Nutbox Proposal - Builders Program Application

Nutbox is a multi-chain CommunityFi platform. With the Community Bootstrap module, Community Plugins, and DAO Governance module provided by Nutbox, people can build decentralized communities with unique community tokens, without having to code.


  • Guozi Yin, Founder
    • Founder of Steem Chinese Community and SMT-WhereIN Witness
    • Founder of WhereIN, Ooops, and Peanut
    • 5-year experience in the blockchain ecosystem
  • Tolak Wang, Lead Developer
    • Former Core Developer at Bitcoin Gold
    • Rust Developer at Phala Network
    • 5-year experience in Ethereum, Polkadot development
  • Robert Yan, Core Developer
    • Engineering Head of Near Protocol Asia
    • Former Director of Software Engineering at MicroStrategy
  • Terry Wang, Frontend Engineer
    • Core Developer of Peanut, Ooops, WhereIN
    • 6-year experience in OC, Swift, etc development



Grant Amount: 36,000 USD


  1. Add support for Astar/Shiden to Nutbox Protocol
    • Allow users to register assets on Astar/Shiden in Nutbox communities
    • Allow users to create staking pools with assets on Astar/Shiden(eg. Staking SDN-cToken LP mint cToken)
  2. Implement a DApp-Staking-based Launchpad
    • Allow projects to distribute project tokens based on DApp Staking contribution
    • Implement a launchpad where new projects can be listed and market themselves to gain more ASTRs/SDNs in DApp Staking
  3. Implement Crowd-Staking module for Astar/Shiden validator
    • Allow communities to collect 32K ASTRs/SDNs and start permissionless validator nodes
    • Allow communities to distribute community tokens based on staking contribution
    • Allow community administers to customize staking reward rate
    • Automatically distribute staking rewards to community contributors via smart contracts


Milestone 1 - Support anyone to build his community DAO

  • Estimated Duration: 1.5 month 2021.12.1-2022.01.15
  • FTE: 3
  • Costs: $12000
  1. Protetype design
  2. UI/UX design
  3. Contracts development/deploy
  4. DB schema design and backend service development
  5. Frondend include community-create/pool-create/staking-pool-list-page/profile-page/… development
  6. Functional test of whole system
  7. Publish tutorial about how to create community-fi by Walnut
  8. Hold sevrial AMAs to spred Walnut

Milestone 2 - DApp-Staking-based Launchpad

  • Estimated Duration: 1month 2022.1.16-2022.2.15
  • FTE:3
  • Costs: $12000
  1. Research/study the dApp staking API
  2. New pool factory type contract develop: support DApp-Staking of Astar/Shiden on walnut
  3. DB/Backend development
  4. Fetch list of available dApp and short descriptive information of each dApp to display to end-user
  5. Implement dApp staking UI
  6. Function of lanchpad with Dapp-Staking: how to distribution community token by Dapp-Staking
  7. Walnut official supports for early communities created by walnut
  8. Publish articles to Dapp-Creators to descripte how to join in walnut

Milestone 3 - Crowd-Staking for Astar/Shiden validator

  • Estimated Duration: 1month 2022.2.16-2022.3.15
  • FTE:3
  • Costs: $12000
  1. Research/study the validator API
  2. New pool factory type contract develop: support Crowd-Staking for Astar/Shiden validator on walnut
  3. Automate distribution community token via contrbution to Crowd-Staking pool amount
  4. DB/Backend development
  5. Implement Crowd-Staking UI
  6. Marketing activities: articles, tutorist, launching campaigns, AMA and social media promotions

Please clarify your grant costs. Nutbox is already using dApp staking, so there are 3 options:

  • Keep using dApp staking without asking for a grant, we can adjust the staking amount based on funds needed.
  • Use a grant and we will delist you from dApp staking. After delivering all milestones, you can use dApp staking again to cover infrastructure costs
  • Use combination: earning through dApp staking will be deducted from the grant amount.

DApp-Staking-based Launchpad is a token distribution method based on Astar/Shiden DApp Staking. As we did for Polkadot, Polkadot’s project can use Nutbox’s protocol to create a protocol that automatically distributes their tokens per block to users who contribute to their Crowdloan.

We think this is a very good way to launch a project. So we made a protocol so that anyone can deploy such a protocol in minutes.

We think DApp Staking has some similarities to Polkadot Crowdloan, so we intend to make a similar protocol: any project can easily create such a protocol - users stake SDN to project DApp Staking, can get project tokens per block.


Awesome idea!
Cant wait to see this in action :slight_smile:


Thank you. We are preparing to develop it.


Interesting proposal and allows for creative and competitive input from dapps. Excited to see developments!


Is this decentralized or custodial? Does the token have to be moved from the wallet?

Right now, we have users with tokens which are vested, can the vested tokens be used on the launchpad?


This is decentralized and users still participate in Astar/Shiden DApp Staking in the same way they already do. And the community or project owner can deploy a protocol to distribute community tokens(cToken) per block to users who participate in their DApp Staking.


Astar/Shiden DApp Staking is great in that it allows developers/projects/communities to complete their own DAO launches.

In the figure, the top left part is Astar/Shiden DApp Staking. Nutbox’s protocol can help developers/project/communities build the middle part(Help developers/project/communities distribute community tokens by block and DApp Staking participation).

At the same time, the developers/projects/communities can finished starting their own projects, i.e., and the cToken can has an initial value.

Nutbox will also build Governance Factory and DApp/Tool Store, allowing developers/projects/communities to deploy their own proposal system with one click, and integrate the DApp/Tool they need into their own decentralized platform.


Next, we will enter the era of Dao, an era discovered early and arrived late

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Which kind of assets? Where are these assets minted from? On the picture I only see Users staking SDN/ASTR.


The assets issued by the project/community on Astar network. And controlled by the contracts they deploy on Astar, distributed to users which stake on their dapp-staking.


Nutbox Builders Program Application

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Learn more about Nutbox:

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Great idea, can’t wait to see you guys deploying this idea


After watching the crowdcast 2 times, now I get the idea. voted yes

Thank you very much!

Thank you, let’s developed it as soon as possible.