Owner of big wallet?

My Astars were stolen from ledger (probably seed leak). All of them were send to this 9th biggest wallet
Do you have any information who own this one?

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Could you say more about “seed leak”? What you mean by that? Where was your seed?

In document on flash drive, but this is part of investigation. Do you know who own this wallet?

That is likely a CEX wallet. I can tell by the number of transfers made to/from the address.

How in the first place that someone could move it from your ledger?


Is there any way how to get info which one?

Most likely all files from computer were synchronized to One drive (automaticaly) together with file where seed from ledger was save.

I am not sure how to identify which CEX that address belongs.

I checked that address in https://polkaholic.io/ SS58 address. result is
Account - Polkaholic.io

Reversed H160 Address is → [0xaeaaf0e2c81af264101b9129c00f4440ccf0f720]

This is WASTR contract address. Now 172M.

I don’t know what this meen( also don’t Reversed H160 meen ).

but hopely, if may I help some.

I dont know what exactly does it mean. But thank you

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