WASM Showcase and easy integration with frontend

I build dApp that I want to implement in that way, that would be possible to migrate to WASM (having even serious plan to migration of architectureis good enough) and I would like to ask community is it any way to integrate ink! smart contract as easy as in the case of EVM (ethers.js)?

I have found this proposal: Polkassembly before asking so I conclude that actually, we are quite far from easy on-boarding frontend developers to Astar. Only me has this conclusion?

I think that Astar community shall focus on making tools to make onboarding frontend developers as easy as possible. As frontend part on applications is almost exactly the same like in the case of normal web development.

Generally I think that would be good for the community having plan with best practices how to migrate applications from EVM to WASM (even some list of preferred rules to avoid added chaos and/or unneeded work - I work on PoC in EVM and would be helpful to know more about WASM. I think that my post makes sense, if not please write openly why does not make sense.

I am open for critical comments but for those which makes sense and push topic forward.


Parity is working on a https://usedapp.io/ like library for WASM smart contracts. For now, I believe Overview | polkadot{.js} is the only usable method.
Right now, it’s like trying to build a EVM contract 3 years after Ethereum went live.


Thanks for the answer, the conclusion is that 2023 is the perfect time to build a product and then migrate and embrace WASM.

PS. On Astar already works Safe multisig so time to build.
PSS. I have found React hook useInkathon: GitHub - scio-labs/use-inkathon: Typesafe React Hooks abstracting functionality by polkadot.js for working with Substrate-based networks and ink! Smart Contracts.