Specialized wallet for Astar/Shiden

Hi all.

I this topic, I want to discuss a specialized wallet (or tool) for Astar/Shiden.

As we all know Astar supports both EVM and WASM. This is a great advantage, but at the same time, this is a reason of some UX problems. Users need to transfer tokens between 2 types of wallet (SS58 > H160) permanently and this is not so fast (we already have this 2 perfect (and long) guides:What wallet should I use to store SDN (Shiden Network) tokens? | by Toga Mamora | Sep, 2021 | Medium + Shiden Network EVM Tutorial. In this quick guide, I will show You… | by Stakenode | Sep, 2021 | Medium)

As long as creation of some kind of unified (SS58 + H160) accounts is impossible, development of specialized wallet for the Astar/Shiden looks like a good decision. Functionality of this wallet/tool may look like this: user creates 2 addresses (SS58 and H160) automatically during the registration (or user adds H160 account bit later) and then the user can transfer funds from one to another with only 1 button. This 2 addresses can be linked to each other inside this wallet/tool.

Also for a better UX during the interaction with dApps it must be a browser extension.

What are the possible decisions?

  1. Polkadot.js customization;
  2. Other browser extension customization (I didn’t find anything except Polkadot.js tbh)
  3. Development of a new wallet from scratch.
  4. Specialized tool inside the Astar portal.
  5. …. what else?

From the time/expenditures/quality side of this question it would be great to find an experienced team with the working wallet (especially Polkadot. js) and grant them via the Builders Program.

Development of a new wallet from scratch may be too expensive and long. Specialized tool inside the Astar portal it is an interim solution, I think.

What do you think?

It is an important question for the future Astar adoption and I would happy to help solve it.


that sounds good chance and idea,do best try do it ,

I’m thinking that the special tool on Astar Portal as a good idea.

Like, you can connect both polkadot and evm wallet. Whatever address conversion is done on the background instead of manually. So you can send from js. to evm with one click.

Same goes with sending from evm to js. One click to send and then after that, another click to confirm the withdrawal from evm module to js.

Let’s gather as much info as possible and we can forward this to the developers.


Not sure it is a good decision in a long run. Users still need to interact with a 3rd party tool before they can do something with a dApp.


— Independence from a 3rd party wallets (no need to cooperate with them)
— Maybe it´s a faster decision. (?)


— Core team needs to spend time on it. Not sure it is in a roadmap;
One extra step for users.

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Being in 2 different environments will be tricky. I guess this will be ongoing until the majority starts to adopt WASM.

This can easily be done by other developers.
The code to create is this is out there. They can create a PR on our portal to integrate.

We are more than happy to support them from our Community Reward pool.

What kind of developers needed for this? (languages)

Please check here:

Please good, make a wallet in the dashboard to make this process simple and intrinsic for the user … conversion just make the things worse, annoying and so dificult.