Dwellir - RPC-node services for Q3 2023

Date: 03/10/2023

Requested allocation: 180,983 ASTR

ASTAR Account: aNkS9tz2ni8NsTjFPeAMPiRke4TMTvXXTr7SHcWF945tWC5

Short Description: Operate RPC services for the community for July, August and September


Dwellir is a leading IaaS (infrastructure as a service) team providing RPC infrastructure to more than 25 projects in the Dotsama ecosystem. We are proposing to run geographically distributed public Astar, Shiden and Shibuya RPC API Services and providing free developer community access endpoints.

These services are currently available via:

Over Q3, Dwellir processed:

  • 376,755,477 Astar requests
  • 235,591,301 Shiden requests
  • 248,587,765 Shibuya requests



This grant will enable us to continue the services we currently provide which entails:

  • Hosting multiple instances of the Astar, Shiden and Shibuya nodes
  • 24/7 Monitoring of core functions including scaling mechanism
  • Continuous security improvements
  • Continuous updates, upgrades, optimisations
  • Communication with development teams (where necessary)
  • Currently we operate two clusters in Northern Europe, one in North Africa, and one in West Africa.


Dwellir operates one Shiden and one Astar collator. The earnings from the collators have been subtracted from this treasury proposal, the exact numbers are shared in the full proposal.

The final cost is $7,782.3, which is equal to 180,983 ASTR.

The conversion rate is $0.043/ASTR, based on a 7-day average price on the day of 18th of October 2023

Dwellir’s full proposal can be found here: RPC-node services for Q3 2023

Update 18th of October: The conversion rate of USD to ASTR has been updated on the 18th of October. As a result of the updated conversion rate the total amount of requested ASTR has changed.


I think Dwellir has been of great value to Astar and the community at large. Their services are very good.

Happy to support your proposal.

Hello @gustavn,

Can you list the various nodes you have for our different networks and their addresses?

I think you made a mistake with the ASTR rate. I would also suggest using the 7-day average price for better accuracy. Can you update your proposal?

Apart from that, I have nothing else to ask as I was very satisfied with Dwellir’s work.

Gaius, Astar & Polkadot Ambassador :astar:

Hi @Gaius_sama,

Thanks for your comment.

I’ve updated the conversion rate and the total amount of requested ASTR.

Regarding the nodes with provide, here are the address:


Sorry I meant on-chain addresses of your collators and the numbers of nodes.

Can I understand here that you have 6 nodes for the 6 shared addresses?

No worries.

This is our Astar collator and this is our Shiden collator. These collators run on independent nodes that are different from the public RPC nodes.

Regarding the endpoint address above, they represent three different nodes that are public (each node both accepts https and wss connections).

However, in reality we have several Astar, Shiden and Shibuya nodes on different data centers as backups. E.g if you look at Telemetry and search for Dwellir on the Shiden network, you will see at least two Shiden nodes.

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I keep hearing that Dwellir is pretty good.

What I’m wondering is, have we investigated other alternative service providers? Is there a better option available?

You can find the full list in our docs of alternatives:

Happy to support this proposal :smiley: :+1:

Supported this proposal, thank you!

I am in favor of the proposal as I personally use the Dwellir Endpoints and have encountered no issues with them.

However, I do have a question regarding the proposal. I noticed that the quarterly cost for Astar/Shiden/Shibuya Parachains is $15,000. Could you please provide a breakdown of how this $15,000 is allocated among these categories:

-Provision of bare-metal machines in two European locations
-Round-the-clock monitoring of core functions, including the scaling mechanism
-Ongoing enhancements in security
-Continuous updates, upgrades, and optimizations
-Liaison with development teams (as needed)

Hi @Sequaja,

Thank you for your question.

Approximately 70% av the cost is related to the actual hardware and co-location for the machines in the two different sites, and to cover for costs related to 24/7 monitoring.

The remaining 30% is related to the on-going development/tinkering work of the software.

50% of the payments that we receive are from the collator services (Astar and Shiden collators).

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The payment is executed, thank you!

Thank you!

Dwellir is looking forward to continue supporting the Astar ecosystem.

Best regards,



Glad to see your diligent contribution to Astar Network! :clap: