Random Lost Problems

I was recently speaking with someone who gave away their seed phrase to a hacker.
All of their PLM was sent to another address…
They still have their ETH locked and obviously unclaimed SDN.
This person clearly has no idea about blockchains…

Is there any chance that someone could recover his funds for him when the chain is launched and frontrun the ETH from the lockdrop?
Also should the hacker be allowed to claim the PLM?

Every word is bullshit. I don’t want to explain.

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Thanks for your input :unamused:

I run the unofficial telegram group… I get this stuff all the time :sweat_smile:

Just wondering what the best solution is…

Unfortunately, there is no chance. Seed phase is the most important thing in this space. They shouldn’t give away the seed phase to others. This is not a Plasm-specific problem, but a common problem in the blockchain industry. They should be responsible for their funds.