My Crypto Heroes - Builders Program Application

Project Overview

My Crypto Heroes (MCH) is one of the biggest multi-players blockchain RPG on multi-chain, Ethereum and Polygon. MCH was launched on November 2018. We aim to create MCH-metaverse where MCH-NFTs can be used in a lot of blockchain services and games and be the DAO×blockchain game. In November 2020, MCH Coin (MCHC) was launched as the governance token and the token attracts the investors moving on GameFi movement.

We have the long history, almost 3 years since launched, and also the track record of world’s No.1 blockchain game in terms of user amount in 2019(*1). Right now we have placed between 2nd and 4th in game category on Polygon(*1).

*1: From dappradar.

Here’s our stats:

  • User amount: 235,435 UU at Sep 22nd, 2021
  • Total Sales: More than 9,000 ETH (From November 2018 to August 2021)
  • NFTs approx tx volume over time: Tweet from @takenstheorem

What we do in this Builders Program

We’ll build and launch My Crypto Heroes(MCH) on Shiden through this Builders Program.

  • Prepare for the integration Shiden Network and Attract Shiden community to My Crypto Heroes
  • Deploy Smart Contracts
  • Integrate Shiden Network to My Crypto Heroes


*Toshihito Wakao:

  • January 2020: Joined double
  • October 2020: MCH Producer
  • January 2021: Established MCH Co.,Ltd and joined as CEO

*Kengo Masuyama:

  • July 2019: Joined double
  • April 2020: MCH Producer
  • February 2021: MCH+ general Producer and BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES Producer
  • September 2021: Joined MCH Co.,Ltd. as Director
  • October 2021: MCH Producer

Builders Program Roadmap

Total Estimated Duration: 3-6month

1: Prepare for the integration of Shiden Network and Attract Shiden community to My Crypto Heroes

Estimated End Date: Mid October, 2021

  • Prepare for the integration
    • Improve the asset management system in MCH
    • Create the detailed road-map with exist in-game content
  • Deploy dApp Staking Contract on Shiden
  • Attract the Shiden community to MCH. (Start to launch campaign)
    • Kick Back campaign!
      • Staking your Shiden to MCH contract.
      • Getting to start MCH with the invite code “SDN1”.
      • Join our discord.
      • Fill in your user ID and Shiden address on the application form.
      • Kick back some amount of SDN tokens we will receive from dApp Staking to our nominators.(TBD)

*We will take the snapshot randomly in one month, and kick back it around the 10th of next month.

  • In-game collaboration with Shiden Network!
    • Collaboration Quest will open! You can get the original NFT Extension (weapon) there!
    • NFT giveaway on Twitter!

2: Deploy smart contracts

Estimated End Date: Mid January, 2022

  • Deploy NFT contract in Shiden Network
  • Deploy bridge contact with Off-chain
  • Deploy daily bonus smart contract in Shiden Network
  • Deploy payment smart contract

3: Integrate Shiden Network to My Crypto Heroes

Estimated End Date: Mid April, 2022

  • Accept SDN as payment methods
  • Enable SDN NFTs use in My Crypto Heroes
  • Issue NFTs in Shiden Network
  • Add daily bonus function by SDN
  • Add SDN NFTs in in-game marketplace

Future Plans

We (MCH) are considering integrating Astar Networks as well as Shiden Network to provide the world where our users can select the chain they wanna transfer.


Helloo welcome to Astar Shiden Universe.
Oh btw for Kickback Campaign, do you have plan for numbers that you will give back to the nominators/stakers? Say 50:50 or else.

Anyway once again welcome aboard!


Hi, I’m Kengo.
Thank you for your comment, and I’m also looking forward to the future with Astar/Shiden community!

We have not determined the numbers for kickback. We’ll see how other projects deal with this new mechanism(dApp Staking). We would like to treat our nominators well, but we also have to secure some portion for development. Thank you for your understanding.


The other way, you can also incentivize nominators with MCH tokens or NFTs. Many ways to do it.


Yes, you’re right. We will create the collaboration SHIDEN-NFT which you can use in MCH as an weapon, and this is one idea to incentivize the nominators.


As a gamer, I agree with this. Can’t wait for you guys to build with us!


Wow great project My crypto Heroe. Can’t wait to see MHC in Shiden network. It should have some token drop of MHC token to all sdn staker.

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Thank you for your comment!
It may be difficult to do that because of the amount of MCHC allocation for the team, but please let me consider it.

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My Crypto Heroes Builders Program
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Hey guys, I’m considering the skill names of these weapons right now.
Glad to hear from Shiden community :wink:

There are 5 rarities (Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common)

Thank you.



Hey guys, let me update you about milestone 1!

We just opened the collaboration quest in My Crypto Heroes!

スクリーンショット 2021-10-11 20.04.28

We can’t wait for the launch of the dapps staking!
Twitter giveaway campaign will be launched at the same time.

Thank you for your support!


Let me share this update! :heart_eyes:


Thanks for sharing this great initiative here. I think it is better for the community to make another topic on our forum instead of adding this in this thread.