Alnair Finance scam

Another scam project Alnair finance in the Astar Network.
The site is no longer available, social networks have been removed.
Can anyone here help with the contract, who understands this? Is it still possible to get a refund?

I have previously interacted with this contract Transaction 0xc7d0871ce1786d20749196cee22f222f9fe50ddeb76b939815b23caf5c6afac0 - Astar (EVM) Explorer
I gave ASTARs and received ASTX in return

Project is gone.

I don’t think it’s a Scam, the team already compensated all the participants although it may not be an expected amount, good come, good leave, everyone is not easy in a bear market.

The project left along with the funds that were pledged to the farms.
I didn’t invest in their token, instead I deposited astars and got their astrx, which has a 1:1 peg to astar.

Now I can’t withdraw my funds from the farm.
The site does not work, social networks are also deleted.
Social media support costs $0.
If it wasn’t a scam, it would be possible to warn your users in advance with a banner on the site, post an announcement on social networks how to withdraw their funds in the future.

I went to their site this month, a couple of days before closing, and I didn’t see any warning. Therefore, I believe that this is another scam project in the Astar Network.
I checked my wallet, I received 0 rewards, I don’t know what giveaway and rewards I’m talking about.

Lately there are too many bad projects in the Astar network. The team does not take any action.
First Orcus Finance, now Alnair Finance.
There is no fund to compensate or filter projects in the early stages of the network.
Unfortunately, I made a decision for myself never to invest in this ecosystem again.

Snapshot voting is very suspicious. Duration per day and with one vote from the creator; Which suggests that no one knew about this vote.

Astar is a permissionless blockchain which means everyone can build on top. Astar Foundation only controls Astar Network protocol.

We recommend users to DYOR before jumping into protocols, special DeFi ones. There is always a risk - especially human risk. Do not transfer your responsibility as an investor.

You might want to check if there is any withdraw function on the contract which you can execute on Blockscout.

A few days ago someone dm me on Discord asking for help and he shared this contract with me.

On row 13, I can see a withdraw function. Executing that might help withdraw the funds. But I am not 100% sure because I have never interacted with this contract.

I also can see that they actually reminded their community on the removal of the UI. If you didn’t pay attention, that is on you.

So, instead of putting the blame on others, take a look at yourself. You need to change your attitude.

Are you kidding? I went to the site and didn’t see any warning message. Instead, it turns out I had to follow their telegram channel.
In the first post, I asked for help with withdrawing funds, and not to find out if it is a scam or not;
I cannot withdraw MY funds from the contract, instead of assistance I receive instructions on how I should behave. I didn’t ask for this;
Instead of supporting your ecosystem users, you support projects like this.
Help to withdraw funds from a smart contract to users like me, and we will not see each other again

Look at your messages.

The title is accusing SCAM. And then, you were asking Astar team to take actions.

Tell me how to take actions? It is a permissionless space.

This is like you asking Vitalik to take actions because a project on ETH closed their operation.

You are the one who is kidding here.

Please don’t compare the Ethereum ecosystem and the Astar ecosystem.
There are actually less than 10 worthwhile projects in the Astar network now.

Therefore, I thought the founders at the first stages would be interested in the quality and honesty of the projects in order to prove themselves from the best side to the users of the ecosystem.
I don’t think it’s difficult now. I heard your position.

Please make an article on how to withdraw funds from the project for users of the ecosystem, since the founders could not make this article and warn their users in a normal way (by a message on the site).
I think these actions will be enough on the part of the Astar team

You are the one that interacted with that contract and now you are asking us to help you make an article?

Next time, please do your own research before interacting with any contract.

Please grow up.

Of course, it’s so funny when, in order to put money into a project, they make a detailed description with pictures, but to remove them is your problem. :clown_face: