Metadomo - Unstoppable Community Grant Proposal

Thank you for the update. The information looks easy to understand. =)

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Great initiative! Excited to see the new dApp staking period and $DOMO token incentives. Thanks for the detailed info and support for early stakers!

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Hope everyone is having a great weekend :heart:

A couple quick updates:

dApp staking campaign

Although we didn’t hit the threshold for Tier 4, I am modifying our staking campaign so all current stakers will receive $DOMO. We very much appreciate the support from everyone! Details will follow later.

Public POC

I want to give the community a glimpse in what we are working on.

We are strengthening the technical connection between our gaming partner and our enterprise core product, in preparation for a small POC campaign. The flow is something like this:

Players compete in a team based game → winner gets gaming points → points are redeemed through Metadomo at physical retailers → User MetaLoyalty profile created

The game for this POC is a MOBA game, AAA title. If you are a MOBA gamer, you will know it, perhaps even played it before.

From this campaign, we will showcase the power of working with large distribution partners, that we can do this at scale.


Thx for the updates !

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Thank you for the exciting update! Your dedication to rewarding the community and pushing forward with innovative projects is truly appreciated!


Thank you for the updates.

I am interested in your project that seamlessly connects existing corporate point programs to blockchain tokens. The current PoC seems to be for the gaming industry, but do you have plans or schedules to approach other areas?

For example, Japan is a country overflowing with ‘point programs.’ Various retailers to large department stores each have point programs with physical cards or mobile applications for marketing purposes to acquire and retain customers. I would look forward to it if these could be flexibly connected to blockchain tokens, allowing the same points to be used anywhere

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I think this could be a huge limitation for users once they need to unstake from substrate side, wait for 10 days, send ASTR token to EVM and then stake on METADOMO.

I can say with great certainty that METADOMO dApp would receive at least twice as much support from stakers if it were possible to delegate tokens on the native side. Think carefully about a solution… the community loves airdrops but doesn’t like losing stake rewards (10 days of unstake from native).

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Great progress!! Thank you for the update.
I think involving users who earned rewards in Yoki Origins is a good opportunity to reach Tier 4.

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Yes. We are in contact with several such companies in Japan and overseas. This is our observation with them:

  • They want more redemption options for the points. Points that can be spent more widely helps with brand image, and increases the importance of the points themselves. This is especially for overseas redemptions options.
  • The core problem they are having is a traditional business problem. Web3/blockchain is an ‘interesting’ addition, but what is most important is better usability of points in the traditional way.
  • Minimal interest in overhauling their points system on a technical level for Web3/Blockchain

All of which is no surprise to us and we have designed Metadomo with these points in mind. We are providing traditional business solutions, we can work with the points companies as they are and provide them better redemption networks. The web3 activation aspect is handled totally by Metadomo, without disrupting user experience, as the user redeems points through us. From the user’s perspective, they are using their points as they like, and discover that Metadomo has Web3 enabled them automatically.

This POC on gaming, on a functional level, operates the same way as we would on regular loyalty points.

To note, we are raising seed stage funding, I would like to complete the funding first before going live with point programs (we are already technically integrated with several national telcos in Asia). I am expecting that this live POC will help with completing it, as we have the massive distribution (via games, later points programs) and will be enabling them on Web3 (astar zkevm). Will be obvious we are a serious contender in Web3 mass adoption, its highly likely that new user inflow into astar zkevm will be coming from us.

We are accepting campaign participation for EVM and Native side currently. Previously it was only EVM due to my misunderstanding on the technical side of the staking system, but thanks to helpful ambassadors here we have a solution. I’ve announced it here but I will remind on twitter as well that we are accepting Native as well. Thanks!

Thanks! I will consider this for our program.


Wowww!!! Thank you so much for an updates =)

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The UCG has been updated. As the thread, you can apply for UCG v2. If you wish to apply for UCG v2, I will support you.


If the staking from both sides can be counted, then that’d be the best way to be done. Glad to hear that you have found a solution for it! :tada:

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nice job, thank you very much for all the updates!

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Thank you for the support! We will likely apply for second term. Do you know if I can do it within this same thread, or make a new one elsewhere?

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I think it would be better to create a new thread as it would be easier to understand.

In this case, which do you think is better?

There are limited slots available for UCG v2, and they’re filling up quickly. If you’re interested in applying, I recommend doing so sooner rather than later.

You can submit your application in this thread or create a new one - either way is fine.

For more detailed information about UCG v2, you can check here:

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