Metadomo - Unstoppable Community Grant Proposal

Well, I think we need to reconsider UCG.
This program was created at the time of dApp Staking v2, and the reward system was different from today. In the current model, 2 million ASTR is Tier 4, so it feels like a small amount when considered as a grant.

For example, the current Tier 4 compensation would be $180 per month. However, this will soon improve with the introduction of the Oracle system, and if the price of ASTR is the same, it will be about $270.
For reference, at the time of v2, the yield of dApps was about 5%, so staking 2 million ASTRs would result in a compensation of $770 at current prices.

In the improved Tier system that is currently underway, each Tier 2~4 will increase the amount of reward by up to 10% for every 10 divided ranks achieved, but still seems low when considered as a grant.

This seems like something that should be discussed in a new thread if necessary.

Note that there is 26M ASTR in the UGC coffers. Even if we were to make some project Tier 3, we can only do one, so it still seems that a fundamental review is needed.

@0xRamz What do you think?


What we’ve been trying to say for months. At the base of everything there is the problem of the Tiers, without them everything would be overcome, if the v2 rewards were too high they could easily be cut, the ratio 1Astar=1Astar would have remained unchanged. Now not only are there problems with dapp staking rewards, as you can see there are also problems with UCG. This is the logical reason why we did not request it.

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I agree with you425.
Since UCG is a system created during dApp Staking v2, I think it needs to be adjusted to fit v3.
Thank you for providing specific figures, you425!!

Have you thoroughly researched the Unstoppable Community Grants before sharing your opinion? It seems that the discussion points may be slightly off, so I would recommend reviewing the UCG documentation.

Also you are probably not listed in dApp Staking through UCG, right? Therefore, the phrase

is a misleading and incorrect description.

I often see your opinion on the Forum, so I roughly understand it, but I think it’s wrong to deny UCG without researching it.

They are not out of line, AND UCG which is out of line on v3.
And there will be absolutely no way to adapt it because as specified there would be no funds for everyone.
So we return to the starting point i.e. random and arbitrary TIERs decided only through the discussion of a few ambassadors and core teams without taking into account the needs of the dapps = WRONG.

Too bad, I continue to observe the usual attitudes, we have discussed it extensively. this is the type of response that @Mouthmouth68 also talked about.

UCG is closely related to dapp staking and vice versa. We have done enough research to understand our problem, don’t worry. today we probably understand much more than you where the real problem is in managing:

Staking bonuses

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

As I would like to use this same thread to post updates about Metadomo, is it possible to move UCG discussion elsewhere?

I’m happy to add my input there if needed.


Thank you for the update. That’s good progress!
Would it be possible to incorporate the astar community in any way into these gaming tournaments?

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The following is a newly added thread about UCG, so please share your latest information with us in this thread.


Yes, absolutely. If you play any of these previously mentioned MMO games, participation is open.

We are working together with our gaming partner for a debut campaign, we will be sharing on our socials as well as here in this forum when this is ready so community can participate and earn rewards.

Thanks! I’ve added my thoughts.


Thanks. Sounds great, would be great if you could share more info to the upcoming events, when it is time :slight_smile:

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Hello @Takumi-Metadomo

Your last month in the UCG program has come to an end, and it’s time for you to send us your last monthly report, as required by the UCG program .

Please share with us:

  • Your progress and what you’re working on;
  • Have you reached the milestones set out in your proposal and, if not, why not?
  • What are your next milestones and how do you feel about achieving them?
  • If you have sold tokens, please indicate the quantity and price at which they were sold, the hash of the transaction and the reason for the sale.

Since the UCG period is now over for Metadomo. The Community Treasury will also unstake its 2M ASTR tokens from Metadomo’s dApp.

Thank you!


Thanks @Gaius_sama . We are grateful to be a part of this grant program and the support from the community!

We are moving forward with a lot of momentum, much of our work since last update is related to commercial relationships, token launch and refining our enterprise facing product, Enterprise Core (formerly Metadomo Core).

It’s quite intricate work, with a lot of moving parts. Our strategy is the same as @sota ’s idea below about distribution channels. We share the same thinking, thus through our channels we have 100M+ users accessible in network, with reach to 1b.

So, reflecting on our past milestones. We are refining as we go, as any start up should. Overall, I think we’ve achieved much much more than what was initially set out in OP. This includes modifying products, strategy, etc.

  • Rewards Station is fully developed. Closing our fundraise first before onboarding clients.
  • Focus shifted to Enterprise Core, as this will be the ‘behind the scenes’ interface for those distribution channels that bring the huge volume of users. v1 dev completed.
  • Socials activation, admittedly we are late to this, but we have recently engaged with a partner to help us activate our socials. I will also be speaking on Astar Japan’s twitter space in Mid-June.
  • Metadomo Genesis NFTs: Cancelled, for now. We have something better we can do through Enterprise Core.
  • Growth: Our connections to the distribution channels can’t be understated. We have also expanded our merchant network as we mentioned in a previous update. Remember this is at physical point-of-sale level, which is not easy to do.
  • $DOMO TGE: Pushed to later in Q3. We have an interesting public sale mechanism that we are working with Astar team to launch.

As for next milestones, we are focusing on Enterprise test cases to ensure all is smooth at scale, and our token public sale + launch.

Personally I’m quite excited for the near future. I’ve been working in crypto professionally since ‘17ish, mass adoption has always been a narrative but hard to realize. With our solution and momentum, I think we can actually achieve it, and feedback we’ve received has been the same.

We have not sold tokens to public during UCG.


More then happy to see the results and the next steps for Metadomo :clap:t2: Cannot wait to test all the functionalities of the platform :smile:

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Thank you very much for the updated information. If there is anything our team can assist with, please feel free to provide feedback at any time. =)

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I will be speaking on Astar Japan’s X space on June 12, 21:00 JST.

We have a campaign for the next voting period of dapp staking, which I will discuss in the spaces. The event will be in Japanese, but I will be providing an English summary about our update here after.

Looking forward to seeing the Astar community!



Wow, this looks like a really interesting event! Anyway, I’ll wait for the summary, thanks. =)

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Thanks ! I will wait for the english summary cause I’m really interested in Metadomo dApp :saluting_face:

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