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Project Overview

The First Japanese Yen Stablecoin in Japan

JPYC (JPYCoin) is the first Japanese Yen Stablecoin in Japan utilizing blockchain technology (ERC20). It runs on the Ethereum mainnet, Astar, Polygon, Gnosis, Avalanche, and can be used to buy and sell goods at 1 JPYC = 1 yen at all times. It can be used as a Japanese Yen denominated coin in your wallet, such as Metamask, or in the secondary distribution market, such as Uniswap.

It’s the only stable coin in japan, which is working in accordance with Payment Act Law in Japan.

Team:JPYC ,Inc


Github:jpycoin (JPY Coin) · GitHub


  • Issued $10M worth JPYC on Multichain, Including Astar/Shiden network.
  • Collaborated with each DEXs on both Astar/Shiden network for liquidity mining to attract our users to Astar ecosystem.


  • Started faming Campaign on Arthwap, which is the major DEX on Astar.
  • Did a co-marketing campaign with “'Left-handed elen(左利きのエレン)” for Japanese customers NFT auction.


  • Collaborate with more Defi projects on Astar (ex. Sirius, Celer)
  • Enable JPYC on each chains to be able to get bridged with each other.

Future plan

  • Go public (*not token) on Japanese Tosho Market to create more trust and capital effifiensy.
  • Make a partnership with Other Stablecoin companies for both on/off ramp adoption.
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Are any deadlines available for those milestones?
Would be great if you could share more regarding your marketing plan to promote JPYC more.

Would like to see a more enhanced plan.

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Thank you for comment.

For timelines, here are the more detailed timelines.

  • Celer Integration (5/22)
  • Sirius Integration (Untill June)

For more detailed marketing plans, here are the plans that we’ve been planning.

Basically, we want to focus on Payments with JPYC since we are under Payment Act law in Japan.
We focus on 2 Areas in Payment other than Defi, which is 1. Offline Payments, 2, NFT Payments.

(Offline Payments)

  • Get Third party merchant Lisense to enable JPYC Payment in Japan. (~2022/Q4) *This is similar to Solana Pay model, but with JPYC.

(Crypto Payments)

  • Develop JPYC payment solution to NFT marketplace. (~2022/Q4)
  • Integrate with micropayment service like Hide, Gamefi. and so on. (~2022/Q4)