XO - dApp Staking Application

Congrats! Welcome onboard :slight_smile: Look forward to seeing XO users on Astar!

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Congrats and welcome. Looking forwad to your achievements :slight_smile:

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Congrats for this onboarding :slight_smile:

Congratulations, have a good building

Hi @pbjs XO team, I still remember your responses to all the questions here were fairly clear and impressive. I was wondering if you have any progress and/or updates on the dApp.

In this proposal, you proposed a roadmap, having 2023Q4 Creator Economy with DID infra and 2024Q2 IEO/IDO. Therefore, it would be great if you can share anything relevant, as it would definitely be helpful for your project to attract potential dApp stakers.

Feel free to let me know if anything should be further clarified.



I will provide additional information.

During the previous Period 1, there were 5 stakers , and the total staking amount was 18,000 . This ranked us 80th out of 82 dApps . As for the current Period 2, as of this morning, there are 7 stakers , and the total staking amount has reached 130,000 . However, it’s important to note that the top 10 projects have acquired over 90% of the total staked amount , which is a significantly different situation from Period 1.

If you are to make effective use of the dApp Staking system, it will be necessary to make progress with your project and carry your active promotion in the future.


@pithecus @tksarah thanks a lot for following up - we’ve built some significant tractions.

While we were building on Astar zkEVM, we’re suffering from high gas fee issue and the network cannot support our volume. As we cannot wait and hold our growth, we need to survey other suitable solutions.

We’ve launched our app on Cyber L2, and it creates 1.6M+ txns in a month, bringing 60K+ unique new address to it. I hope that we can launch on Astar zkEVM in the future once we find the gas fee is affordable for us.

Our smart contract on Cyber L2:

We will also launch our DID platform very soon and share news about our $XO token airdrop campaign. Stay tuned on our X.

First of all, congrats on your achievement and development. Cyber might be more suitable for your dApp application.

From one of the Astar community members point of view, it would have been nicer if you were able to share your concerns before deciding to move to Cyber. And even you are planning to launch your DID platform, it is unlikely to be on Astar zkEVM; rather, it makes more sense to be on Cyber, if I understand the context correctly.

If so, I am curious if you have a plan to keep developing on Astar Network in near future. And again if so, it is highly recommended to have a certain marketing strategy to get more attention from the community so that you also can have decent amount of staked $ASTR to be at least on Tier 4 or eventually TIer 3 during the Build&Earn subperiod, which will be live in 3+ days.

If not, I am not sure if there are reasons to keep your dApp being on dApp staking. It makes more sense you apply for the dApp staking listing once again if you have solid plans to develop on Astar Network.

On top of it, I am curious if you can share some details for gas fee as well as the volume from the two L2s. Perhaps during the first staking cycle, you have difficulty earning rewards as the staked amount (18k from 5 stakers) was less than the minimum threshold (1.5M), which could have been used to cover the gas fee if you could have been in at least Tier 4.


Hi @pbjs , it would be great if you have any responses on the points shared above!

Great points, I am also curious about the team’s feedback on it!

Hope to receive an answer soon :slight_smile:

thanks @pithecus @DrCAO for following up

We definitely would like to develop once the network is more stable. The gas fee on Astar is around 0.1 gwei (at the highest it even went to 2~3 gwei). But the gas fee on Cyber is 0.001 gwei.

In fact we’ve already built on Astar as you can see there are 600+ mints NFTs and we even customize the app for Yoki Origin’s users as attached screenshot. We also built Omikuju NFT and there are 20k mints.

Every Yoki Origin holders can have special utility on XO app.

We’re keeping discussing with Astar team and see if the network will be suitable for us regarding the gas fee issue.

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Nice , thanks for the update :smile:

That looks very interesting. Anyway, thank you very much for the update. =)

Thanks for the updates team, I am looking forward to checking the next improvements.
Let’s keep building