Proposal: AI DEX for XCM Asset - Active Builders

We are active builders and just released our AI-based DEX on Shiden.

Our DEX consists of:

  • Set of pools for XCM Assets
  • Technical Analyst Assistant — AI tool providing TA analysis for any instrument
  • Risk Management tool based on various expert system models

We are working also on a hedging protocol, that we plan to bring into the Polkadot ecosystem.

We would like to ask Shiden DAO to facilitate us with some DAO treasury to be moved to our DApp Staking program. We are already present in the DApp Staking ecosystem under

Such a grant would help us to evolve our presence on Astar/Shiden as well as in our marketing efforts.

Thank you very much for any help.

OT Balance Team

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We are working on a hedging protocol to provide a hedging facility for vaults. It will allow to create of delta-neutral vaults. We are exploring ways to use XCM v3 to allow cross para-chains functionality.

Our an article in Medium about AI Dex for Astar Network.

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