DONKEY GANG Nfts DAO dApp Staking Proposal

Hi everyone,

Donkey Gang is one of the first nfts collections created with rmrk 2.0 protocol in 2021. SFY Labs is among the OG artists and recognized as a professional team having collaborated with numerous teams in the Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem in recent years, including Astar.

After consulting our community, and seeing the continuous development of the RMRK team from an EVM perspective, we decided to migrate this collection to EVM and activate a DAO to decentralize the team’s future development decisions. Furthermore, this would guarantee us the use of the Donkey Gang collection also in other dapps that the team is currently developing.

If supported by dappStaking, even through minimal support like that of tier 4, Astar could be an excellent choice for our community, which could support our team in the same way as it was done on Age Of Chronos.

We have guaranteed all our stakers (200+) what we promised in terms of rewards in the last 4 months, despite the losses suffered and the lack of support. It will not be possible to develop a web3 game with the current rewards after the change to v3, but a Dao with the Donkey Gang Holders as has been done with other projects of the genre such as Astar Degens, Apexchimpz etc… could be the right project in terms of work and rewards received. Net of a future migration of the collection which would take place easily on the SINGULAR marketplace, the final product of the dapp would be the involvement of the community and the creation of new assets as a reward for all those who actively participate in the DAO.

After the problems encountered on Age Of Chronos in recent months we have invested a lot of our time to make our point of view on dappstaking v3 understood. We hope to have provided the necessary feeds and thanks to this something has already moved.

The proposal is very clear and simple, the rewards will be a right “tip” as someone has defined in the past. The interaction with the Astar network will be of a community type and will mainly concern your VOTING and the distribution of monthly rewards in NFTs.

Accepting this proposal also means staying in contact with the SFY Labs team for future developments and collaborations, including possibly for Age Of Chronos.

Astar remains an option for Donkey Gang migration, but not the only option. We are reaching out :handshake: to the Astar community after what happened. We have always spoken with honesty and clarity. We could have used dappstaking indefinitely, giving little information on development in the past, but we did not want to do so out of fairness to our holders, who decided not to vote on this proposal. First of all, we want to know the opinion of those who have discussed with us both favorably and unfavorably about Age Of Chronos in recent months.

We will not share this proposal with our community until there is an adequate number of responses.

SFY Labs


If Astar community is serious about fostering an innovative and collaborative environment, this proposal has to be a resounding yes.


I personally think highly of you guys, so I’m glad you’re trying to get involved with Astar again. You could have just moved to Moobeam, but you didn’t.

There may have been some issues with how the discussion unfolded, but ultimately it was a necessary discussion for Astar to move forward, and I think it will have a big impact.

Now I think it’s important to decide what specific activities you will carry out after moving DONKEY GANG to Astar.


How does Donkey Gang plan to ensure a smooth migration to the EVM and establish a successful DAO for future development and community involvement?

We will do this through the singular marketplace. The same way the rmrk kanaria migrated. Simple and effective.

Hey @you425 thank you, Given how dapp staking currently works, in the initial phase which will coincide with the entry into tier 4 (based on the number of holders we can move) we believe we can work on recurring onchain voting, and guarantee rewards and early access for significant events for everyone the holders.
More will be granted as higher rewards are unlocked.

Donkey gang are already 2.0 on kusama, so they will automatically be 2.0 on astar too if the community accepts us.


Like @you425, ever since I have known your work I have found it professional and I am glad to see you come up with a proposal to Astar.

Doing it through RMRK’s Marketplace is simply the best idea, in terms of effort invested and time, so I support your proposal.

What I would like to see is a roadmap guys, what do you plan to develop in the next months, how will you perform?

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Hello @SFY_Labs

I have a few questions on my side:

  • If I understand correctly, the Donkey Gang NFT collection has not been migrated to Astar EVM, but you are considering this migration based on user feedback on this dApp Staking proposal, is that correct?

  • Can you tell us more about the DAO (members, metrics, objectives, past achievements, etc.)?

  • The benefit of having Donkey Gang NFT joining dApp Staking is to distribute dApp Staking developer rewards to NFT holders?

  • If so, what would be the benefits for the ecosystem and contributions to Astar, and what are your development plans for the DAO?

Thank you


yes exactly. we NEED to migrate them to evm, for the best use all RMRK standards, which are evm oriented.

The dao has never been activated to date, primarily due to technical problems. Kusama never allowed us this. We have only ever consulted our community based on their feeds.
The dao would be binding for the works carried out by SFY. Being the 2.0 collection we would also like to open the vote based not only on the possession of the donkeys, but also filtering by donkey power and children assets, as they can be items… also relating to certain events.

Since 2021 Donkey Gang has distributed rewards in nfts through the donkey power of each nft.
Next September we will also distribute $SQD tokens to all holders which come from our collaboration with the subsquid team.
SFY is engaged in different activities in web3 and through a dao this will be much easier to manage.

The members are practically the same as those who voted on our Age Of Chronos dapp. More than 200 unique members, which at present is an excellent number considering the dapp staking numbers.

We hope they can support us again.

In the initial phase yes, based on what is collected from dapp staking we will decide whether to implement other initiatives.

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no more questions after 7 days?

That’s a nice proposal, also i have been looking your past work and they are highly appreciable.

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I am happy to support the migration of Donkey Gang to Astar EVM, however, based on what you have shared in this discussion, I will not support a dApp Staking application from the DAO, as dApp Staking should not be a milk cow to distribute ASTR tokens to NFT holders without clear contributions to Astar network.

Edit: I’m always willing to change my mind if I see the value of having the Donkey Gang in dApp Staking based on this discussion or your proposal.


Ok, regardless of the fact that we have understood our intentions well, and they are not to be stopped to collect Astar, but to create a DAO and to make all stakers and holders participate in an evolutionary collection, with new items, being the collection already 2.0.

Is this your personal opinion or a dapp staking proposal rule? Because we seem to see many similar projects well supported and financed. We can also look into it together. Strange to read this.

We reached out after the accident that penalized our team exclusively, to be answered after 1 week is honestly not a good start.

Let us know what the rules are and who decides how the voting starts, perhaps we haven’t fully understood how it works.

There are no strict rules, but rather a consensus rule that a project can apply for dApp Staking if it contributes to Astar Network as explained in the documentation.

The previous comment is my personal opinion. You are free to apply regardless of what I think and the community will decide.

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ah ok, we thought there was a rule about that. If that’s your opinion, no problem. We accept it. :handshake:

To be clearer, is this a dApp Staking application or proposal?

In the case of a dApp Staking application, the vote can be opened on townhall 7 days after the application has been submitted on the Forum. The vote must last at least 7 days.

You can take inspiration from other dApp Staking applications:

I’m also preparing some documentation to further explain the governance process for Astar doc, so if you wait until next week, you’ll be able to consult it in more detail. :smile:

It’s a Dapp staking application. You can open votation

Has the Donkey Gang’s NFT collection migrated to EVM Astar already?

To be clear, you need to have at least something on Astar Network before you can apply to dApp Staking. In your case, this would be your NFT collection.

no, they have not migrated yet. before doing this we must be sure of being accepted. They are currently on ksm. our team has worked and developed a lot on astar to date, including other collections such as Sauris Crew. The donkeys remain the flagship collection of our project, our supporters are all there. Also xchimpz were like us on ksm , later they migrated to Astra Evm. we need an EVM for add this collection to other dapps. Now it can be astr like other solutions. This is up to the community to decide. If we are accepted then we will start with the migration. If we are not accepted and migrate to astar, we will not be able to go back afterwards.

100%. I have the same opinion as G.
If the product does not exist on Astar zkEVM then there is no product yet.