KIRIFUDA Dapp Staking Proposal

Dear Astar community, it is a pleasure to be here. I’m Akagawa Hideyuki, Representative Director and President at Synschismo. Syschismo’s product KIRIFUDA would like to apply for the Astar dApp Staking listing.

Group 1

Project Overview
KIRIFUDA is a next-generation service that centers around mass adoption, leveraging the messaging app LINE, which has a massive user base in Asia. It covers the creation of wallets, distribution, sales, and authentication of NFTs, and extends to messaging delivery, providing a seamless and comprehensive experience within a single platform.

Our Mission:
Bringing the world of Web3 to everyone.

Team members:

Akagawa Hideyuki, Founder
Born in 1997 in Taipei, Taiwan. Engaged in research on indoor positioning and auditory spatial experiences at the University of Tokyo Graduate School, earning a master’s degree in 2022. In March of the same year, founded Synschismo. Developed the world’s first product to smoothly realize the leasing of NFTs and won the 1st Prize at an international hackathon hosted by ETHGlobal. Currently, supporting a wide range of businesses to bring Web3 to the entire nation while expanding multiple in-house services.

Tomoki Yamaguchi, Director and COO
Enrolled in the doctoral program at the National University Corporation Utsunomiya University. Engaged in research on vulnerable shoppers through urban analysis. In 2022, restructured a student circle, which served as the antecedent to Synschismo, and co-founded the company.Currently responsible for on-chain analysis leveraging macro-analysis insights and supporting businesses in launching Web3 initiatives.

Kazuma Iizumi, Director
After graduating at the top of his class from the National University Corporation Utsunomiya University, he joined the laboratory of Professor Shunji Yamanaka at the University of Tokyo Institute of Industrial Science. Following the establishment of the design engineering training institution “U-lab” and serving as a technical advisor for several IT companies, he co-founded Synschismo in 2022. Overseeing internal R&D as a full-stack engineer, he is also actively involved in business development.

We maintain wallet generation based on Independent MPC (Multi-Party Computation) technology, distinct from the LINE main database. While aligning with the convenience and substantial user base of the Web2 service, LINE, we uphold the principles of Web3, emphasizing user sovereignty through the utilization of MPC technology.

Past Performance & Milestones:
We have worked together with the Japanese enterprises below.

Future roadmap:
From 2023 to 2024, our focus will be on thoroughly supporting the utilization of Web3 in Japanese enterprises, aiming to provide everyone with the experience of Web3 and create a world where various creativity and values circulate. By expanding our foothold within the LINE ecosystem, with a focus on Asia (Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia), by the end of 2024, we plan to strengthen collaboration with the expanding BCG (Blockchain Games) sector. We will advance value offerings in the toC (consumer) field.

dApp Staking Reward Usage Breakdown: dApp Staking
New Astar User Subsidies (50%)

  • ASTR prize pool
  • Initial gas fee subsidy for Astar new users

Marketing Activities (30%)

  • Giveaways
  • AMAs
  • User Generated Content (UGC) campaigns
  • Ambassador programs

Bounties (15%)

  • Third-party smart contract audit
  • White-hat bounties

Insurance (5%)

Here are the basic links to our product and communities:
Docs: キリフダ | LINEで完結する法人向けNFTマーケティング


Wonderful projects!
They have worked together with many big enterprises in Japan and I can’t wait to work with them on a enterprise deal in Japan!
KIRIFUDA has my full supprt!


Welcome to Astar Network!
Hope your project indeed becomes one of the Kirifudas on Astar Network! Along the way, it would be great if I can see more details or your opinions in the following points:

  1. It is a dApp staking proposal, so I was wondering if we can see/experience your dApp or product on Astar Network. :slight_smile:

  2. What brings you to Astar Network? Curious how many blockchains your project supports and if it is on the EVM side or WASM.

  3. For typical web2 users and have little experience on web3 and NFTs etc., would it be easy and straightforward to suggest them to use NFTs over their traditional ways? Perhaps for NFTs, it makes sense to use web3. However, I am curious if it is also the case for those who “have to” use web3 for their tickets or so. Because for the customers as well as the business owners, they seem to have extra layers over merely checking the QR code.

  4. Any social media or community that people can communicate and/or participate in? If not yet, do you have any plan to grow your own community and specific target group?



Hello Akagawa Hideyuki and Synschismo team, great to see your proposal for KIRIFUDA. The integration with LINE for NFTs and Web3 adoption is intriguing. Impressive past collaborations! Looking forward to the Astar community benefiting from your project.


How do you plan to handle regulatory challenges in expanding within the LINE ecosystem in Asia and collaborating with the BCG sector by 2024?

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I believe that the use of LINE can bring a huge user base. I like the idea (and also the partners :eyes: ) of KIRIFUDA, I remain very optimistic about what dApps focused on Japan and Asia can bring. I will support the proposal and the listing on the portal :handshake:
I only have one question, there is no mention of the use of rewards for the team. Will it be decided in the future? Do you have an idea on how to pay for the team’s efforts?

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Hey @KIRIFUDA and team!

I really must recognize the good product you present us. I love your SaaS model as this, at the development level, has huge scalability advantages.

I have a question regarding your economic model

How do you plan to do it? or How are you already doing it? Because I see that currently they are already compatible with several networks.

Thank you in advance for the proposal submitted!How do you plan to do it? or How are you already doing it? Because I see that currently they are already compatible with several networks.

Thank you in advance for the proposal submitted!

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I would love to know:

  1. How does your project fit into the Astar Network?

  2. How will the $ASTR token be used?

  3. In addition to Line what other platforms do you plan to deploy on?

Thank you.


The project looks interesting. I have a few questions.

  1. There are many Web3 projects in the current market. What are the project’s advantages and disadvantages?

  2. What are the project’s revenue and expenses?

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Thank you, Muro!!
He’s always supporting us.

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Selmas, the way you’ve introduced yourself is very professional. You conveyed what you wanted to say very well without prolonging it. And your team seems to be very strong. I support you. There’s just one thing.

I know that your main target audience is the Asian market, but can you add English language support and documentation translations to your site? Can you also make English posts on your social media account or open one more account? This account will be a global account (with English posts) and you can help us follow the developments.

Also, how do you believe you can contribute to Astar?
What are your differences from your potential competitors?


Thanks for your comments.

  1. if you are a user with the LINE app, you can experience receiving NFT from the link below.

  2. we mainly support Astar EVM. we will support WASM in due course as other chain ecosystems expand. as Astar Network is the preferred chain for companies in Japan in the future, it is inevitable that we will follow suit.

We hope you will experience the ease of the UX. It is amazingly easy. There is no need to record seed phrases as in the past, and no loss of assets due to the loss of private keys. Because as long as you remember how to log in to your LINE account, or as long as you can reset your password, your wallet can be restored at any time.

  1. KIRIHUDA has an official LINE account. It does not have a user-to-user communication function, but serves as a place to report what is going on in the community. We envision designing user-to-user interaction in the future, but we are not working on it specifically.

Thanks for the comment.
It depends on what you mean by regulatory challenges. Currently we are not dealing with tokens and our focus is on NFTs, but we feel that whenever we get into tokens we will need to address the regulations.

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Thank you for applying for dApp Staking. I’m delighted that KIRIFUDA will be compatible with the Astar Network!

Synschismo, the provider of KIRIFUDA, is a famous startup in Japan. Their NFT authentication service “NFTauth” has been adopted by many Japanese enterprises and is widely recognized.

I have interviewed Mr. Akagawa, the representative. His passion and foresight for his business are remarkable. It is very pleasing to have a team like them join the Astar ecosystem. I support them 100%!


Hi @KIRIFUDA , welcome to Astar.

Already followed your discussion thread on Astar Discord. Btw will you deployed to zkEVM too? And I opened Synschismo (thx @bao) and quite intrigued with the terms NFT Rental. Is this going to be featured on Kirifuda?

Many thanks!


Welcome and thank you for applying, this proposal is well-structured with a clear overview of the KIRIFUDA project and Synschismo’s goals. I like the integration of the LINE messaging app for mass adoption in Asia and the focus on security through Independent MPC technology is particularly commendable, as it aligns with the principles of Web3 while leveraging the existing user base of a Web2 service.
I have the following few questions:

  1. How do you plan to ensure a seamless user experience when transitioning from the familiar LINE platform to the new Web3 services offered by KIRIFUDA? How do you plan to attract the users to use KIRIFUDA
  2. What kind of collaborations are you envisioning with the Blockchain Games (BCG) sector, and how will these partnerships enhance the value proposition of KIRIFUDA to consumers?
  3. could you provide more specific details or milestones about what features or services are planned for release in 2023 and 2024?
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My question has not yet received an answer :sweat_smile:. Let me know if I was not clear

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oh, I replied on wrong comment.

My reply is below:
Thanks for the comment.
It depends on what you mean by regulatory challenges. Currently we are not dealing with tokens and our focus is on NFTs, but we feel that whenever we get into tokens we will need to address the regulations.

We have a plan to introduce points in our services, so we are looking at giving points based on contributions. However, this is something we will consider in the future, as it depends on whether the market is mature enough for mass users to adapt to this rule.

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sorry for late reply…

We will transfer NFT from our vault wallet after recieving a request for buying specific NFT by user.
This means that we transfer the requested NFTs to the user as soon as we confirm that the user has made a payment in legal tender. Therefore, our sales (or, in other words, the sales of the business that wants to sell NFTs) come in legal tender, and the crypto assets are simply consumed each time as gas money.

The only legal regulation to consider would be the accounting and tax treatment of the crypto assets held for the gas bill.


A1: Many Japanese operators want to issue NFTs on the Astar chain, so our simply supporting Astar will be the catalyst to attract domestic operators to the network.

A2. we are considering using $ASTR as a reward for the contribution of our team and the point system we envision in the future. Please see the replies below for specific considerations.

A3. telegram, what’s up, wechat are in the works.

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