DeepWaifu β€” Builders Program Application

Project overview :clipboard:

DeepWaifu is a website where anyone can upload a selfie to create their own AI-generated waifu character and mint it on Shiden/Astar as high-quality NFT.

Our team is always on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities to learn. We’d been interested in A.I. and NFTs for a while and really wanted to build something with those. It all came together when we also got excited about Astar and heard about the Builders Program. We thought it would be the perfect opportunity to kill three birds with one stone and combine AI, NFTs, and Shiden Network into a fun, unique project.

Although, it might seem like just another NFT project but it’s more than that. As a user, with DeepWaifu you can create your perfect anime spouse from a photo of a real person by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence. Once you are ready to take the plunge, you can immortalize the object of your affection on the blockchain in the form of a limited-run NFT. If just a digital representation is not enough though, you can take your relationship to the next level and order a custom-made pillow with your waifu printed on it.

Demo video :eyes:


What we do in the Program :man_technologist:

One of the key features of DeepWaifu is generating and minting NFTs on the fly, which seems to be unusual in the NFT space. Because of that, the documentation and examples we found did not cover our use case and so we have to come up with our own solution.

  • Create a solution for generating and minting NFTs on the fly.
  • Integrate Shiden Network with DeepWaifu.

Team :unicorn:

  • Marcin Ε»Γ³Ε‚kiewski
    • Javascript, Typescript, Solidity, Rust, Mysql, Postgresql, A.I.
  • Andrey Drozdov
    • Javascript, Typescript, UI/UX, Motion Graphics
  • Clarence Mendiola
    • UI/UX, Motion Graphics

Website :link:

Builders Program Roadmap :hammer_and_wrench:

Total Estimated Duration: 1 month.

Milestone 1 - Research :thinking:

  • solutions for minting NFTs
  • Shiden Network
  • AI models for generating waifus from images

Estimated End Date: 2021-10-11

Milestone 2 - Proof of Concept implementation πŸ§‘β€πŸ”¬

  • taking what we learned in Milestone 1, we will implement a PoC smart contract and test internally to iron out any issues
  • we will also work on building out the UI and integrating it with the AI model

Estimated End Date: 2021-10-22

Milestone 3 - Bells and whistles :sparkles:

  • making the smart contract robust
  • polishing the UI and adding an option to order a pillow with your waifu
  • final integration with AI model
  • testing
  • writing documentation

Estimated End Date: 2021-10-29

Milestone 4 - Deployment to Shiden Network :rocket:

Estimated End Date: 2021-11-05

NOTE: We are planning to beat this timeline because we have already started working on this project.

Future Plans :boom:

We would love for DeepWaifu to bring joy to the countless anime enjoyers out there and to serve as inspiration for other builders. Given enough interest, we are planning to build a bigger, better version of DeepWaifu or a different personalized NFT Dapp. We are also looking to deploy DeepWaifu to other blockchains to spread the love for waifus.


Welcome to Astar. Nice Waifu project!

AI one is interesting. Hope we can have one!


What is the projected number of users in 1 year?

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I’ll be included in that stat. This sounds fun.


The maximum number of the NFTs mined using DeepWaifu will be limited to 1000 (similar to other NFT projects) to increase rarity. However, once the max number is reached, we’re eager to release the second edition of the dapp called DeepHusbando :slight_smile:

Very excited to have DeepWaifu


nice to see it,welcome!

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