TofuNFT - Builders Program Application

Project Overview, the best NFT Marketplace in BSC, is coming to Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem with Astar Network/Shiden Network. provides peer-to-peer NFT marketplace on Binance smart chains. Users can buy and sell all NFTs in their wallet, like Collectibles, GameFi, Play to Earn, Art and more. It also offers features such as auctions, make buy offers, and customized filters for individual projects.

Team:Jinja, Ltd.

Other our product is CoinView App (since in 2017, largest Crypto app in Japan with more than 1M downloads)


Stats/Past Performance:September, 2021 ‘s Trading volume is $10M+ (source: dappradar)

Track Record:BSC’s No. 1 with a trading volume NFT Marketplace. (source: dappradar)

Builders Program Roadmap

1: Attract Shiden community to SCV NFT Market

Estimated End Date: End of October, 2021

  • Start to launch campaign
    • Kick Back campaign of SDN token from dApp Staking
    • NFT giveaway with Shiden Network on Twitter

2: Deploy V2 Market which supported multi-chain

3: Integrate Shiden Network to SCV NFT Market

  • Estimated End Date: End of December, 2021
  • Launch SCV NFT Market on Shiden Network

Future Plans

We have plan to integrate Astar Networks as well as Shiden Network. We are aiming to be the best NFT market in Polkadot with Astar!


I didn’t see this coming and I appreciate the fact that you chose to build on Shiden and Astar.

Long journey from here. Web3 is the future!


Hello and welcome!, Will you have build a minting platform too when u build on Shiden?


Actually we focus on secondary market, we don’t have mint feature now. (Once minting feature made, so many fake NFTs are coming :tired_face: It’s not welcoming from GameFi or Collectibles projects.) But considering to release mint tool separated from market. If this tool is released, it will of course come to Siden as well.


Great to see is coming to Shiden/Astar!
Cant wait to see this live. Welcome!


thats okay! It’s always good to see a secondary market as it will bring more economic value for both sides! already exploring your website and want to try gacha :smiley:


Thanks, and more attractive will come with our V2 which comes Shiden. You’re gonna love it.


Thanks for your proposal! I am very excited to work together.

SCV Finance Builders Program Application
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Looking forward to the project as you build on Astar/Shiden. I think you already have the required infrastructure just to build solid products. Thank you.


We definitely need a NFT marketplace on Shiden asap, looking forward to see SCV deployed :slight_smile:


Here is a recent update.

1. Rebranding

SCV NFT Market is rebranding to a new name, tofuNFT.

When we started the SCV project 9 months ago, our focus was to create the best DeFi portfolio and innovation based on DeFi and NFT technologies. But with our product and community growing, the SCV protocol has expanded beyond simple yield farming and the NFT market to offer a suite of creative products to serve NFT investors. Our vision has evolved to the next stage of NFT. Therefore, we believe it is time to move beyond the connotations and trappings of “SCV”.

2. Milestone

We’ve switched the order around a bit.

We have finished Milestone 2 “2: Deploy V2 Market which supported multi-chain”, and at the same time did rebranding as above. For Milestone 3 “3: Integrate Shiden Network to SCV NFT Market”, we have already deployed our contract on Shiden. Front-end will be coming soon, maybe early of the deadline. And we will do “1: Attract Shiden community to SCV NFT Market” at the same time our market is coming on Shiden, to get more users.

Thank you for understanding and sorry for the late report.