Astar Network Launch Meme Contest

To celebrate the launch of Astar Network, we are going to distribute 5,000 $ASTR for the top 5 serial memers!

The quest and rules.

  • Tweet your meme with #AstarMeme and tag @AstarNetwork.
  • Follow @AstarNetwork.
  • Join Astar Network Discord Server and post your meme tweet URL on #meme.
  • Retweet the meme contest tweet.
  • Be an $ASTR holder and hold at least 100 ASTR in your wallet until the winners are decided.
  • Submit your entry in this FORM.

Terms & Conditions

  • Campaign Period: 17th - 24th January 2022
  • Your Twitter account must be at least 3 months old.
  • The five (5) most retweeted memes that meet all the requirements will get 1000 $ASTR each.
  • One participant can only win once.
  • Rewards will be distributed with 2 weeks.

nice sir success hopefully growing.

Share a famous meme creation site. Let’s make it fun together :sunglasses:


This campaign is now ended and concluded. After checking all the entries and eliminating those who did not follow all the rules, these are the winners.

Congrats to those who won the giveaway and we would like to say thanks to all that have participated. If you didn’t win this time, chill. We will have plenty more events in the future!

The rewards will be distributed within 1 - 2 weeks and I will post in here when it is done.


The rewards have been distributed and officially closed this campaign.