Blockchain Camera - dApps Staking proposal (Unstoppable Community Grant)

I will look for ways to prove that a photo was taken.
As AI evolves, deep fakes may flood in the world and disrupt society.
So I think we need a way to distinguish between photos and Deepfakes.
The photos generated by Deepfakes will become more sophisticated in the future, making them harder to spot.
So I had the opposite idea.
I will prove photos, not deepfakes.
If this can be achieved, it will also be possible to prove that the video was shot with a camcorder.

Add the feature to the camera to record the hash of the photograph taken on the blockchain.
If you want to prove that a photo in local storage was taken with a camera, compare the hash of that photo with what was recorded in the blockchain.

But this idea is imperfect.
Someone could modify the blockchain camera and record the hash of the fake photo on the blockchain.

What to expect from USG?
Solving this problem is very difficult for me.
However, if by any chance this problem is solved, I will be able to solve global issues with blockchain, so I would like to take on the challenge.
So I would like to get feedback and advice from engineers.

Current Situation

I started making a camera that shoots NFTs from April 3rd.

I came up with this proposal in the process.
I made this camera as a new tool for photographers and artists.
I also aim to create new type of NFTs collection with it.
This is the NFT taken with that camera.
When I think of NFTs, I think of attributes.
So I added a feature to the camera to add the recognized objects to attributes.

And I’ve also added the feature to generate a hash from a photo on a trial basis.
The string next to ‘sha256’ in the NFT metadata is the hash.
The metadata of this NFT is stored in IPFS, so I want to record its hash in the blockchain.

I’ve been developing it with the milestone of submitting it to hackathons.
I’ve given presentation it at two hackathons so far.

6/9 Polkadot Hackathon 2023 in Korea.
6/29 AI + Crypto Hackathon in Japan.
And I entered Polkadot Hackathon APAC EDITION2023 whose submit deadline is July 23rd.

Hardware creation, C, Python, JavaScript
I deployed the DApp with Bunzz so I didn’t code the DApp.
So I applied to Astar University.

So far I don’t know how to solve the problem.
I will aim to find a solution within three months.


Very informative and i appreciate the way you gave the proposal

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I am working on this project alone.
So any opinion would be helpful to me.
I especially want negative opinions.

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Please discuss.


If hardware creators can understand the usefulness of blockchain, I think there will be more use cases for blockchain.
By starting this project, I was able to understand a little bit of the usefulness of blockchain.

Would you embedded function of hardware wallet like Ledger inside the NFT camera?
A hardware wallet is very secure and anyone can not operation without a private key.
If a hash generated by the camera may generate with key like a private key, it may be difficult to create the fake photo. This is just idea, I’m not sure it fits for your issue in perfectly.

Is the fake photo you mentioned a fake photo made by someone with malicious intent pretending it was taken with my camera?
That’s one of the things that worries me too.
So I would like a mechanism like your idea where the camera wallet cannot be hacked.
It would be even better if there was a mechanism to prove that the hacked photos were fake.

I wanted a light wallet for this project.
It was difficult to run Metamask comfortably on a single board computer.

I want a wallet that cannot be cloned.
Currently I can clone the Metamask embedded in the camera to my PC and create fake photos on my PC.

I have to make a camera where the owner of the camera cannot remotely access the camera.
Currently, I can send fake photos to my camera.

Currently, I have to press the shutter and then touch Metamask Confirm.
I want to eliminate the need to operate the wallet.

In order to solve these problems, cooperation with camera companies is necessary.
Ideally, a mechanism for generating hashes from photos and a wallet should be included in one chip of a digital camera so that no one can cheat.
And I would like the manufacturer to publish the linking information between the wallet address and the camera on the blockchain before shipping the camera.

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If we have the technology to detect deep fakes, we don’t need a Blockchain Camera.
Blockchain Camera cannot detect deep fakes, so its use is limited.
All Blockchain Camera can do is prove that the photo was taken with Blockchain Camera.

Mass media would be in trouble if everyone could use AI to generate photos that could not be distinguished from real photos.
They may require some proof when buying photos from freelance photographers.
Blockchain Camera may be needed at that time.

I also want to make the Blockchain Video Camera.
To do that, we need to generate hashes from all the images that make up the video.
A hash is generated from data that summarizes all these hashes, and one hash is recorded in the blockchain.
Is this method correct?

I would like to collect problems with my project so please point me to anything.

It is also necessary to think of ways to prove that a photo was taken with a camera without using blockchain.
If the photo alone can prove that it was taken with a camera, it is better than the way using blockchain.
So far I have only come up with a way using blockchain.

What happens if I project a fake photo onto a screen with a projector and shoot it with a Blockchain Camera?
A blockchain camera only proves that the photo was taken with a camera.

I’m also working on a camera project that takes NFTs.

Today is the 7th day since I posted the proposal.
Since my proposal has not been discussed in 7 days, can I withdraw my proposal?
It would be good if my proposal went to the ballot and was rejected, but I think it would be not good for the community if my proposal was approved without discussion.
I am a beginner who has just started using blockchain, so you should doubt me more.

My proposal failed to interest everyone, so I withdraw it.
@moonme , @tksarah Thanks!