BalanceDAO: Dapp Staking Proposal

Thank you for your questions @DrCAO

  1. We are providing technical analysis AI model and risk assessment model for the traders.

  2. We are using a neural network for spotting TA patterns and expert systems to create verbiage.

  3. We appreciate your query regarding liquidity. However, it’s important to note that liquidity is not an issue within our framework. We provide both the graphical user interface (GUI) and the artificial intelligence (AI) functionalities of the tool, while the necessary liquidity is derived from a predetermined Dex. As a DEX aggregator, our role involves integrating with various platforms, and we have successfully achieved the first milestone contracts with Artshawp.


I have reviewed the information in the text and find the offered AI-based tools and strategies quite impressive. Particularly, the “Voice Technology” providing technical analysis-based voice explanations for open positions seems like an intriguing feature. Your mission to establish a secure ecosystem in the crypto space is also noteworthy. The proposed collaboration and progression steps also look exciting for the future. Well done!


the most in the crypto space are DEX.

I have been studying different ones for several months now and they are almost all the same.

Incorporating tools that generate differentiation with others is something that brings value.

I am not a fan of technical analysis but many people are.

I think these types of tools if they continue to develop will have an interesting future.

I agree with the proposal


This is exactly the point that I want to hear from the Balance team. Quite challenging but very doable.


Thank you. I’m so excited with your AI tech. Looking forward! LFG!


I like the idea of DEX aggregator on Astar and I am curious about the different features adn tools provided by AI. Having an aggregator on Astar including the DEX of other blockchains seems to me chalenging but if you are able to provide a such dApp, it will be a great achivement! You haev my full support!



Congrats!! The voting is passed. To proceed with the dApp registration, please do the following:

  1. Have a native substrate account with transferrable 1001 ASTR. Share the address here.
  2. Have a verified smart contract and share the contract address here.
  3. Add #astar-network, #dAppStaking tags to your GitHub repo.

We need to whitelisted these addresses.


Congratulations, I hope to support you with a video in Spanish to teach users how to use the tool. I will be attentive to the implementation.


Cg, I’m really excited about your AI technology. It’s a big step forward and has so much potential.


Thank you very much. We hope to build some incredible AI on Astar network.

The substrate account is: bETxXC8XYCa7ZA3WWA1X1j5P5yZMMkpVBuLRjwBBKPb8LoK
The verified smart contract deployed is: 0x862E9ed0e5643dCEb579fc31d59c6113ce2790D7

Let us know what we should do next.

Balance DAO Team

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Addresses are whitelisted. You can now register on the portal.


Hi @BalanceAI,

It’s great to see your motivation and interest in our ecosystem and I’m really curious to understand and see the integration of AI technology on a DEX aggregator.

I understand the search part, but what about Dex?

Also, as a DEX aggregator, can you elaborate on the cutting-edge features you’ll be implementing?

For example, Zenlink has a Mega aggregator that connects multiple DEXs to its protocol, and when a user makes a trade, Zenlink splits the trade into multiple cost-efficient swap transactions on multiple exchanges to avoid slippage. Is this something you’re also going to include in your Dex?

Cf: Mega Aggregator - Zenlink

Gaius, Astar & Polkadot Ambassador :astar:

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Thank you.

We are live:

If you help us and stake some ASTR, we would really appreciate it.

We will be reaching out to you to inform your community about our efforts.


A movie showcasing our AI DEX.

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We deeply appreciate your positive feedback concerning our solution. Nevertheless, we have a significant request to make of you. Our resources for marketing and reaching Astar users to inform them about our AI tool and dApp staking offering are severely limited. We kindly inquire whether you might be in a position to assist us in any capacity or offer valuable suggestions on how we can effectively convey information to users about our solution. Your assistance would be greatly cherished, and we express our gratitude in advance for any support you may provide.

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