Is there any NFT API service that supports Astar zkEVM?

I am developing a Dapp and need an Indexed API to retrieve NFT balances such as Moralis or Alchemy. Is there any services available that supports Astar zkEVM?

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Hey yes, Bluez is providing this service: OpenAPI - Swagger UI

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I think Covalent supports Astar EVM.
Maybe they also supports Astar zkEVM.

Hello @ponta,

You can find all NFT APIs in our documentation: NFT API | Astar Docs


Hi Ponta, welcome to the forum :slight_smile: Seems you have opened your account recently, look forward to seeing your dApp on Astar zkEVM soon!

In addition, there are many tools provided here for integration with Astar zkEVM, so please take a look :white_check_mark:

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Thanks Everyone! I will try Bluez

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