AGE OF CHRONOS : dApp Staking proposal

Hello Astar community from SFY Labs

We are a team of graphic designers and web developers well-known in the dotsama ecosystem for successful NFT collections such as Donkey Gang. We have collaborated with various teams like RMRK, Bifrost, Subsquid, Kodadot, and of course, Astar, of which we proudly count ourselves as Donkey holders.


We have also partnered with Parity as artists for the Sub0 2022, creating artwork for the event.


You can find information about all our work over the past years here: sfy_labs - Latest Twitter Links

Project Overview:

SFY Labs is a pioneer in utilizing the RMRK protocol, initially focusing on artistic and community-oriented approaches and now venturing into game-dapp development. In recent months, we have expanded our team and started working on our first game based on the use of NFT 2.0, called:

AGE OF CHRONOS: Rebellion’s Echo

AGE OF CHRONOS: Rebellion’s Echo, is a web-based dungeon crawler that utilizes NFT 2.0 technology to provide an immersive gaming experience. Players can collect unique heroes, items, materials, and treasures in the form of combinable NFTs and explore dungeons. These dungeons, generated procedurally and randomly, allow players to experience different gameplay with each session, ensuring an endless variety of playable dungeons.

:point_right: Game Trailer

The user-friendly design of AGE OF CHRONOS: Rebellion’s Echo incorporates real-time actions to explore the game world. Players can send companions called “Expedition Pets,” represented by NFTs DONKEY GANG and SAURUS CREW. Donkeys bring back game items (real NFTs) based on Donkey Power and player level, while Saurus bring back game materials for crafting, distributed according to player level.

Combat can be automated, allowing players to collect NFT rewards effortlessly. Rare NFTs and strategic choices in combat are rewarded with higher NFT rewards. Each player is represented by one or more in-game heroes with skills (attack, defense, magic, luck) that can be enhanced by items and equipment used by the hero. Better skills increase the chances of obtaining higher-value rewards.


Dungeons are generated randomly, ensuring unique experiences for players; no two dungeons will be the same. New items, materials, and equipment will be added during development to increase challenge and engagement. Each dungeon’s difficulty will increase with game progress, offering better rewards but also presenting tougher enemies.

Developers will interact with the community by adding timed challenges, such as a series of dungeons with a limited number of final rewards or weekends with double-value rewards. The descent into dungeons will be in first person, emphasizing the NFT graphics, inspired by games like Ultima Underworld or the more recent Legend of Grimrock.

Story and Setting (Brief):
In a dystopian future plagued by war and environmental disasters, Earth stands on the brink of destruction. Humanity’s last hope lies with the Arkonians, an advanced alien race, who offer an ultimatum: find peace within six months or face extinction. Amidst this chaos, Nomindo Corp seizes power, erasing history and manipulating minds to maintain control.

A beacon of hope emerges: Zaratrix, the last survivor of the resistance group Order of Adam, forms the Time Squad. Equipped with ChronoTech Portals, they explore temporal labyrinths called ChronoDungeons, uncovering ancient knowledge, alien technology, and the truth behind Nomindo Corp’s rise to power. Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance as they fight to restore freedom and reclaim Earth’s lost history. This is the Age of Chronos: Rebellion’s Echoes.


AGE OF CHRONOS: Rebellion’s Echo will be developed using the Unity game engine within 3 to 6 months, depending on the content and complexity of the gameplay phases to be implemented. The development process will be iterative and incremental, aiming to have a playable phase (exploration) available as soon as possible to build a growing player base that will begin collecting initial rewards for future use as the game is populated with features.

NFT Equipment:
The game’s innovation lies in equipping NFTs. Using the ERC-6220 specification, “Composable NFTs utilizing Equippable Parts,” players can associate “child NFTs” with characters, customizing avatars with equipped items. Each character can equip up to 4 different items, creating separate “child” contracts for each item. These added items enhance the abilities and characteristics of characters, altering the avatar profile picture.

Dynamic On-Chain Attributes:
Age of Chronos offers further customization through the ERC-7508 specification, “Dynamic On-Chain Token Attributes Repository,” allowing dynamic attributes to be associated with both “parent tokens” (main characters) and “child tokens” (equipable items). Attributes can include special abilities, combat statistics, or any unique feature influencing gameplay.

Getting Started:

Participate in the Presale: Acquire special incubators during the presale event, each containing one of four types corresponding to characters in the game. Owners of these incubators will receive respective pre-minted parent tokens at the presale’s end.

Equip Items: After obtaining characters, equip them with items by purchasing or trading corresponding NFT items represented by “child” contracts. Equip up to 4 items per character to enhance abilities and statistics.

Customize Attributes: Progress through the game’s missions to acquire attributes. Customize characters and items with these attributes, creating unique avatars and tailored gaming strategies.

How to participate in the presale:

Nb: The start of the pre-sale will be communicated on our twitter account: @SFY_Labs
Follow us to stay updated!

You can easily reserve one of the 1000 genesis nfts by purchasing one of the incubators on the Singular marketplace:

Age Of Chronos — Incubators

As explained there will be 4 different Genesis characters, who will have different characteristics:

Ryker Blade: DAMAGER

Ryker is a muscular warrior with astonishing mastery in the use of swords and combat weapons. He is known for his extraordinary physical strength and skill in close combat.
Ryker has been trained in martial arts since a young age and has perfected his skills through years of constant training. His superhuman strength allows him to defeat opponents with powerful strikes and skillful maneuvers.

Luna Stronghold: GUARDIAN

Luna is a brave and resilient fighter who wears impenetrable armor. Her prowess in defense is unmatched, and she is capable of protecting herself and her companions from the most powerful blows. Luna comes from a family of master armor smiths and grew up learning to create and wear durable armor. She honed her defensive skills during countless battles.

Aria Zephyrion: TECHNOMANCER

Aria is a technomancer mage with the extraordinary ability to combine magical objects and ancient artifacts with modern technology, thereby creating new items of incredible power.
Her presence is accompanied by an aura of mystery, with peculiar traits that clearly indicate a connection to a non-human race, although these traits are barely perceptible. In her appearance, Aria had bright eyes of a silvery color that seemed to reflect the secrets of the universe.

Thaddeus Luckstride: MASTER OF LUCK

Thaddeus is a fortunate adventurer who always seems to find the best way out. He can avoid traps and exploit unexpected opportunities.
Thaddeus was born with an extraordinary dose of luck, which has helped him in countless dangerous situations. This luck enables him to make wise choices and find valuable items at the most opportune moments.


SFY Labs aims to enhance the gaming experience and, most importantly, the utility of NFTs in gaming. The ASTR tokens received by the team through dApp staking will be entirely used for the game’s development and the creation of high-impact artistic NFTs.

For this reason, we will not offer Astar rewards from dApp Staking to players of our game, but in game Nfts. We believe this practice is commonplace and cannot guarantee truly enticing rewards to encourage players to maintain continuous and prolonged activity. The game, after an initial speculation, would lose interest or only reward early players. It is more fitting to utilize the network exclusively for interaction with NFT 2.0, which is something truly innovative, unlocking ever-new and entertaining dynamics for our community.

Once this goal is achieved, we are confident it will lead to the game’s growth and increased interest in the NFT market, eventually culminating in cross-collection usage of the created NFTs.

It would be highly intriguing for players to participate in events promoted by friendly teams and parachains with cross-collection NFT rewards.

In this context, we immediately think of Back To Asgard, the collection created for Bifrost. How cool would it be to move Thor’s hammer into Age of Chronos and use it as a legendary weapon in the game? Everything created by SFY Labs, including collections and artworks, will somehow be part of this small ecosystem we are creating.



Alright, you like our dApp and want to support us in our development?
Here’s how we’ll reward our loyal supporters! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :money_mouth_face:

We’ve devised our dApp Staking Reward List in this manner:

You’ll find detailed information on the methods and various projects behind each reward here:

Download the PDF

The Astar team has shown interest and admiration for our artistic work from the very beginning.
At SFY Labs, we will strive to maintain the highest quality and professionalism in everything we do.

Please consider supporting our proposal :pray:

Interview from the mini-documentary series: RMRK Artist Spotlight



Hey guys, your teaser is nice. However do you have some kind of visual concept for the game, just a rough draft like is okay also. Like the how’s the UI for the battle or the dashboard menu.

I also acknowledge your team works during the early days of Kusama 2 y ago


Hi, thanks for the reply!
The first two months of work were used solely to understand the entire structure of the game and the web3 interactions, the adequate use of the rmrk protocols and the management of the critical issues that an innovative idea such as that of the massive crafting of nft 2.0 as a reward could entail of game.
We don’t have a small gameplay to show currently, it will come at the right time, we want to be transparent. It’s not our way of working, those who have a minimum of experience know well that it takes little time to create something or even pay for something ready and re-adapt it with some improvised graphics and make people believe they have something ready.
Creating the game is not the problem. Our Dev has long experience in web2, this is one of his many works:

We want to build in the same way we worked on our collections, the game will have to adapt to the Blockchain structure and not vice versa. As regards the structure and protocols used, we hope to have been exhaustive, in the coming weeks we will provide further information on how mint in game will work.

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I have been working with the team for almost 2 years now. They are very professional! Now that Singular is available on Astar, it opens up a much stronger partnership.

I’ll support the team :pray:


Hey Dennis, thanks for the feed.

  1. Fixed

  2. Thank you! For us it is the best way to grow the game, the RMRK protocol makes our life easier in this sense

3)We currently have a team of 8 people. We recently added Game and Blockchain Dev

Ulderico Martinelli: 3D digital artist
Carlo Iulio: Strategist - Project Manager
Ivan Parillo: 2D digital artist and creative director
Giuseppe Facciano: Web Dev
Stefania Circelli: Web Designer
Davide Ercole: Blockchain Dev
Daniele Monaco: Unity, Game Dev
Cypaco: Community Manager

Find an interview with our team here:

Thank you!

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Hello SFY Labs team,

It’s great to see your track record of successful NFT collections and collaborations with various projects in the dotsama ecosystem. AGE OF CHRONOS: Rebellion’s Echo sounds like an exciting project that combines NFTs and gaming in an innovative way.

I have a question regarding the NFT equipment and customization aspect of the game. You mentioned the use of the ERC-6220 specification for equipping NFTs and the ERC-7508 specification for dynamic on-chain attributes. Could you provide more details on how players will acquire these NFT items and attributes? Will they be available through gameplay, purchases, or other means, and how will they enhance the gaming experience?

Looking forward to hearing more about your project!

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Hello Matt! Thanks for the appreciation!
Let’s start with the exchange marketplace. It will be

The reason is very simple, taking advantage of the rmrk protocols and being unique created by the rmrk team, there will be no better place and without any problem of viewing and managing nft 2.0 than it. It may seem trivial but it is not.

There are many things to understand, for example to date we have planned a total of 20 different collections and 4 catalog contracts. Through singular you can have a completely different trading experience.

You will be able to search within each Parent or children game collection.
Trade and evaluate within a common category (e.g. all weapons, all magic amulets etc)

Nfts will be earned by users in this way:

  • Players complete dungeons with a certain level.
  • The game automatically airdrops the “materials” based on the level and type of dungeon completed
  • The materials combined together give life to the Items
  • The items are real NFT equipable. (erc 6220)

The equipment of the items can happen in 2 ways:

  1. In the game on the “character sheet” page
  2. On singular marketplace

These actions both take place on blockchain.

The game level will be run on blockchain with the 7508 protocol and therefore all “parent” nfts will be affected by it forever.

By playing and leveling up you will therefore make your “Parent” (i.e. the character you use to play) stronger and therefore more capable of dropping rare materials.

We will guarantee dynamics of merit but luck will also have an impact.

There will be over 1000 nfts of genesis and the starting values of each individual character will be random. You could be more or less lucky than another player already in the incubator purchasing phase. But any player by playing and reaching new levels can change the value of their parent.

There are 2 Ryker Blades (DAMAGER)
Ryker Blade #1 has a base attack value of 100
Ryker Blade #2 has a base attack value of 150

Clearly, the stronger of the two is number #2 (we are giving a simple example only on the attack value but there are other values to contextualize)

The Ryker Blade #1 plays more frequently, reaches a higher level of play and therefore crafts higher value legendary items than the Ryker Blade #2

The Ryker Blade #1 reaches an attack value of:
100 (BASE) + 100 (legendary sword)= 200

All this happens onchain, and not on the game server. This is the potential of the 2.0 protocol, and this is why we decided to work on the structure first and then on the game.

All of this would not have been possible without the help of the rmrk team and the ability to make the most of these fantastic protocols.


I’ve been following you guys for years, the donkey collection was a great success, and now with the presentation of these new projects it’s clear that you’ve continued to move forward in the space.

Can you provide a roadmap? It would be nice to know your projection and development, time and delivery dates, thank you.

Hi SFY Labs,

first of all, good to see your new project and dapp staking proposal.
Still remember your Cyberbeast collection for 10 unique NFTs.

  1. Would any delay due to onchain txs cause decreasing user experiences while playing game? Or does the game being developed not require real-time responses?
  2. Dongkey Gangs are on the native side, and the Saurus Crews are on the EVM/native sides. So I was curious if you plan to expand the game for both sides? Please correct/guide me if I am lost.
  3. In regard to the Saurus collection, it seems the collection present on native as well as EVM? Any particular reasone behind of it?
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That’s great! Very professional team
I am wondering how you guys are planning to make the game sustainable over the time?
Most games on crypto space face hard times to grow and maintain users interest when it not comes to play to earn… any idea about this topic?

Thanks for the proposal


Hi Vangardem, Thank you so much!

The rodmap will basically follow the timing of dapp staking defined in the infographic (which we will update after the launch of the game with other rewards from month to month).

In any case, the game will be modular, it is very likely that we will add new dungeons during development, the first things you will see will obviously be character management and Donkey and Saurus expeditions.

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Thank you Pithecus!

  1. The Cyberbeasts were the first artworks presented at the invitation of the Astar team itself. In this regard, the community suggested we migrate these 10 unique artworks to 2.0. We decided to follow the advice and soon we will do so so that they can also be used for other purposes, for example as nft/secondary artwork on other nft…perhaps Age of Chronos…we have to think about it, but do it it costs users just over $1 and opens up several interesting interactions.

Onchain tx will be not invasive, we are working with the experience and open mind of both Blockchain and Gaming Dev will help us reach the right compromise. When the various artifacts have been airdropped to you, it is right for you to interact and wait a few seconds, for the rest everything will be very linear and simple. crafting is the basis of the game, it’s nice that users can have a page where they can learn about all the possible combinations of materials. thus anyone who has reached a certain level will be encouraged to move forward in order to hope to craft an item that confers particular powers. Mathematics will be very important and probably the real game will reside in these, a bit like the old games born on eth. I don’t know if you remember Crypto Dynasty, well that’s the idea regarding crafting. obviously add everything we said above and the potential of the 2.0 protocol and you will have a perfect mix. this is our idea!

  1. The donkeys are on KSM, it is very likely that they will migrate to the Astar or Eth network. it’s something that will develop in the coming months. the collection by number is quite poor! The timed shipments of pets such as Donkey and Sarus will take place on a dedicated page of the game, the fundamental difference is that the Donkeys will bring back NFT while the Saurus will bring materials, which can subsequently be combined to have NFT (this is due to the difference in investment made by the donkey holders compared to saurus, let’s say they are more powerful) we will therefore integrate login with wallet metamask and polka js. But the game will be totally on EVM. the rewards will always arrive on the Astar Evm network also for the donkeys (you must have logged in to metamask before recalling the donkey from the shipment)

3)Saurus are not on the native wallet. they are currently all on Evm but with a difference. there are saurus 1.0 and saurus 2.0 which are migrated using the rmrk protocol. many have already done it with the tool made available by the rmrk team, look here for all the info:

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Exactly! this is exactly what we thought about, clearly now that we are in the bear market this is very evident. This is why we decided at this stage not to give useless airdrops of Astar tokens, for two reasons:

  1. doing some calculations they would not be enough to attract people to a continuous game where many hours are wasted and
    2)at the moment in which they would be ( if the token appreciates over time) there will inevitably be a hierarchical scale that will have too much impact for those who arrive later.

There will be particular and perhaps timed events where we will certainly also reward in Astar tokens but mainly the game economy will be based on nfts and their appreciation. We have many friendly teams that we will invite to sponsor dungeons or particular events, the graphic art of our team will lend to these events. Our final idea is the cross-collection NFTs ,and this is possible only with Rmrk pallets and make Age of Chronos the base of all SFY collection.
By working professionally we also made ourselves appreciated by Parity, which is rare. It is important that SFY is recognized as one of the artists of the dotsama environment, we hope to continue to grow and thanks to Astar and Rmrk gather fanbases also from the ethereum world. It will be difficult but the challenge does not scare us.

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I can speak from experience:

The SFY team has always distinguished itself by the professionalism and precision shown in every job we have done together so far. I met the team over a year ago, when they were responsible for the production of the Back to Asgard collection, a series of NFT intended for the Bifrost community, a Liquid Staking protocol active on Polkadot and Kusama.

In addition to this, I was able to follow them in their work in collaboration with Parity Technologies for the NFTs dedicated to the Sub0 2022 Event, as well as other small jobs, always completed with determination.

They have recently shown me their Age of Chronos project, and although additions have also been made by other members of this chat, I believe that the direction taken is absolutely valid and I will be happy to support such an ambitious project in what I believe to be a sector, Web3-Gaming, far from its real potential - still too anchored to the concept of play-to-earn. That’s why I do believe a product like this has enormous potential.

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Thank you Christian :heart:

As an council member in Astar Degens DAO, i’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with the team, and i can assure you of their dedication and professionalism. The project is great designed and poised to create a good network effect within the Astar Network.

I’ll support this proposal.

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Thank You @Disruptor1 It’s always a pleasure to hear this from smart people like you!
We will definitely be able to do some more collaborations with the Astar Degens community! :heart_hands:

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Dap to the team! LFG

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I am supporting. We need more Nft collection also community on Astar Network. If We want to create biggest blockchain we need to create Nft culture.

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