VeryLongSwap | Staking Airdrop | dApp Staking Proposal

Dear lovely ASTAR community,

I am Takakoji, Co-Founder of Very Long Swap (VLS)! I usually run a game studio and an AI company!

This is an application to add ‘VeryLongSwap | Staking Airdrop’ to the list of ASTAR dApp Staking.

VLS will grow together with everyone in the ASTAR community & ASTAR zkEVM, so let’s discuss it here first together!

Thank you for your support!

What is Very Long Swap?


Very Long Swap is a DEX (decentralized exchange) on Astar zkEVM based on the concept of the Japanese NFT project Very Long Animals.

It will be released at the same time as the launch of Astar zkEVM and will contribute to the development of the Astar zkEVM ecosystem.

As a background of the project, this IP has many fan users in Nigeria, and we aim to build a sustainable and direct social contribution activity by using a part of the QA work and revenue to users in that country.

Very Long Swap has obtained permission to use the IP from Very Long Animals.

The VLS test net is already up and running and can be used from here!

If you have any requests for improvements, let’s improve it together and make it better!

The URL is given at the bottom.

What is Very Long Animals?

Very Long Animals is an NFT collection from Japan featuring animals with long faces, and since the project’s inception in 2022, it has developed its own community, including the development of a culture of secondary creation, and is loved by many people.

The VLS test net is already up and running and can be used from here!

If you have any requests for improvements, let’s improve it together and make it better!

List of initial features of Very Long Swap


Very Long Swap allows the exchange of tokens on Astar zkEVM.


Farming allows you to earn commissions from token exchanges made on the DEX by providing a liquidity supply (*) for your tokens in Very Long Swaps.

During the period, you will also earn points based on your contribution to the liquidity supply in addition to your transaction fee.

※Liquidity provision refers to the role of an AMM (Automatic Market Maker) in facilitating user transactions by providing a specific pair of tokens to smart contracts to meet the demand for buying and selling. In return, the liquidity provider receives a transaction fee from the user.

IDO Launchpad

IDO (Initial DEX Offering) is a method of token financing on the DEX (Decentralized Exchange). Participants can participate in a token sale of pre-listed tokens on the DEX.

Very Long Swap’s IDO Launchpad will host IDOs by several projects.


The Road Map schedule is as follows


・Testnet Launch

・Mainnet Launch



・Liquidity staking capabilities

・Further security and auditing


・Token Listing

・Liquidity Efficiency Features


・Token Listing

・Additional function development planning


Token Economics

Basic Information

​・Name: Very Long Swap

Token Issue limit: 10 billion

Ticker: VLS

Contract address: Under construction (to be announced as soon as it is determined)

Supported Chains: Astar zkEVM

Token Standard: ERC-20


Token Allocation

The $VLS was developed to ensure a sustainable ecosystem and social contribution activities.

The majority is reserved for community emissions, including airdrops.

Total supply: 10 billion pieces

Community: 34.3 %

Airdrop: 10% of total Ecosystem development: 25

Core contributors: 24.5 %

Investors: 16.2%



Vesting is designed in VLS for sustainable growth and contribution to the community and society.

Vesting and locking periods are set for investors, the core team, and advisors.

Each has a vesting period and an exercise period.

The above vesting and exercise periods will be disclosed as soon as they are determined.

These will contribute to the growth and sustainable development of the community.


10% of the $VLS total supply will be allocated for distribution as an AirDrop.

Engaging in activities such as trading on VLS from the early stages and enhancing engagement on social media may increase the chances of receiving the AirDrop.

No AirDrop dates have been announced at this time. Airdrop details are being provided via the official X and the upcoming Discord.

Until then, please do not trust any claims or rumors regarding the token sale or AirDrop.

Point System

We have developed a point system on ASTAR zkEVM that will be of particular benefit to users!

Very Long Swap will offer AirDrop to Very Long Swap users during the period between the DEX launch and the token launch, as well as irregularly.

Token allocation will be based on points that represent contributions to the ecosystem, which can be earned through Farming, Referrals, dApp Staking, and Special Promotions.

You can check the status of points earned during the period from the screen.


You can earn points by supplying liquidity to Very Long Swap during the period.

The period will be announced only from the official website.


You can earn points by referring new users to Very Long Swap during the period.

This will also be announced only from official sources.

dApp Staking

During this period, users can earn points by staking dApp tokens in the Astar Portal for Very Long Swaps.

dApp Staking is a feature that allows users to earn yield by staking ASTR tokens to dApp projects, while at the same time supporting the projects.

The dApp Staking is a feature that allows users to earn yield by staking ASTR tokens to dApp projects while at the same time supporting the projects.


VLS token holders can participate in the governance of the Very Long Swap by voting based on the quantity of tokens they hold.

Smart contracts will be updated and assets in the treasury will be used based on the results of the community participants’ votes.


VLS is supported by nine partners, including a formal partnership with ASTAR zkEVM, the car racing project NEO, which is sponsored by car manufacturers TOYOTA and SUZUKI, and the CNP-derived NFT project, which has distributed over 5,000 ETH, with more expansion planned.

How to use dapps staking

We are planning a RWA acquisition operation in Nigeria.
We will use it for sustainable feature development.
This is still in the planning stage, but this is where we are looking to go.

  • implement new Polygon AggLayer AMM
  • Launchpad
  • token publish and move to DAO (ve Tokenomics)
    Part of the money will be used for minimal marketing expenses.

The above!

We will launch ASTAR zkEVM and make sure it is stable for a week before launching the VLS mainnet!

Let’s open up a new world together!

Let’s discuss it together and make it a good DeFi!

We say thank you to the community!

Follow Us

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• Discord Very Long Swap

• Document What is Very Long Swap? - Very Long Swap v1.0.0

• Testnet


How can I participate in TestNet?


Dear ASTAR user!
You can see the test net at this URL!

Have a good time!


Very cool project with a lot of intresting things! What about the testnet, is already online?


Nice! I really like projects that introduce and show the roadmap in a detailed way. I’m very curious to try the testnet and the upcoming mainnet.
Welcome to Astar :grin: :handshake:


Welcome to Astar Network. I am waiting to test. I will vote Yes!


Hello, @Takakoji’ team! I’m glad to see that more and more new applications want to join our ecosystem, that shows positive symptoms. Mainly, I’m glad to see your support for the release of our Astar zkEVM, as we will need it. Also, I am glad to see the market you are attacking which is Nigeria, a market that is growing.

Mainly, I see that the application is in the testing phase and will be launched in conjunction with Astar zkEVM, is this not a challenge for you, how do you plan to acquire new users?

The roadmap is great!


It’s a very cute character.

Each house and mountain is a character and it’s a fun world view.

I don’t know much about knowledge, but I will support you so that all the characters can be active in an environment. :sunny:


Hello, thank you for your proposal.

QuickSwap is also coming to Astar zkEVM, but there is no native DEX at the moment except for you guys, so I’m very happy.

I’m also happy to say that we are trying to enable Liquid Staking for dApp Staking from zkEVM. Will you use LayerZero?

dApp Staking targets projects launched on the mainnet, but when is the launch planned?


Welcome to Astar Network!
Congratulations on the launch of TestNet!
We look forward to seeing more developments in the future!


Just try testnet… Are you guys not using any Oracle?
Because I saw this could be troublesome in the long run…
Well, if you guys encourage arbitrage trade, I don’t mind thou. It’s a part of crypto-economic, but the downside is you guys can be liquidity drained… :sweat_smile:


The whole team is honored by your interest! Thank you very much!
Testnet is already launched and ready to use!
Please try it out at the URL listed at the bottom!



Thank you very much! I am very honored!
We’ve already launched the testnet and hope you’ll give it a try!
I hope you enjoy the main net as well!



Thank you for your nice comment!
We have launched the testnet and hope you will give it a try!
See you on the main net as well!

Have a good VLS trip!!



Thank you for your comment!
I am honored and grateful for your nice comment!
This project is very exciting for me and will be an exciting try for Nigerian users as well! We are seriously working on this project.
We want to grow and travel together with both users who love ASTAR and new users who will be joining us in the future!
I hope you will support us!
Glad to hear the roadmap compliments!



I am very happy to hear the character compliments!
The creators were very pleased as well! He said he worked very hard to draw them to convey the world in great detail!
Thank you for your continued support!



Thank you for your comment!

I will do my best as the only native dex!

The main net is scheduled for about a week after the ASTAR zkEVM release!

Also, we are still working with the collaborative project to see if we can use Layer Zero for liquid starking. Please stay tuned for further updates!



Dear ASTAR User
Thank you for your comment! It is very encouraging!
Please keep supporting us!

Let’s create a new ASTAR world together!



Dear ASTAR User
Thank you for trying VLS Swap!
Thank you for your comments!

The product will be brushed up to the main net so that it will be loved for a long time. The liquidity of the test net is now depleted because so many people have tested it, but it will increase in the future. It’s a great shout out.
Thank you for your continued support!




Thank you for contacting us.
We use Pool information denominated in stabled coins, not external oracles, to calculate price information in each Pool.
This is the same mechanism as Uniswap, PancakeSwap, etc. This is how we calculate prices for various token information.

In addition, there was not a lot of liquidity in the test net, which caused some price discrepancies. In the main net, the main pool will put in a larger amount of liquidity than the operation.