Rarible - dApp Staking Proposal

Astar Community,

We are Rarible, and we’re excited to join you.

Rarible, the NFT company, has been building since early 2020. We’re the home of an aggregated NFT marketplace, vertical marketplace builder for brands, and NFT API infrastructure for innovative builders. We have nearly 2 million MAUs, power over 5,000 different NFT marketplaces, and are most well known as one of the very first places to mint and trade NFTs.

Our goal is to bring NFTs to a massive, mainstream audience, integrated into daily life. The way we’re doing that is by providing advanced infrastructure and forward-thinking user experiences that serve both degens and normies alike.

We work with crypto-native projects like Rektguy, mfers, and CryptoPunksV1, and top web3 projects like Animoca Brands and the Mocaverse. We’ve also built alongside top international brands like Mattel (Hot Wheels and Barbie), Smurfs, Forbes, DC, McFarlane Toys, and Fox. Most recently, we’ve partnered with Japan Air and will be supporting the launch of their loyalty program on Astar.


We have been audited by Chainsecurity and Cyberscope, and the Rarible protocol is community-controlled via the RARI Foundation, governed by RARI DAO


We believe in the transformative power of the blockchain, not just as a technology, but as a movement that redefines the essence of digital ownership, interaction and creativity. We’re working to onboard the next tens & hundreds of millions into web3.

Rarible’s roadmap is focused on three key areas:

1 - Rarible Marketplace. By supporting artists and creators in this space, we continue to strengthen the foundation of NFTs in web3, empowering creators, and inspiring collectors to engage in the ecosystem at large.

2 - RaribleX, our Vertical Marketplace Builder. By building for businesses and brands who are entering the space, we bridge the gap between web3 & web2 & beyond. We do this by partnering with brands who are creating unique, community focused ecoystems for their users to transact on.

3 - Rarible API, our API infrastructure. By developing one of the fastest NFT indexers on the market, we equip other builders & developers in the NFT space who are innovating & pushing web3 forward in ways that a single company cannot do alone. We aim to empower other builders as they shape the future of NFT utility in web3.

dApp Staking Reward Usage Breakdown:

  1. Trading incentives and rewards for the Astar community on Rarible (50%)
  • Incentives for placing and filling bids
  • Rewards for minting new drops
  • Giveaways to active users
  1. Project & artist grant fund (50%)
  • Slush fund to subsidize development costs for partners like Japan Air who want to create unique Web3 products and activations
  • Grant fund to retroactively reward artists and projects who play a key role in the development of NFT culture on star




Hello and welcome to Astar!
Thank you for launching at Astar zkEVM.

It is great to have big projects like yours to stay, as we believe that NFT will be more important in Astar zkEVM.

Of course I agree with proposal, but I think listing on dApp Staking is appropriate after the launch in Astar zkEVM.


Glad to see a famous marketplace like Rarible coming to Astar zkEVM. Welcome and let’s make AstarZkEVM as big as possible!


Finally I am happy to see powerful Nft marketplace on Astar. I really can’t wait ZkEvm.


I got to buy my first NFTs on rarible, they are a great app! I personally like their graphical interface which has been improving over time.

Reading the proposal, I have no doubt and wish to support the inclusion. more projects for Astar zkEVM!


Glad to see one of the main protagonists of NFTs marketplaces joining Astar ! I have only one question:
I’m wondering if Rarible team are considering the creation of any particular benefit for Portal dApp stakers :grin:
As examples I can mention a possible RARI disribution , a particular NFT collection or even a WL for one of the partners You already work with and so on :grin:


A big welcome to Rarible! Been used to visiting rarible daily when NFT boomed in 2020 lol

I’m interested in project & artist grant funds (50% of the reward),
Do your guys have criteria? Launching in ASTR/zkEVM ASTR is a must or as long as it’s listed in Rarible?

Anyway, welcome to the club! We always welcome more notable dapps in our eco


Glad to see giants joining our journey on zkEVM. Let’s grow together!


GM eraki, love meeting Rarible OGs! :slight_smile:

These rewards would go to projects launching on Astar zkEVM through Rarible. We’ll be publishing criteria soon.


Hmmmm very interesting :wink:

Yes, we will think of a good way to say thank you.



Welcome to Astar ecosystem. Good to have Rarible on board. It’s a great NFT marketplace.



Amazing, great to see these projects on Astar

List Rarible in dApp Staking
  • Yes
  • No
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Full support. Looking forward to seeing your dApp on Astar dApp store :eyes: my vote is yes.


Hi and welcome.
Voted Aye, big project with a huge user base. Can only see benefits for the ecosystem. Would love to see some reports on in the future specific to Astar zkEVM.


Woot! Super excited to finally have Rarible on Astar :)!


Totally fair request and fully agree. We look forward to sharing all of our metrics with the Astar community and even brainstorming ways to improve them together.

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By including Rarible we are including a great application in our program, of course I support it!


Voted YES ! I’m happy to see Rarible on Astar , let’s build together :handshake:


Rarible has an impressive development! It’s exciting that they have applied to dApp staking I’m sure we will have our own NFT season at Astar very soon.