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Dear Astar community, it is a pleasure to be here. I’m Urashima, Engineering Manager at ProofX. ProofX would like to apply for the Astar dApp Staking listing.

Project Overview

ProofX stands for Proof of eXperience, and we’re shaping various user actions and experiences as NFTs through this app.
Our program, regardless of online or offline interactions, grants NFTs to customers based on their actions and experiences, and manages a unique loyalty program where rewards can be earned through NFT collection. This contributes to enhancing customer loyalty for businesses and cultivating fan communities.

Our Mission

ProofX’s mission is to provide innovative NFT-based loyalty programs to businesses and local governments, fostering deep relationships with customers and supporting brand enhancement. We operate based on the following values:

  1. Innovation: When customers acquire various NFTs from companies, new connections between customers and companies are created.

  2. Flexibility: We offer the flexibility to collaborate companies and design programs across different sectors, thereby creating new business opportunities.

  3. Engagement: By continuously engaging customers and involving them in the program in an enjoyable manner, we promote fan engagement.

Team members

ProofX’s team consists of AI/blockchain developers, designers, and marketing professionals. Our diverse backgrounds and experiences enable us to offer excellent expertise in the development and execution of NFT loyalty programs. For detailed profiles of our team members, please feel free to inquire via the following links:

Liam: [at]liam_nft_96
tamtam: [at]tamtam_web3
urashima: [at]0xUrashima

Past Performance & Milestones

We’ve been using Astar Network for over one year now and created various use cases.
And here are some notable accomplishments and milestones.

The first one is the NFT Yugejii Digital Stamp Rally in the public bathhouses.

In this project, users can get original NFTs by visiting 18 public bathhouses in Shinjuku.
NFTs are minted free of charge and users can easily receive NFTs by simply scanning the QR code.Furthermore, if users collect NFTs by visiting all the bathhouses or the same bathhouse 50 times, users can receive title NFTs and exclusive prizes!
The title NFTs are like in-game titles, such as “Bathhouse Master” or “Bathhouse Beginner.”
And as a utility of NFT, we’ve organized exclusive events for NFT holders.

The second one is the Jomon NFT Digital Stamp Rally.

This event is currently running in Hokkaido.In this project, you can obtain NFTs by visiting the Jomon ruins of a world heritage site in Hokkaido. Seven Jomon Ruins are the target, and “visiting all of them” allows users to get a limited NFT. In this event, we proposed using the Astar Network to Hokkaido, and NFTs are actually being minted on the Astar Network!

Additionally, in this project, users can mint NFTs not only by visiting the Ruins but also by reading flyers or posting on X, so we use NFTs’ platform-less feature to boost engagement with users.

In the future, we plan to use this project to increase fans through several measures for NFT holders.

In addition to these two examples, we have many other use cases using Astar.

Future roadmap

ProofX is actively engaged in various experiments in collaboration with businesses under the theme of “Enhancing Customer Loyalty with web3.” Around November 2023, we plan to release a new application that builds upon the current ProofX App and includes features to facilitate cross-enterprise utilization, further expanding our capabilities.

dApp Staking Reward Usage Breakdown

Platform Development and Maintenance (50%):

  • Development of new features

  • Enhancing security

  • Optimizing performance

  • Platform maintenance

Security Measures (15%):

  • Strengthening security infrastructure

Marketing and Promotion (20%):

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Advertising activities

  • Hosting events

Community Engagement (10%):

  • Community feedback programs

  • Community events

  • User support

Research and Development (5%):

  • Researching new technologies and analyzing industry trends

  • Initiating new projects


Here are the basic links to our websites.

Website: https://www.proofx.xyz/

Docs: はじめに - ProofX_WhitePaper

Twitter: https://twitter.com/proofx_xyz


It’s great to see you guys here!
Support this proposal 10000%!

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It’s good to see you’re here. There is something that I did not fully understand when I saw it at our ambassador meeting.
Could you explain the concept of ‘Flexibility’ a little more?


You seem to have great product, and community interest at heart. I listened to the presentation yesterday during ambassadors’ call.

Looking forward to seeing your dApp on the dApp store soon.


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Of course, I would like to explain the concept of ‘Flexibility’ of ProofX.
NFTs are interoperable. So no matter where they are minted , they can be consolidated into Loyalty programs (LPs).

Building LPs on ProofX gives companies two kinds of flexibility.

First, by incorporating NFTs minted by other companies outside of ProofX into part of your company’s LP, you can easily collaborate with other companies.

Second, by incorporating NFTs minted by your company through various channels (e.g. EC or offline events) as part of your ProofX LP, you can flexibly launch marketing initiatives across multiple channels.


ProofX’s proposal to list on Astar for dApp Staking is exciting, especially with their innovative approach of turning user experiences into NFTs. Their track record, with successful projects like the NFT Yugejii Digital Stamp Rally, is impressive.

Can you provide more details about your security measures for protecting NFTs and user data?

Thank you for your question !

ProofX takes the security of NFTs seriously.
Users must go through a signature process before receive NFTs.
Therefore, only these authenticated users will be able to receive NFTs within the platform.
This measure prevents any fraudulent acquisition of NFTs.

List ProofX for dapp staking
  • Yes
  • No
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“With the new dApp staking model, we will have a limited number of project slots. I wonder; what do you think you will bring to the Astar Network? I will determine my vote based on this answer.”


Thank you for your question. Let us give you our answer.

Contribution to Astar’s Mass Adoption:
We are aiming for the mass adoption of blockchain technology, and we believe that we can achieve through collaboration with the Astar ecosystem.For the mass adoption , we are promoting the following:

1. Creating Use Cases for the mass market:

  • We have encouraged major companies and local governments to use Astar. We have more announcements in the pipeline.
  • Our services are designed to be Web2.0-user-friendly, allowing users unfamiliar with blockchain to easily create wallets using their social media accounts.
  • In fact, we have prize distribution and CRM integration necessary to promote large-scale projects. With these functions, we can carry out large-scale projects aimed at the mass market, and become a bridge between Web2.0 and Web3!
  • Our targets are aligned with the Astar team, and we are currently collaborating with the Astar Japan team to create new use cases.

2 . Attracting dapps to astar:

  • In addition, we are attracting dapps to Astar ecosystem.
  • With the ProofX app, not only can you build a reward program for NFTs issued by ProofX, but you can also easily build one for NFTs issued outside of ProofX.
  • As a result, brands and dApps can provide a more engaging experience on the Astar network, beyond merely issuing NFTs to users.
  • With this composability offered by ProofX, we can attract brands and dApps into the Astar ecosystem and increase the number of them willing to offer NFTs on Astar. In fact, such cases already exist.
  • In this way, the expansion of the Astar ecosystem is win-win for both Astar Network and ProofX, so we want to contribute to the Astar Network.

Thank you.

The project looks quite interesting. Could you please answer the following questions?

  1. Who are the target users? What are the short-term and long-term strategies?

  2. Where does the project’s revenue come from and how is it generated?

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Thank you for yuor question!
We will answer your question below.

  1. Who are the target users? What are the short-term and long-term strategies?

Our main target users are major corporations and local governments.
We plan to introduce the product to Japanese companies first and then expand to overseas markets.

Short-term strategy
ProofX is a platform-based application, empowering businesses to execute their projects utilizing NFTs both cost-effectively and efficiently.
In collaboration with the Astar Japan team and major domestic distributors, we will develop various projects in a short period of time.
Our service also enables you to easily build a rewards program that also includes NFTs issued by other companies.
the surrounding dApps are running projects with ProofX and selling them along with their own services.
Because of these characteristics, our partner dApp has planned projects that combine ProofX with their own solutions and proposed them to various companies.
A number of such cases are in progress and will be announced in the future.

Long-term strategy
The long-term strategy is to enhance the value of our service as a platform in the areas of service loyalty programs and community marketing.
As users and projects accumulate on the platform, we will be able to add further value. Specifically, we plan to launch the following initiatives.

  1. Encourage collaboration between brands: We encourage collaboration and partnerships between different brands on ProofX. Many companies these days want to collaborate across brands, and ProofX will serve as a hub for new business opportunities. For example, we are considering unique collaborations, such as a joint program on sustainability.
  2. Evolution of ProofX : Using the vast assets (users, projects, data) gathered on our platform, we will continue to provide new experiences and added value to companies and users. For example, there could be special offers from companies to users that are made by analyzing NFT data.
  1. Where does the project’s revenue come from and how is it generated?

Our current revenue is generated from two sources: initial development costs and SaaS-like recurring fees when brands use this service.

Congrats!! The voting is passed. To proceed with the registration, please do the following:

  1. Have a native substrate account with transferrable 1001 ASTR. Share the address here.
  2. Have a verified smart contract and share the contract address here.
  3. Add #astar-network, #dAppStaking tags to your GitHub repo.
  4. Fill the form to be added to the Ecosystem Page on the Astar Network website. Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfIYRpuj2sTT22cJyP7CFfXkIwKmhwJvCGEO96-Bq2S2lKi_g/viewform

We will whitelist the addresses.

Hi, Toma.
Sorry for the delay in replying to your comment.
I am reaching out to inform you that the task has been successfully addressed.

  1. Have a native substrate account with transferrable 1001 ASTR. Share the address here.


  1. Have a verified smart contract and share the contract address here.


  1. Add #astar-network, #dAppStaking tags to your GitHub repo.

We have added tags to our repository, but currently, the repository is set to private.
Would it be possible to proceed without making it public?

  1. Fill the form to be added to the Ecosystem Page on the Astar Network website. Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfIYRpuj2sTT22cJyP7CFfXkIwKmhwJvCGEO96-Bq2S2lKi_g/viewform


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Great! Is important to be alert for future notifications.

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Addresses have been whitelisted. You can now register on the portal by connecting the native wallet.

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Thank you for reaching out !

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We look forward to your success in the Astar ecosystem.

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Hi ProofX team,

congrats and welcome onboard!


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Thank you a lot for your clarification

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