CryptoSpells - Builders Project Application Track

Project Overview

CryptoSpells is a digital, collectible card game built on blockchain technology. It was launched on June 2019. The user’s ownership is proven by issuing cards in NFT on Ethereum and Polygon network. The cards can be freely bought and sold through the in-game marketplace and NFT marketplace such as OpenSea.


Kota Ozawa

  • 2018 Established CryptoGames Inc.
  • 2019 Officially released “CryptoSpells”; two-week crowdsale sales surpassed 30 million yen, the highest record in Japan.
  • 2020 Serves as an outside director of blockchain game developer Double Jump Tokyo. Director of Blockchain Contents Association.
  • 2021 Became a director of MCH Inc.

Natsuki Yamaguchi

  • 2020 Joined CryptoGames as a web and blockchain developer
  • 2021 Developed and launched multiple NFT marketplaces



Stats/Past Performance

Data collected on 2021/09/29

  • Unique User: 69,500
  • Total Sales: More than 3086 ETH

Builders Program Roadmap

Total Estimated Duration: 3-6month


1: Prepare for the integration of Shiden Network and Attract Shiden community to CryptoSpells
Estimated End Date: Mid October, 2021

  • Prepare for the integration
    • Improve the asset management system in CryptoSpells
    • Create the detailed road-map with existing game content
  • Attract the Shiden community to CryptoSpells.
    • Staking your Shiden to CryptoSpells contract.
    • Fill in your user ID and Shiden address on the application form.
      • Kick Back campaign!
        • Kick back some amount of SDN tokens we will receive from dApp Staking to our nominators.(TBD)
        • We will take the snapshot randomly in one month, and kick back it around the 10th of next month.
      • Rare NFT drops!!
        • Receive CryptoSpells voucher NFTs on Shiden network.
        • Receive rare CryptoSpells NFTs on Astar by possessing the voucher on Shiden.
        • The more you stake, the more likely you receive rare NFTs.
        • The details of receivable NFTs will be announced later.

2: Deploy smart contracts
Estimated End Date: Mid January, 2022

Deploy NFT contract in Shiden Network
Deploy bridge contact with Off-chain

3: Integrate Shiden Network to CryptoSpells
Estimated End Date: Mid April, 2022

Enable SDN NFTs use in CryptoSpells
Issue NFTs in Shiden Network

Future Plans

We plan to enable Astar NFT use in Astar.


Good to have you in our ecosystem!


Thank you! Please ask me anything about the project.

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We welcome legit projects into our Builders Program. Legit projects make the ecosystem sustainable.


To be honest, cant say much but definetely will plan to snipe your NFTs. Haha sorry off topic. But I’m a veteran gamer too

One question, any English version on your web? Since it is written in Japanese, but I find it pretty interesting.

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CryptoSpells Builders Program Application
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Hi souleater. Thanks for the interest.
Most of the pages on website has already been translated into English.
Please check this url! We hope you snipe us good!! lol


I didn’t know about the project yet but really like it, you have great plans, really looking forward to see you coming on Astar ^