Open Emoji Battler - Builders Program application proposal (application category)

Project Overview

Open Emoji Battler is an on-chain game that will be run by the DAO. It’s an auto-battler game on browser, and players battle strategically using emojis in competitive PvP matches.

We aim to make this project decentralized. Most blockchain games use central servers with private source code, and they just make some in-game assets into NFTs/FTs. In contrast, this game is on-chain and fully open-sourced, and will be governed by the community.

We’ve already developed the playable prototype as an independent chain using Substrate.

We will build this game as smart contracts on Shiden/Astar. Each tech architecture (chain runtime and smart contract) has pros and cons, but I believe Shiden smart contracts can provide a better game experience.

What we do in this Builders Program

We’ll build and launch Open Emoji Battler on Shiden through this Builders Program.

  • Develop the Wasm smart contracts and the web frontend
  • Improve the user experience
  • Upgrade the gameplay and add new features
  • Release the game on Shiden and spread it


  • @tash_2s (Founder, Developer)
    • has been working in the blockchain and NFT space since 2018,
    • and has developed the prototype of this project.

Builders Program Roadmap

Total Estimated Duration: < 6 months
Full-Time Equivalent (FTE): 1

For each milestone, we’ll publish the whole source code licensed under Apache 2.0 on GitHub, and other developers will be able to run and test it.

The order of milestones might be changed.

Milestone 1 — Develop smart contracts and frontend

Number Deliverable Specification
1. Smart Contracts (ink!) We will create Wasm smart contracts that have minimal game functionalities and deploy them.
2. Web Frontend We will create a web frontend that will interact with the smart contracts.

We’ll be able to play the minimal game on Dusty or Shiden after this milestone.

We can re-use many parts of our prototype implementation. Also, I’ve already tested to port some code to a smart contract.

Milestone 2 — Reduce the friction of user experience

Number Deliverable
1. Smart Contracts (ink!)
2. Web Frontend

The one gameplay requires the player to send around 15 transactions now, and it’s not a great experience to manually sign and send every transaction. However, this is a turn-based PvP game, so it can be mitigated by technology (e.g., state channel) with small game design changes.

Milestone 3 — Upgrade gameplay

Number Deliverable
1. Smart Contracts (ink!)
2. Web Frontend

We’ll upgrade the gameplay and add features. The details are under consideration.

Milestone 4 — Launch on Shiden

Number Deliverable Specification
1. Article We will publish an article that announces the launch of the game.

We’ll officially release the game on Shiden and spread it. We might have an event to boost the impression.

Future Plans

  • In the long term, I’d like to make this project popular like Axie Infinity but decentralized.
  • We can’t cover many tasks in this program, so we’ll keep updating after this program.
  • Currently, I’m the only developer for this project, but I plan on expanding the team.

Additional Information

  • This project has never had any sales, fund-raise, or financial support yet.
  • Some of our community members let me know about this program.

woo,that,s sounds great all !୧(๑•̀◡•́๑)૭


Seems like you are building something unique there. Go for it. If you build a good product, our token holders can dapp stake on your contract and you can earn block rewards in return.

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Thank you for your replies! Feel free to ask any questions. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks for the great suggestions.

I know tash_2s was trying to develop it in own chain (parachain?) . In that case, the number of transactions was probably one at game startup.

Turning your game into a dapps and increasing the number of transactions will (make tax processing more difficult) and negatively impact UX. I didn’t know that…

However, I proposed this program because I thought it would work well, especially for small group projects.

If the growth of the project is rewarded by dapps staking, then the staker’s will help them with their work.

Sorry this is so long lol, wish me luck!

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So it’s being developed by Japanese people!
I’ll post a YouTube video of the game when it’s finished!
Let’s be ASTA’s cookie clickers!



We shall soon see the supremacy of the See-No-Evil-Monkey Emoji :see_no_evil:

Cool project by the way.

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Open Emoji Battler Builders Program Application Track
  • Yes
  • No

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Voting yes of course, I really like the project idea for the fun game but moreover for the experimental ideas and the aim of full decentralization that totally fit Astar spirit :+1:
Will follow with great interest the evolution of the project :eyes:

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I’m voting yes. I know this project thanks to a previous collaboration with Kanaria. :+1:

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surely voting yes,we building #astar & #shiden togather.

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I played the game and had a look to the forum, I really like it, it’s fun and similar to hearthstone. I’m voting Yes !

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