dApps staking proposal by HeroicAnimals

dApps staking proposal by HeroicAnimals

Dear Astar Community,

This is Izuru, the Founder of HeroicAnimals. We are a creators-led NFT project who are strongly dedicated to social causes on the Astar Network, offering unique and exciting NFTs that have many utility. One of our project purposes is to support WEB3 engineers through contributions to Astar Network, among many others such as stray cat protection activity support and giving the excitement and dream of the space to younger children. Our 1000 NFTs were sold out for our first public sale that took place between May to July this year.

Project Overview:

HeroicAnimals is a character IP project from Japan. We aim to create cool and cute characters that will be loved by everyone forever. Since this is an IP project originated by creators, the products that can be created are limitless. We are planning to foster collaboration with Web3 companies and teams from now on. In addition to a large number of character goods, we have also decided to produce comics. We will realize the NFT dream as an IP that spreads its wings around the world with blockchain technology.

What is the purpose of this project?

HeroicAnimals are dedicated to:

  1. Support for cat protection activity

We continue to support domestic and international cat protection activities. In Japan, more than 30,000 cats were euthanized in 2018. It has become a huge domestic issue as there are numerous pet owners in Japan who decided to leave their pets (cats) behind, where those cats will be collected by the facility conducting euthanization. They are given only a few days for their owners to come to pick them up, and if they do not show up, they get killed instantly. Even though such facilities use the word “euthanization” for the process of putting cats to sleep, the actual procedure that takes place is far from what euthanization entails- multiple cats are often put into a gas chamber, filled with carbon dioxide. The cats will suffer greatly before finally passing away.
I want to use the income gained from dApp staking to be used for donations and other activities that support the prevention of such inhumane acts conducted on cats.

  1. Delivering the dream of space to children

The existing space enlightenment education is aimed at elementary school students and at those who are already interested in space. We want even younger children to have a longing for space. We will continue to provide space content that is friendly to young children.

  1. Web3 engineer

As entertainment creators, we have been supported by many engineers. We want to give them back something as a Web3 project. By cooperating in webinar publicity and providing artwork for hackathons with Astar Foundation, we believe we can contribute to many engineers. Recently, we provided our IP for one of the projects submitted for a hackathon that took place in Japan, and the team was able to receive a prize from Astar Foundation.

Core Team:

Heroic Animals is led by Izuru Shinonome (@grifonbk) , who has made significant contributions to the Astar community through his strong will to make his art NFT full on-chain, particularly to Astar Network.

The team behind Heroic Animals is dedicated to building a strong and engaged community and establishing the path for other NFT projects to join the Astar ecosystem.

Founder / Izuru Shinonome @grifonbk

Engineer / edy @edyCryptoNFT

Engineer / TABE @takaaki_tabei

Astar Adviser / Koeda Kaede @koeda_kaede

Support for cat protection staff / Araki @Araki_NFTMAP

Most recent sales overview:

  1. Issuer: Rodos AlchemyStar (Astar Japan Lab member organization) led by Izuru Shinonome (HeroicAnimals Founder)

  2. Release date: March 26, 2023

  3. Chain: Astar network

  4. Content: Full-on-chain generative NFT

  5. Number of sheets: 1000

  6. Price: 200 ASTR

  7. Utility (holder benefits)

  8. Provision of comics produced by artists on a dedicated site (number of possession needed: 1 )

  9. Special stickers made in Bikkuriman style by artists (number of possession needed: 7)

  10. Three-dimensional badges produced by professional sculptors (number of possession needed: 20)


  • 2024 Metaverse event will be held
  • 2024 Heroic Animals Comics Publishing / physical items added

Our Mission:

  • Creation of character IP under WEB3/NFT technical challenge (full-on-chain NFT/NFT book)
  • Providing support for activities of WEB3 engineers
  • Support for cat protection activities
  • Contribution to Astar network ecosystem

Why Astar?

We have chosen to issue on the Astar network to save significant gas costs when producing full-on-chain NFTs.

We take on the technical challenge of releasing large-sized data NFTs fully on-chain which is difficult on the Astar network. Releasing our NFTs, we aim to contribute to the Astar network ecosystem so other new coming NFT projects can follow our path.

Past Performance/achievements:

  • February 2023 Event exhibition (Rainbow festival, video exhibition)
  • March 2023 Metaverse exhibition (independent exhibition)
  • March 2023 HeroicAnimals apparel items were added
  • April 2023 HeroicAnimals holder bonus comics dedicated site released in Spring 2023 Metaverse-based production (AZITO)
  • July 2023 Delivered necessary supplies to Turkey to support the victims of the earthquake with the profit of the NFT sales
  • August 2023 Provided financial support for Amaterasu Space (Projects designing a machine that create oxygen in the ISS/Living base on moon) with the profit of the NFT sales

Future schedule:

  • 2023-2024 HeroicAnimals holder bonus goods will be shipped (Stickers, three-dimensional badges, etc.)

■NFT sales records

■NFT supply

1000 / 100 of which are held by the management and 50 by the team


200ASTR + GAS / Astar chain

■Mint date

・1st sale May 26 AM10:00 (UTC+9)~May27 AM10:00 (UTC+9)

1AL 1 mint / 200ASTR+gas

・2nd sale May 27 AM10:00 (UTC+9)~May28 AM10:00 (UTC+9)

1AL ∞mint / 200ASTR+gas

・3rd sale (public) May 28 AM10:00 (UTC+9)~

200ASTR+gas Not implemented when sold out

1000 out of 1000 sold out on 28th July

dApp Staking Reward Usage Breakdown:

All rewards from dApp Staking will be used for the Astar common goods and operations including but not limited to:

  1. Co-Marketing Campaigns
    • AMAs
    • Giveaways
  2. Developer rewarding Costs
  3. Donations to various organizations, including cat protection community


Here are the basic links to our product and communities👇

Website: HeroicAnimals official web site
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Heroic_Animals
Founder Twitter:https://twitter.com/grifonbk

Discord: Heroic Animals
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@heroicanimals8227
Blog: 東雲いづる


Hi there, I’m quite confused with “space” term, by this you mean Astronomy education for Elementary students?


Hi, thanks for the proposal.

  1. The NFT metadata storage location has been an issue for a long time, and I am glad that you are taking on one challenge: full on chain. Depending on which audience you are targeting, it might be a good idea to appeal (and explain) a bit more.

  2. I think you should provide more specific details about your support for cat protection activities and space-related activities. There are many projects that include philanthropic activities in their objectives, but few of them present specific activity schedules and details of implementation, which lacks credibility.
    The “vision” is important, but so is the “how.”

  3. There seems to be a slight difference between the roadmap presented in this proposal and the roadmap presented on the web. Does this mean that you have changed it since the beginning?

I know that you are an OG who has been active since Shiden and has published the NFT. I also own several NFTs created by you.
I support you.


Yes, that is correct. Thank you for your interest in our project. We plan to provide educational programs, picture books, and other content to help children learn about the wonders of space.

HeroicAnimals will be the first project in the Astar ecosystem to reach space.


I am not very good at appeals, so thanks for asking the question.

I will answer the first question first.
While images of regular NFTs are stored externally, images of HeroicAnimals NFTs are recorded on the blockchain of the Astar network. That is how robust the NFT is.
The project cost $15 billion in gas at ETH, but was made possible by the Astar network!
The Astar network has less capacity per block, and the difficulty of full-on-chain NFT production is higher than other chains.
Our PJ overcame this difficulty and developed a technology to raise large size image data to the chain.

Regarding the second question. Our donations to animal shelters are documented on our blog See here.

Our space awareness activities are reported on Twitter (X). We are currently working on preparing content production and building partnerships with space-related startups.


One specific awareness campaign is to actually fly our characters into space, and another is to produce comics and picture books to distribute to children. I am an artist.

The roadmap was changed some time ago, and we apologize for not changing the description on the website in time. The latest information is available at X.

Thank you for owning my personal Shiden-era work. It is the first step in a collaboration between us and the ASTAR network. We will continue to lean on ASTAR.

Shiden-era work


Hi Heroic Animals,

Glad to see your proposal!
I was one of the minting participants and minted 3 HeroicAnimals :slight_smile: and am happy to see that all the 1000 NFTs were minted!

  1. I was curious if there was any updates in regard to the project development, especially about each story for the seven different animals. I think it is crucial to make the stories live and active. The last update seems in March, so it’d be great if you have their story further or plan to have them.

  2. Minting itself started in March and all the 1000 NFTs were sold out in July. I was wondering if there is any specific reason you submit the dapp staking proposal now. I thought it would have been better to submit the proposal while minting was live; then, the project could have been exposed to the community in an easier manner.

  3. Will there be any utilities for holders or long-term holders or minters? These days, particularly, NFT is facing volume drop and less attention compared to what it had previously, so it would be nicer if any unique features are available to attract people to hold HeroicAnimals.

  4. Seems most of the activities so far was performed in Japan. It can be a good point to strengthen/broaden the awareness of HeroAnimals domestically, but somewhat it might hinder people from holding NFTs/participating in any events if not living in Japan. Will there be any plan to cover more regions?

  5. Project information / details on Discord seem to be paused in March, which is before minting. It would be great to bring more attention if these contents keep up-to-date.

  6. From the current reward distribution, I am not sure if holders can find any benefits holding the NFTs unless there are any other utilities, which is related to the pointed raised above.


Thanks for your question! And thanks for owning HeroicAnimalsNFT!

I will answer your first question first.
The text of the 7 animal stories can be found here I hope you enjoy them.

The comics on the roadmap have been delayed due to my long illness with an epidemic. Sorry, we will continue to work on the comics, which will be available only to NFT holders, as planned. Just please give us a little more time.

The only reason I am making the staking suggestion now is because various people have advised me that it would be pointless to go ahead and do it before we sell out. And the reason more time has passed since the sellout is due to my personal health and lack of knowledge about the proposal to the forum. (I could have benefited from the tremendous support of the ASTAR Japan team on this matter.)

The physical utilities for the holders will be done as planned. And additional items will be provided. (stickers, badges, etc.) It will take some time to prepare for that, so please be patient. For those overseas, you can participate by having us use a service to forward your shipments. The application for utility applicants is not yet open. When it is ready, we will publicize it on the community Discord and X.

Activities for foreign countries are very difficult for us. We don’t have enough staff who can speak English and we don’t have enough people. We are more concerned with product and mission execution than directly providing entertainment to the community. Our project is only to operate the character IP. We provide character art to space companies and engineering teams, and content to children. We contribute to the ecosystem of the ASTAR network with our activities.

We are currently planning to add utility to NFT holders, but since it will only be art and entertainment content, it will not provide asset value. However, our characters will undoubtedly reach space on satellites and other vehicles. We would be happy to have our NFTs owned by those who find value in what we do.


Thank you for your answer!


The HeroicAnimals metaverse exhibition is now open. PC is recommended, but you can also enter from your smart phone.


I support this proposal, know Heroic Animals for a long time and it’s really promising and supportive team!


Thank you so much!! :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

Thank you for your proposal! I really appreciate this collection. I am honored to become a part of the ASTR community.

Now, for the growth of the ASTR ecosystem, it is expected that this NFT, as well as your future activities, products, and services, will generate a significant number of transactions on Astar. Currently, the liquidity of this NFT collection seems to be quite limited, possibly influenced by market conditions.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide specific details about what you are considering in order to generate more transactions and activate the liquidity of FT/NFT.


Thank you for your question. As per our roadmap, we are preparing to offer physical goods as a utility to our holders. We also plan to continue providing comics content and will strive to be the first to bring new HeroicAnimals stories to our holders. Please stay tuned.

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Going to check it!!!

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I’m in favor of this proposal.
HeroicAnimals has been contributing to the Astar ecosystem for a long time.

I have one question.
Could you specify what activities are being done to support WEB3 engineers?

I saw information about animal protection activities on the blog. If there’s a summary of similar activities, I’d like to know. Thank you.


Thank you for your question, we have not yet created an article summarizing our support for WEB3 engineers, so this post is for your information.
Our team primarily supports the engineering team with art, design, and PR activities.

1,Cooperation in PR for Web3 Engineer Day 2023 Spring (webinar) on SNS and advertisement design and thumbnail production.

2,Artwork support for Team DAIS who participated in AI+Crypto Hackathon. Icon creation, NFT art creation, infographics creation, and provision of team emblem.

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Great!! Thank you for your quick response!

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Thanks @IzuruShinonome for the detailed responses. And it is glad to see you back and well now :+1: root for the project and look forward to hearing the follow-ups!

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Thank you so much!! :smiling_face:

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Personally, I like the line art of the NFTs used, and I think the project’s goals are also interesting. However, I would like to ask a few more questions.

  1. As far as I can tell, the project’s goal is non-profit, right? If I’m wrong about anything, please let me know.
  2. Continuing from question 1, I understand that even though this is a project, it is still a business. What are the project’s revenue plans? Where will the income come from?
  3. NFTs are a great thing, but I understand that the market is currently less interested in NFTs. How will the team manage this if the NFT market remains in its current state for another 2-3 years?