Metadot - Builders Project Application

Project Overview

A non-custodial wallet for Polkadot And Kusama parachains. It aims to fill the current gaps by offering unmatched user experience as a browser extension wallet. Metadot is committed to building crucial functionality such as transaction signing, token swap, staking, governance, etc with a very user friendly experience. Currently it is expanding its support for Parachains along with building crucial features. The long term plan is to evolve a blockchain agnostic wallet that has an easily integratable application architecture to allow developers to add support for other networks easily.


Kunwar Faizan, Product Manager

Khuzama Shahid, CTO

Abdul Samad, FullStack Engineer

Muhammad Kumail, Project Manager

Basit Hussain, Front End Developer

Muhammad Shaheryar, FullStack Engineer

Adina Fakih, SQA engineer

Muhammad Ashar, Product Marketer

Ahmed Ali, Blockchain Engineer



Telegram: Telegram: Contact @metadotwallet


Facebook: Metadot

Instagram: Login • Instagram

Discord: Discord

Track Record

Within a span of four months the Metdot team has been able to move from ideation phase to delivery phase. The team got selected for Encode Polkadot Hackathon and are recipient of 2nd prize from Astar network in “Build a dAPP ‘’ challenge. The was later picked for Encode xPolkadot Accelerator and is currently enrolled and progressing with the program.


Builders Program Roadmap

Total Estimated duration: 3 months

Milestone 1: MVP

The development is done for this phase and it is currently in the testing phase.

  • Account creation and deletion.
  • Support to send and receive tokens.
  • Support for Polkadot, Kusaama, Westend and Shibuya (testnet).
  • Integration with SubQuery to fetch transaction records.
  • Support for Firefox and Chrome.

Milestone 2: Extend network support

This milestone is expected to be delivered by the end of March.

  • List extension on Chrome Web Store and Add-ons for Firefox.
  • Support H160 addresses.
  • Integrate Astar and Shiden network.
  • Multiple account and account derivation.
  • Support for multiple tokens on the same network.
  • Support for Brave browser.

Future plans

The Metadot team has a laser sharp focus on user experience and adding value for the user. In the future we plan to the following:

  • Add the swap feature to the extension
  • Further improve the user experience
  • Staking functionality.
  • Crowd loan participation
  • Light theme
  • NFT support.
  • Cross chain transfers
  • Mobile app.

The team does not plan to limit themselves only to the features listed above, we are strong advocates of listening to the user feedback and we do plan to pivot depending on the requirements from the users/community.


Thank you very much for your proposal. Could you update the github page? I can’t access the page.

In addition to that, I would love to know Metadot’s original features. Currently, we are supporting Metamask, Clover, Mathwallet, and Polkadot.js.

Thank you for going through the application. Our Github repository was private that is why you were not able to access it, we have now made it public.

We originally started with the plan to offer test network support with other crucial features. It is still very rare to see wallets supporting test networks. We offer an easy way to integrate and use new main or test networks. This helps ease the development process and also to offer “try before use” experience for people who are new to Polkadot ecosystem. We also have a laser sharp focus on user experience. We make sure people are able to easily transfer their funds, switch networks or do other things in the least number of steps.

At the moment we are building the scaffolding for features that we plan to work on in the future. The features listed in the application aren’t the only features we are thinking of, there are a few less common but amazing features that we plan to have… social recovery is one of the examples.

I am sorry my questions were about the differences between Metadot and other wallets. As long as I know, there are user friendly Polkadot wallets like Nova wallet.

As of now we have build all the basic functionality that makes up a wallet. Things like add or remove account functionality, connecting to a DApp, transaction records, etc. Even with the feature that we have added so far we are trying to use approaches that provide better user experience in comparison to most of the wallets in the market. For example, our transaction history is indexed rather than cached, which means the history will still appear in the wallet even if the user performs a transaction outside Metadot.

Now that the scaffolding is ready we are working to further to extend our parachain support and add features that are a little more advance but the eventual goal is to add features like social recovery, multisig, anonymous transfer, batch Transfer and a few other distinctive features.

I would like to know the support MetaDot is asking.
What kind of grant size or marketing support do you need?

Happy to include you in the Builders Program and we can set up a clear support.

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We have two main objectives one is getting a grant to fund our development and the second is being the choice of wallet for Astar network.

We would love to be a part of the Builders Program and thorough this interaction with your team we are hoping to learn what it takes to be the preferred wallet for Astar. In teams of grants, we are looking for $30,000 to help us complete the Milestone 2, in addition to what we initially planed for this milestone we will be having our production launch, add transaction signing from a DApp and extend parachain support in Metadot wallet.

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