Kaiso Finance - dApp Staking Application

Dear Astar community, it is a pleasure to be here.
I’m Yogi, from Kaiso Finance. Kaiso Finance would like to apply for the Astar dApp Staking listing.

Project Overview:
Kaiso Finance focuses on Astar Network and aiming to develop services for other projects in Astar Network.
The first service launched by Kaiso Finance is Kaiso MultiSender - service for sending native ASTR, ERC20 and ERC721 tokens to multiple addresses with easy and intuitive user interface. The service is already deployed to Astar Network and in use of Astar Degens for monthly AD holders reward payments.

Some screenshots from Kaiso MultiSender dapp

Website: https://kaiso.finance
Github: https://github.com/kaiso-finance
X: https://x.com/KaisoFinance
Discord: https://discord.gg/7hjR5rdKwk

dApp Staking Reward Usage Breakdown:
Platform Development and Maintenance (30%):
Development of new features
Optimizing performance
Platform maintenance

Research and Development (70%):
Initiating and development of new services


Astar Substrate EVM used to have Token BulkSender, but we don’t support it anymore. Therefore, we are happy to see you guys on the scene.
It’s novel that you forked the Pancake frontend even though it’s not DEX.

I have a few questions and would be happy to answer them.

  1. When I tried to use it, an error occurred. Do you know the cause?
  2. what is the commission rate?
  3. is Revoke still not supported?
  4. it seems that SNS was created in 2022. has it been frozen until now and will it be fully activated in the future?
  5. what features do you plan to add in the future?

Thanks for your feedback.

I’m not a web developer and Pancake have a nice user interface so decided to fork their frontend.

I don’t see any error from my side. I would appreciate it if you could send me a DM describing at which stage you encountered the problem.

The service supports fee per address and fee per transaction but currently the service is free of any charge. dApp staking rewards can help to remain with zero fees also in future.

Revoke is supported but it used only to revoke permission you gave to Kaiso MultiSender smart contract. It not used to revoke permissions to other smart contracts.

MultiSender was developed back in 2022. The main actor in Astar Network that uses such service is Astar Degens but in 2022 they choose other service for their reward payments. Now when the other service is not available, and I saw AD looking for solution I decided to reactivate the service.

Future plans:

  1. Using indexer to provide users with an easy way to summarize the transfers done with the service and analyze failed transfers (it is possible that transaction is succeed when there are few transfers that failed, if user selected not to revert on fails). The errors are logged in transaction but not every user can look in transaction log to see which transfers failed.
  2. Changing the website to support multiple platforms (EVM, Substrate) and multiple networks (Astar, zkEVM, Shiden) so I can extend the existing service and develop other Substrate based tools

Hello Yogi,

It’s exciting to see innovative projects like Kaiso Finance leveraging the Astar Network! Regarding the Kaiso MultiSender dApp, could you provide more details on how it ensures the security and reliability of transactions when sending tokens to multiple addresses?

Hello Matt,

Smart contract address is 0x9640Da05BEe2D15CAd7FC21691d36E88C7782fAC in Astar and Shibuya.

It’s verified, re-entrancy guarded by using OpenZeppelin, straight forward smart contract where the main functions transfer amounts from provided list of amounts to list of addresses.
User can select the mode of transfer - by default transaction revert all transfer in case of error in one of the transfers. User can select not to revert on fail, in this case errors will be logged in transaction.

Contract compiled with last EVM version

Interesting solution. As @you425 mentioned, the UI is very similar to PancakeSwap, and I would like to know if it has some multisig functionalities like Gnosis Safe.

There is a real demand for solutions with these features in Astar dApps right now to improve security.

Hi @Yogi,

Glad to see your dApp staking proposal and welcome back to Astar Network with a great infrastructure. I also personally like seeing the PancakeSwap UI as users could feel familiar. To bring more clarity and value to this proposal, let me ask you the following points.

  1. What is the business model of Kaiso Finance?

  2. The smart contract 0x9640Da05BEe2D15CAd7FC21691d36E88C7782fAC on Astar EVM seems to be created about three weeks ago, but the service was deployed back in 2022. Is this smart contract a new version? Do you plan to audit the contract? What is the maximum number of wallets that can be included in a single transaction?

  3. Would you be able to share activities on Astar Network (or other protocols/chains if any) for the past two years? It is important to know in advance so that the community members also know your project better. Except for AD, can you share other projects using Kaiso Finance?

  4. On your social media platforms, X and Discord were from 2022 but still there are less than 10 members on both, if I am not mistaken. But for dApp staking, you need to actively engage with the community so that the project can get more attention, and eventually you can have potential stakers. Do you have concrete plans for making the social media platform active and have more users?

Please let me know if you have any questions or if anything should be clarified further.


Thanks for the reply.
It cleared up my question.

Note that I am not specifically denying the UI of Pancake, I just picked it up because it is unusual. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Thank you very much for the proposal. Allow me to inquire a bit further.

  1. In terms of the project, what are the targets or goals that have been set?

  2. Who or what are the direct and indirect competitors for this project?

Thank you for your proposal, but I would appreciate it if you could explain the expenses in more detail.

Hi @pithecus

Kaiso Finance includes only one person (me) and I work on it in my free time, as hobby. Since I consider it as hobby, the profitability is not the main issue.
The goal is to cover out-of-pocket expenses with small margin. Currently I provide MultiSender service without fees, in next step dApp staking reward can help to extend the functionality, use cloud indexer and develop substrate + !ink based app that targets end users

Yes, it’s a new version of smart contract with minor changes (compile with last evm version, update openzeppelin dependencies to newest version, allow setting zero fee).
No plans to audit the contract - it’s relatively simple smart contract. The contract is verified. The service will be used by projects in Astar Network, they able to review the code before using the service.
Current setup allows to include 150 wallets per transaction.

I’m focusing only in Astar Network so no activities in other protocols/chains. Not sure if there are other projects, except AD, that send funds to multiple addresses each month.

This is a good point. This is one the problems in dApp staking model. Since I’m not targeting end users but only projects it will be impossible to get end users to stake with Kaiso Finance. I will need to ask the projects that will use our service to stake with Kaiso Finance. I also hope that if Astar Network find Kaiso Finance as valuable project for the network will also stake with Kaiso to support a niche projects.

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Hi @defiguy

It’s not support multisig functionality

Thanks so much for your detailed responses! I perceived your answers clear.

I suppose there will be increasing demand over time from dApps for those planning to distribute airdrops or multiple transactions with minimal effort. To prepare for such cases, perhaps you can communicate more with other dApps or seek greater exposure and attention through community engagement.

As a one-man project or hobby, managing your own community well can be very challenging. If we view dApp staking like the App Store or Google Play, where dApps are the apps, some developers might want to deploy their products and let them operate independently. However, there still needs to be a place for open communication and engagement with the dApp, allowing the dev/team to listen to end-users and grow together. I believe a dApp listed on dApp staking has a responsibility to actively engage with its users (in your case, mostly dApps?), making social media platforms (at least one) necessary and ensuring they are well-maintained.

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Hey Leo,

Current expenses include payment for server plus time I investing in the project. Future expenses will include in addition payments for better server, indexer services and marketing expenses.

Hello BoomBLB,

As small project with limited resourses, each milestone set as depends on previous milestone and includes the followings:

  1. Provide a free MultiSender service as basis for dApp staking application (Done)
  2. Get approved as dApp staking project to get exposure in Astar Portal as Astar Network focused project (In progress)
  3. Develop additional services with profitability in mind (Future)

There are few paid services that support Astar Network for funds sending to multiple wallets. AFAIK, the only one without fees was XY finance but their service currently under maintenance.

This is a very useful tool.
If it has been successfully used by Astar Degens, I believe there will be more cases of it being utilized in other projects as well.
It might be a good idea to reach out to projects that distribute the developer rewards from dApp Staking to the people staking.

List Kaiso in Astar dApp Staking
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain
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I like the simplicity of your proposal, although some details are missing, such as your roadmap. What do you plan to develop in the coming months?

In terms of feedback, I find the platform slightly confusing, for example this part:

Entering an address and amounts, separated by commas could produce errors and we know that in blockchain verification is important.

This clearly can be improved with some adjustments to the frontend, but is this contemplated in your roadmap?

I want to know more details of your future developments and I know that several of my colleagues also want to know more about this.

Hi Juminstock,
Thanks for your feedback.

Each line with address and amount is validated and user get the list of errors found with line number for easy reference.

Future development for MultiSender includes adding indexer for easy query of past transactions. It will be very useful for analyzing failed transfers (for example funds sent to wallet which is smart contract that not receive funds). It will speed up sending funds to thousands of wallets in “Not revert on Fail” mode so at end of all transactions user can check which transaction include transfers that failed.

I also plan to port to Astar one of the most known games from EVM based network. Instead of EVM + Solidity + Viem it will be based on Substrate + !Ink + polkadot api.

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Thank you for your prompt response! However I would like to know more details of your roadmap.