstoppable Grants on discord and after receiving so much positive feedback from the community we would like to go for the final evaluation and propose the Unstoppable Builders Grant.

Our proposal is laid out here in our doc, for any questions regarding us or the proposal I will be available.

Kind Regards


The Proposal:


I think it’s a wonderful project. I’m in favor of this proposal.
I can’t wait for the game’s release!


I really like the idea of combining RMRK NFT standards (nested NFTs) for the NFTs on Astar.

I’ve seen some web3 games from the first generation (play to earn) they are not doing well recently, and I’m bullish on games that focus on being well-made and exciting.

Our vision is to distance ourselves from pure speculation and instead focus on creating games with real soul and depth.

But do you have a better example of how these mini-games, Battle System, city/villages, dungeons will work, and how this game will generate good network effects? Can we use Final Fantasy 9 (PS1) as a good reference? Is it similar to Mone’s gameplay style (3d + static 2d scenes)?



Hey Defiguy,

Thanks for reading the doc and asking questions.
Also thank you for your support.

Yes first of all a static background with 3d is the right answer, Final Fantasy 7,8,9 are the references here. We use the term Prerendered backgrounds here.

Mones gameplay has similarities, but the video in our doc captures our vision very well, the first tech demo.
For the minigames, it will be smaller ones in example given like villages or towns where you explore side content. Mostly tied to the main story through progression you will find new villages, cities etc.
It will consist of very simple yet challenging games that can earn you in-game rewards and eventually unlock achievements that can be translated to web3 achievements
But mainly optional side content.
The combat will be round based, more on that we will reveal when we build it up more, but Final Fantasy 7-9 is again a good reference here.

The goal of the demo is to show all these elements come together in a playable way and showcase their use.

The network effect we hope to achieve by building a good game, having a better community and connecting with other projects and players.
Share experiences, learn from each other and basically build together.
Having a good game that people enjoy can open up opportunities to build strong communities.


As I mentioned on discord, I’m absolutely thrilled by Skylab’s visionary approach to Web3 gaming! Their commitment to merging nostalgic gameplay with Web3 technology, and their emphasis on creating a genuine gaming experience rather than just speculation, is refreshing. Looking forward to seeing their RPG project on the Astar network redefine the landscape and set new standards for decentralized gaming.


Can you kindly explain with more details this section please? Are you requesting 2,000,000 ASTR to create a gameplay demo?

Thank you


Total amount requested

So our goal in this proposal is to create a gameplay demo that includes a full demo with all the elements we want to build and envision. To give the community a first feel of what a true web3 gaming experience could be in the future.

The requested amount is 2 million Astar tokens from the Unstoppable Community Grants program. This amount will be staked for a period of 3 months, and afterward revisited for another 3-months only upon community approval. This will align with the completed demo planned and released for February 2024.


Yes, of course,

The 2 million astar staked on our dapp will be for the creation of the demo and we want to evaluate and be transparent with our progress, so we will make progress updates and a new proposal in 3 months after.
We will go on the journey together transparent as possible


I think what Dennis was asking is “are you asking for 2million ASTR?”.

The answer is no. You don’t get the 2 million ASTR. It is owned by community treasury but it will be used to stake on your dApp so that you will earn the dApp rewards while building for the first 3 months.

There is some misunderstanding as not many people know how the Unstoppable Grant work.


You can read this one.


The first “Video” composable NFTs on RMRK. By far the best quality NFTs I own.


i can’t wait to see my ravens on AstarNetworks RMRKink.


I truly find the Skylab project fascinating. I’m highly supportive of the shift towards Astar/ink and the endeavor to construct a blockchaingame. However, my perspective is that having 2 million ASTR tokens in dApp staking might yield only modest resources for the project; i don’t believe it would suffice for the development needs of the proposed venture.

Considering this, i strongly believe that the proposal should be further elaborated upon before proceeding to a vote. Providing clearer details and a comprehensive overview of the project’s requirements, goals, and anticipated outcomes would facilitate a more informed decision-making process and enable the community to assess its potential impact more effectively.

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Great. Welcome to join us soon


Thank you Toga. The doc is very useful! So excited with the design of Unstoppable Grants program and the benefits it brings to Astar growth.

@knacker65 I will vote yes to support Skylab Corp. I’m a huge believer in the gaming industry and its great potential; and the many benefits it can bring to Astar. Looking forward :ok_hand:!

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I would like to support this project, like the good team and the idea of combining RMRK and ASTAR for the NFT and also the Final Fantasy type of game, maybe there would be a collaboration with Candy Girl since the artist for their NFT image is famous for the Final Fantasy? not sure if you know that


Been a fan of this project since the beginning. The quality of the 3D work that has been produced speaks volumes. I have no doubts that this project will continue to deliver with the award of a grant.

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Great use case. Happy to support your proposal. Welcome :saluting_face:

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First of all, I welcome you to the Astar ecosystem. Seeing a project with a Turkish team here has truly touched me. I believe that you will bring many cultural innovations to the Astar Network ecosystem and contribute to building the future web3 world. That’s why I am giving my yes vote. Wishing to see more projects that will sociologically keep our community active within the Astar ecosystem.


I love the RMRK concepts for NFT but I am not sure that the blockchain is the best choice for a game, specially for the user experience. I hope you will be able to change my opinion. You have my yes for the first three months. Let’s see in 3 months.

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