FelixirDAO - Builders Project Application

FelixirDAO - Builders Project Application

Project Overview

Hi All

FelixirDAO is aiming for the vision “Decentralized Game Development”.

We’ll start NFTs sale on Astar Network, dotted characters for RPG games.

Felixir’s NFT is not just any NFT. It is an NFT that can be equipped. We named it “Junction”.

There are two types of NFTs, Primitive NFTs and Extension NFTs, and you can equip a weapon by junctioning (staking) an Extension NFT to a Primitive NFT.

All NFT sales deposit to the treasury. Our profit is zero.

The $ASTR deposited in this treasury will be awarded to those who develop games using NFTs (like a NounsDAO).

All NFTs are fully on-chained and “cc0”, so FelixirDAO accelerates the gaming ecosystem with composability.

For more details


Yamapyblack - Developer

Ikkun - Community Manager

Ric - Marketer

TABE - Developer

Stats/Past Performance

Yamapyblack, founder and developer, is CTO at CryptoGames, Japanese NFT gaming company, since 2019. The company runs “CryptoSpells”, NFT trading card game, for 3 years.


Discord: https://discord.gg/KDb2aTuNS6

Twitter: https://twitter.com/felixirdao

Blog: https://mirror.xyz/yamapyblack.eth



Builders Program Roadmap


Milestone1: (Initial NFT Sale)

April 18th

Milestone2: (Governance)

Late April

Milestone3: (Autonomous NFT Sale)

Late April

Future Plans

Everyone can propose for development of games with Felixir’s NFTs. If the proposal is passed by voting, the proposer gain $ASTR to develop the game.

The gaming ecosystem will develop on Astar Network in a chain reaction.


Your project looks like a very interesting project. I look forward to future updates :smiley:

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Thank you!! Please join our community in discord :partying_face:

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Hey, what is the utility of the minted NFTs by FelixirDAO?


Thank you for your question.

Our NFTs can Junction (equip) weapons or helmets.
Once equipped, the NFTs change their image and can be treated as a united NFT.

We only sell character NFTs, weapons and helmets can be freely created and sold by the community users. In other words, anyone can open a weapons shop.

Now, the utility of our NFT is only above all, but we are looking for people to create games using these NFTs. FelixirDAO will fund for those who create games. This funding is generated from the NFT sales (saved in the treasury).

Our aim is to expand the gaming ecosystem with the NFT.