NFTStudio - Builders Project Application Track

Project Overview

NFTStudio is a multi-chain NFT marketplace compatible with both Polygon and LINE Blockchain. It was launched Apr 2021 and now we have about 1000 creators and 11421 NFTs.


Kota Ozawa

  • 2018 Established CryptoGames Inc.
  • 2019 Officially released “CryptoSpells”; two-week crowdsale sales surpassed 30 million yen, the highest record in Japan.
  • 2020 Serves as an outside director of blockchain game developer Double Jump Tokyo. Director of Blockchain Contents Association.
  • 2021 Launched “NFTStudio” NFT marketplace

Ryo Ueda

  • 2021 Joined CryptoGames as a web and blockchain developer
  • 2021 Became Lead engineer of NFTStudio

Natsuki Yamaguchi

  • 2020 Joined CryptoGames as a web and blockchain developer
  • 2021 Developed and launched multiple NFT marketplaces



Stats/Past Performance

Data collected on 2021/11/4

  • Number of registered creators: about 1000
  • Total NFT issued: 11421


Please check links to the articles in the comment section.
・Introduced on National television (NHK) in Japan
・10k NFT airdrop via QR code, and offline NFT event in Kyoto
・The Graph integration with NFTStudio

Builders Program Roadmap

Total Estimated Duration: 3-6month


1: Prepare for the integration of Shiden/Astar Network and Attract Shiden community to NFTStudio

Estimated End Date: Dec, 2021 on Shibuya Network

  • Prepare for the integration
    • Improve the asset management system in NFTStudio
    • Create the detailed road-map with existing market space
  • Attract the Shiden community to NFTStudio.
    • Staking your Shiden to NFTStudio contract.
    • Bonus Reward campaign!
      • Bonus Reward some amount of SDN tokens we will receive from dApp Staking to our nominators.(TBD)

2: Deploy smart contracts
Estimated End Date: Mid March, 2022 or later
Deploy NFT contract and prepare for Astar and/or Shiden Network integration

3: Integrate Astar and/or Shiden Network to NFTStudio
Estimated End Date: Mid March, 2022 or later
Enable NFTs on Astar and/or Shiden Network in NFTStudio

Future Plans

We plan to enable Astar NFT use in Astar.


Link to the referred articles
Introduced on National television (NHK) in Japan

10k NFT airdrop via QR code, and offline NFT event in Kyoto

The Graph integration with NFTStudio

Screenshots of NFTStudio

Thank you for your proposal! @shnshkw @Shoji please check!


Yes, I talked with the team.

NFT Studio team has strong business development in the Japanese Market.
In the context of NFT, IP is one of the most important factors.
If we can have NFT Studio in our ecosystem, it means we may have great IP in our ecosystem.

Thank you for your apply.


LGTM! @Coreman @Ambassadors if you have any questions, please ask


Great looking marketplace!
Would be nice to see an integration with Shiden.

You set in your first milestone the introduction of NFTStudio through our dApp staking store. Is there more information available about what kind of reward scheme you have in mind?

Can you explain more about milestone 2?
You need +3 months for only deploying smart contracts? Maybe you can add researching also in Milestone 1 to speed your integration with Shiden and give more information about each milestone.

When integration is completed I assume enable NFT is also available at the same time but it’s added as a different milestone.


Thanks for the great feedback, Maarten!
I am preparing to answer to your questions and explain more about the roadmap.
Please wait for a moment.


Closed because of no more feedback!