Natural Multitranslations

Happy to return. Good day.
I will not speak and many times I will bite my tongue for things that I want to explain or, in addition to noise, I can provide a key solution. For now I will use the translator and I propose a hidden textbox with a select that rescues the user’s post and displays it, if not in any language extracted from a common Internet source or ours, once created. At least, yes. In the four or five main languages and above all. From the native or preferred or chosen at that moment by the user, to the message with which they act.
I proposed this in turn to Binance Square. It’s the one I have. I know that even in polkadot they are being born. I still don’t dare move the little fund that I have from here to there because I can forget it or fragment it and forget fragments. Yes, and that’s what I wanted to say. There they do not have smart contracts in the textboxes or they do not indicate it. What I do have is restricted certain key symbolic chains.
So in polkadot it could be how I think. A smart contract governs our testbox which is a post from a user on a platform. This way it generates the hidden with the translation information and shows the selector.
It would be done and I know I know how to do it. I need planning and guidance or have it done by a member who is fluent and it costs what it would cost me without the current barriers. If there is no one. I will do it but I need two things. Don’t forget and start doing it. This is no small thing in itself.
Good day.

Could you try explaining it again, bro? I don’t understand your propose. Sorry.


Me too, and I would like to know what is your main idea


Sorry. I would need to review the official documentation regarding proposal creation. I will improve in that regard if the thread continues to be followed.
The proposal concerns both the translation and colloquial language and its mutable and variable capacity offered by hashing and especially sharding.
The problem calls us developers in the sense that we are starting and we come from php or c or c#
We know (I do not include; in the case that the entity is ‘N’) javascript in the sense that we can touch it much less than differentiate it.
So node and npm present us with a problem that we have to solve, and I say save because zkanata is in development.
Now I have a clean ubuntu instance and a base polkadot template. I’ll try to sync a local collateral node; but I see the problem when working with remix and not chainide (there will be many more that I don’t know about).
Json files and similar are immutable as far as I know; but someone could create the rustjson files or the zrustjson.v0.0.1 library
That would solve the typing in these types of files because I think that a kind of modifiable json is needed in the sense that I fixed the mess with the bans and with the updates because of the opening and closing of quotation marks in passwords with “###” and that kind of low level stuff.
I will try to improve and update my proposal in the future, but if it is resolved sooner, even better.
Good day.
All the best.

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To me it is very confusing what you are trying to communicate. Even though I speak Spanish :sweat_smile:, I don’t understand your main idea. What I can understand is that your proposal is based on improving the typing of our languages, especially JS which is the most used in web development, is that what you mean? If yes, what do you expect us as Astar to do on this problem?


I have (edited) corrected the you should with the I should from the previous answer.
It would be much easier for me to know how to speak English naturally, even Arthurian and Korean and Japanese. I am not kidding. In Arabic I know more than 30 or forty words and I love reading translations from Indian because you have to put effort into abstraction to understand precisely; but this is so in my case as a reader.
When I write code what I want is for the ‘single quotes’, double quotes and accent marks, especially that they are now being replaced by the pound value character which is a monetary value and as such a gap for web3
What I would like is that not only astar, but astar and the web3 world would move in the same direction since dividing… divide and conquer. It is already known.
A forum in Spanish and a translator with artificial intelligence and another in Spanish where even a native Chinese person can enter and read and write with greater or lesser precision and be understood; but that’s a promise. So right now I already have it written. Do you understand? A kind of web3 divider where the divide and conquer will be that we are all going to conquer because I don’t write that alone and if I do it it better be at once because tomorrow I won’t be able to resume my work alone :frowning: . :DDD
As a reader, I make an effort to read and be more organized, although I am old enough to correct my childhood vices.
As a software developer it concerns low-level bugs as a fisherman, since I get more compilation errors and malfunctions than production code.
Today I spent 20 euros to try doing an ERC20 and Sepholia if you have tried it, in the case of Astar and Shibuya and Sepolia I think it makes invalid or drop or replace.
Here you can trace. It is my development metamask wallet, what it is is out of found and if I had more, I am capable of unintentionally spending more than necessary. So unfortunately that saves me :smiley:
But of course. If it falls for id+d+id and at least I manage to take off, they may believe that there are entities that need to submerge in order to take off. This is philosophy rather than a contribution to the proposal; And if it can be called philosophy and not Arthurian physics :smiley:


I have a small amount of astar and polkadot to increase coding. Itś is not posible if cánt write cannot dificultyless ?:

This main idea is using more sugar in my brain than what you ask for and what I have in the pantry or my damaged brain can already process.
The main idea is an attack on fragmentation with double the fragmentation or in an epsilon environment of infinity, for total unification; but of course, be careful. I just do this with four tablespoons of sugar.
The whole main idea is that there would be more developers there in case I add a book to the book. An error of errors, someone catches it, fixes it and we all win.
Sorry for the verbiage understood as verbosity and the chain of pointers to ideas that if you don’t like Don Quixote de la Mancha, you haven’t even gotten this far reading and you may be crying, I don’t know if even from laughter.
Greetings, good morning and all the best.

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