Neurolanche X Labs dApp Staking apply

Tomorrow, I will share all Neurolanche activities on the forum along with the data. Please note that I can only share the visual representation of GitHub activities. I’ve granted GitHub access only to the core team, and @Gaius_sama has permission to review it.

Apart from that, I will share everything here tomorrow, from transfer movements to contracts of individuals we have hired and worked with so far.

I prepared a brief perspective today; you can take a look:


Hello Astar Network community.

Today, we want to share a file with you containing our past work, contracts with our business partners, and GitHub activities.

Although we are not currently in a grant program, our goal is to use Astr tokens belonging to the Astar Network community in the most accurate and transparent way, creating added value to our ecosystem.

In this file, you will also see the progress of our projects and how we have transformed into a billion-dollar project in the Astar Network ecosystem.

Thank you.


Community Update about Astar Strike

Create the best GameFi project for the Astar ecosystem ~ Astar Strike stress test is completed!

As Neurolanche, we started working three months ago to create the most advanced game on the Astar Network and Phala Network.

During this process, we addressed the issues of many gaming projects while analyzing the problems in our ecosystem. As a result of this research, we conducted tests by playing Astar Strike in various methods multiple times alongside our users. After this intensive work, we have prepared the final version of Astar Strike, the most suitable game project for our community.

With this new update, we aim to integrate many communities into the Astar Strike game with a new structure and reward system while changing the reward system. So, what can we expect with this new update?

Step 5.1 What is Astar Strike?

Astar Strike is a computer-compatible, browser-based multiplayer FPS game that utilizes blockchain technology, developed by Neurolanche X Labs starting in July 2023.

Step 5.2 New Game Seasons

It is a crucial process for us that our users embrace new adventures while playing Astar Strike. We aim to be a structure that renews itself and welcomes NFT communities in our ecosystem with different game modes. In the first season, we will present the deathmatch mode, followed by battle royale and various game modes in subsequent seasons for our users.

Creating the best GameFi project in the Polkadot ecosystem with game modes lasting each for three months is our primary goal. Thanks to leaderboard integration, at the end of each season, we will conduct significant AirDrops in addition to weekly rewards based on users’ three-month performance and participation.

Step 5.3 New Reward System

The most significant issue for GameFi projects is the inflation of the reward mechanism over time. As Neurolanche, our advantage in the reward system lies in leveraging the power of our $7.5 million TVL ASTR dApp staking program. With our dApp staking program, we maintain a stable value of rewards despite an increase in our user count within the game. So, what can we expect from the new reward system?

When designing the new reward system, our aim was to create a fair and sufficient structure for everyone. We have created a total of three different user categories, each with different tier points.

These are:

• Neurolauncher NFT holders: (Per Powerity - 20 Tier Point)

• Neurolanche Stakers: (Per user - 3 Tier Point)

• Other NFT communities: (Per User - 1.5 Tier Point)

Note: While calculating Staker and Other NFT communities per user, Neurolauncher NFT holders receive points based on their Powerity status.

Step 5.3.1 Weekly reward system mechanism example

Weekly Reward Pool 8500 ASTR!

A) For example 30 Neurolauncher powerity joined: 30x20=600 Tier Point

B) For example 30 staker joined: 30x3=90 Tier Point

C) For example 30 other nft communities joined: 30x1.5=45 Tier Point

A+B+C= Total Tier Point= 600+90+45= Total 735 Tier Point

Reward Pool/Total Tier Point=X Astr per Tier Point

8500/735=11.56 Astr per 1 Tier Point

A) per Neurolauncher Powerity = 231 Astr

B) per 1 Staker user = 34.68 Astr

C) per 1 Other Nft Community user = 17.34 Astr

Important note: Users must claim their earned rewards within the game after each weekly event.

Step 5.4 How to Access the Game and When

To increase activity within the game and provide easier access for users, we are making changes to our event hours.

New event schedule: Access to the game will be available every Saturday from 12:00 PM UTC to 01:00 PM UTC.

Who can access the game: Neurolauncher NFT holders, users staking at least 30K Astr in Neurolanche dApp staking program, and other partnered NFT communities.

Note: With the new update, users from Astar Sign Witch, DAO ODEN(Astar Cats), cultbearsdao, RmrkApp(Kanary), and apeXchimpz will have access to the Astar Strike game. More communities will be included in the future.

"We have completed the Astar Strike stress test. Based on the results and analyses from the report, we announced the new Astar Strike system today.

We are determined to bring the best gaming project to the Polkadot ecosystem and create an NFT culture here. We will harness our power from PhalaNetwork and AstarNetwork!

Our 10 goals include:

  • Adding utility to NFTs in the Polkadot ecosystem to establish an NFT culture similar to Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche.
  • Reaching a daily active user count of 2000 to provide benefits within the AstarNetwork and create deflation for the Astr token.
  • Integrating the iNFTs standards designed as Neurolanche into Astar Strike for future use of our AI NPC product.
  • Transforming into more of a sociological project than a GameFi project. Becoming a community, not just a power.
  • Integrating Stakers on Astar into the game to enable them to play an active role in the ecosystem and introducing them to other projects in the Astar ecosystem.
  • Initiating the use of Phala Network’s unique # Phat Contracts.
  • Demonstrating the impact of Polkadot’s architecture using Ink_Language.
  • Inviting global NFT collections, communities, and brands based on Ethereum and Polygon by enabling AstarZk Evm integration.
  • Contributing to the Astr economy by providing intense txs in AstarZk Evm.

Most importantly, being not just a visionary project but a community project!

The Big Bang Theory has begun!


Today’s Report:

  • Completed the wasm and evm smart contracts for the Astar Strike reward system and conducted thorough testing.
  • Executed a pull request to the main branch of Astar apps to promote our stake&earn campaign on the Astar portal.
  • Finalized the server code for Astar Strike, ensuring compatibility with smart contract interactions, and prepared it for testing.
  • Successfully integrated KanariaSkybreach with the base network in Astar Strike.
  • Initiated communication with the RMRK team via their Telegram group for integrating Kusama RMRK NFT collections into Astar Strike, and have arranged for assistance. I’ll be following up with a specific team member tomorrow.

Thank you for your detailed report. wonderful.

I don’t think it’s necessary for everyone to post on the forum, but Neurolaunche’s attitude is a good example that other projects should follow.


Wonderful job, Leo! I’m becoming a fan of your application, keep it up!


Daily report:

We are determined to shape the future as Neurolanche. To achieve this, we need friends with a passion for science.

We are delighted to announce the addition of @dwulf69 , who brings 30 years of experience and a strong sense of Artificial Intelligence to our team.:chains:

In the upcoming collaboration with Douglas KUHN, we will work on advancing the Firolauss project, aiming for development in Astar Network and Phala Network. With the contributions of Douglas KUHN, the project will become even stronger, taking us one step closer to the future!:ringer_planet:

Douglas Kuhn is a versatile professional with a breadth of experience in a wide range of organizations. He is an architect, software engineer, programmer, and UI designer with a passion for planning, engineering, and implementing. His expertise includes AI, machine learning, and software development. He has studied AI and machine learning at Stanford University and has worked in software architecture for various companies.


What is Firolauss

Neurolance X Labs is proud to introduce Firolauss, a groundbreaking application at the intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. This innovative application enables users to experience a unique digital journey through the use of intelligence Non-Fungible Tokens (iNFTs) stored in their Web3 wallets.

Each iNFT, meticulously crafted as a digital character in 3D modeling, transcends traditional boundaries. They are not only capable of thinking and analyzing but also possess the ability to exhibit a range of emotional responses, akin to sentient beings. This emotional intelligence, combined with their analytical capabilities, creates a character that is not just a digital entity but a relatable companion.

Users can customize these iNFTs with a variety of personality traits, speaking styles, and emotional tendencies. This customization allows the iNFTs to reflect diverse behaviors and reactions, making each interaction uniquely personal. These dynamic characteristics are recorded within the NFT contract, allowing users the flexibility to modify them as desired.

The platform allows users to interact with these personalized digital characters both in writing and through voice communication. The characters offer a human-like communication experience, thanks to realistic facial and lip animations. Interactions between users and their AI companions are stored in a database, facilitating the AI’s continuous learning and development.

Firolauss is committed to the highest standards in user experience, security, and scalability. This whitepaper details the technological structure of our project, the user experience and security protocols. Our goals are twofold: firstly, to empower users with a personal companion in their pockets — a friend, mentor, and assistant rolled into one — enhancing their interaction with digital assets and bringing a new dimension to their digital life. Secondly, to resolve the issue of user scarcity in the metaverse by transforming NPCs into human-like digital characters through training with Custom GPTs using the data we collect in the Firolauss iNFT dApp, thereby enabling much richer experiences in the metaverse.


Also we meet our friend from Astar Network ambassador Group @AlexPromoTeam & @DrCAO and we introduced them our vision.


I admire @dwulf69 a lot, his articles and other contributions are great. It seems to me that you have hired a great professional in the area.


Second daily update:

  • The Astar Network team has approved our pull request for the promotion of our stake&earn campaign on the Astar portal.
  • The game server code for Astar Strike, now incorporating the new reward system and smart contracts, is complete and has successfully passed the first phase of testing.
  • Following communication with the RMRK team, I have integrated Kusama RMRK NFT collections into Astar Strike, and the logic for this integration has been added to the game server code.
  • I have upgraded the Astar Strike Photon Quantum multiplayer game server to support up to 600 concurrent users and increased the allowed monthly traffic from 300 GB to 1500 GB.


Awesome, Leo! Thanks for reporting Neurolaunch updates.


I am gonna continue to update everyday. Because Astr token is our community token. As a builder I need to be make transparency. :white_heart:


Today’s Report:

  • I have finished writing the client-side code for the Astar Strike rewards system, and it is now ready for testing.
  • I have designed the user interface for the rewards system with a focus on enhancing user experience.
  • I have successfully implemented in-game transaction functionality in the rewards system, which includes interaction with ink! and Solidity contracts. This ensures compatibility with both substrate-based web3 wallets, such as Subwallet, Talisman, and Polkadot.js, as well as EVM-based web3 wallets like MetaMask.

Great job, it’s wonderful you have got @dwulf69 , great choice!


Thanks for reporting Neurolaunch updates Leo!


Thanks brother, I will continue daily report :blue_heart:@Matt

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Today’s Report:

  • The automatic version update mechanism for Astar Strike has been successfully integrated and tested, ensuring users receive the latest content on each visit without having to clear their website cache with every update.
  • Continued work and testing on the Astar Strike client codes.
  • Various NFT communities such as Youdles, xAlice, Talisman Spirit Keys, apeXchimpz, and KanariaSkybreach have been integrated into Astar Strike.

Thank you a lot for your contribution. It’s awesome report =)


I’m liking this daily report thing Leo, but I don’t want you to get exhausted either :sweat_smile: . Good job buddy

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This is not a problem. I’m trying to encourage the construction of all communities so that our ecosystem grows healthier.

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Something quite admirable from you, thank you for your constant contributions, I support the project 100%.

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